Friday, February 3, 2023

TV Throwback: Bones

Disney+ has so many of my old favorites, I didn’t know where to start when I first subscribed. I was a bit hesitant to re-watch this old series again after all this time because it lasted for 13 seasons, with most seasons having 22 episodes each. But, as someone who loved this enough to have a DVD collection of it, I eventually gave in and watched Bones again from start to finish.

It took a while for me to be able to watch the entire series again considering how long it was but since I usually watch my shows when I work out in the mornings, I was able to carve out time to see the show. It felt good to be reintroduced to my favorite characters and relive some of the best moments from this series and by the series finale, I was again sad to see everyone go.

For the uninitiated, Bones is loosely based on the books by Kathy Reichs about a forensic anthropologist who teams up with an FBI agent to solve crime. It is interesting to note that in the series, Temperance Brennan, the lead character, also writes crime novels, where the lead character is named Kathy Reichs. It is a good nod to the link between the series and the novels. 

I’ve tried to read a few of the Brennan books and while I am a fan of the show, the books were a bit hard to wrap my head around since I had already developed an image of the characters based on how they were on TV. I decided to stop reading the books and stick to the show instead.

Crime procedural shows are something that I enjoy watching because I always find myself curious about the science that they use and how accurate the things they are saying are. It was always fascinating for me to see how the characters were able to solve crimes using forensic anthropology and how important science is to solving crime. 

Bones is one of those procedural shows that I found myself drawn to because, despite the often graphic ways that the crimes are portrayed on the show, this is something that doesn’t dwell just on the crime or the science, it also gives a focus on the lives of the diverse characters as well. That is a good thing because this is a show that has from start to finish provided an ensemble cast that meshes so well together that you would find it difficult as a viewer to see some of them go. I am a fan of Brennan and her squints (the scientists who work with her like Hodgins, Cam, and her artist/friend Angela) along with their squinterns (a rotating line of interns working up to be scientists like the other squints). It is such a good mix of personalities that you can’t help but grow an attachment to it.

Temperance Brennan may be the lead in this one, but I was more of a big fan of Seeley Booth. Bones can sometimes be a bit annoying for me and sometimes she feels a bit unreal, but she is often balanced out by Seeley. She’s the brains, and he is the heart – and he has a lot of it. I remember back when I was first watching the show, there were several lines from him that I had written down somewhere because I loved it when I first heard it. Hearing those lines again when I re-watched gave a little tug in my heart as I recalled how much I loved them.

Apart from Booth, there were also other characters that I loved, particularly Federal Prosecutor Caroline Julian. I always loved when she was featured in the episode because she stood out and lit up the room. You cannot help but notice her or pay attention, especially when she’s talking in what I can only assume is a New Orleans accent.

Another actor who I enjoyed seeing (in a limited capacity) was Cyndi Lauper. Yes, the singer from the 80s. She played Avalon, a psychic who would sometimes help the group with the crimes that they are solving.  It was always interesting when she was part of the episode. The lead characters Bones and Booth may not believe her but she always made an impact in whenever she was onscreen.

There were a lot of moments that I loved in the show, but if I had to choose my top three, it would be these moments:

Gravedigger Rescue – This is when Bones and Hodgins (one of the squint squad) were buried alive in a car by the criminal they called the Gravedigger and the rest of the team were trying to find them. That moment when they made a last-ditch attempt to send a signal from underground just as everyone was there looking for them was a highlight for me, especially when they were being dug up and pulled from under the ground by everyone.

Vincent Nigel Murray’s Death – I had gotten used to the rotating squinterns and didn’t think much of them until the moment that Vincent Nigel Murray was shot by a sniper who thought he was Booth. That moment when he was dying and talking to Booth was so moving for me that I wanted to cry. That’s when I realized that while the squinterns were always in the background, the writers have provided enough of a story line for viewers to be invested in them to the point that we would mourn their loss along with the rest of the characters in the show.

Cam and Arastoo’s Relationship Reveal – In the middle of all the crime and other drama, it was nice to see this nice love story reveal between Cam and Arastoo, one of the squinterns. The part I loved the most was of them talking about their relationship and him reading his poetry to her as Angela and Hodgins watched them from a balcony. I thought that was such a sweet and simple moment that helped to even out some of the crazy things that were happening in the show.

This show may have ended six years ago and all the actors have moved on to other projects, but I will always be a fan of this group. I enjoyed the show back when I first watched it, and I enjoyed it again on Disney+. In the spirit of show revivals and reunions, I hope that this group of actors can team up together one day on a special season or a one-off show (or maybe a movie?) to get the gang together again. That would be something I’d love to watch!



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