Sunday, April 23, 2023

Music Review: That That

Sometime last year, teasers started coming out about a collaboration between the singer PSY and BTS’ SUGA. This collaboration turned out to be That That, which Min Yoongi (aka SUGA) helped to write and produce. 

Initially, the song was just supposed to be given by Yoongi to PSY for the latter to use for his comeback album. According to PSY, their discussions went from Yoongi offering the track/beat, then writing and producing the song, to him performing on the track and then appearing in the music video. It was an outcome that Yoongi himself didn’t expect to happen, but I am very grateful that it did!

It was so exciting for me as a fan to see this collaboration. BTS has collaborated with other artists in the past and Yoongi himself has had collaborations with other artists outside of BTS but this was probably one of the first to come out that was right at the beginning of what has become BTS’ Chapter 2. It is a very different sound from what I have been used to hearing from Yoongi and it was exciting to see him exploring other sounds and styles as a musician and producer.

The sound has that catchy chorus and sound that is similar to PSY’s previous hits like Gangnam Style and Gentleman but is still different from those other tracks. It’s something that I couldn’t help but bob my head to when I first listened to it. The sound is very happy and cheery and during the time that it was released, I think that it was something people needed to have and to feel given the stress of the pandemic. Today, a year later, it’s still a fun track to listen to. 

Another thing that excited me about this track was the dancing that was going to come out because of it. Yes, he does dance a lot with the rest of BTS but seeing him front and center like he does in the music video is new to me. Based on the videos that were released of the dance practices that he had for this, he worked very hard to come out with something impressive for the fans of this collaboration. He really went all out for this one. I loved that he also participated in the TikTok dance challenge version of this song. It’s not something you would expect from Yoongi but he did it and I think this became the start of several other dance challenges he has participated in since. 

Not only is the song a different style for him (but definitely perfect for PSY), but the music video is also very different from the other videos I’ve seen Yoongi in with BTS. PSY’s video of That That had a lot of humor in it and it had a theme that centered around a Western. I thought it was amusing to see him act alongside PSY in the video and how he was given such good scenes for his parts of the song. 

Based on the interviews, having his song recorded and performed by PSY was an honor for Yoongi because he had admired him for years but with the way things had gone, it would also seem that it was an honor for PSY as well. Not only was the song the main one for his comeback, but it also became a hit and an award-winner for him as well. 

I enjoyed listening to the song and I loved watching the music video but my favorite part about everything would have to be the time that Yoongi came out to perform the song in one of PSY’s concerts. I had goosebumps watching as the large audience screamed in excitement when he came on stage. Yoongi as an artist apart from BTS really had his own unique appeal and star power. It was moving to see what this new phase of their careers is doing for them. People already know how good BTS is as a unit so having the world see them as individuals like this is exciting. For them to have the confidence to go at it alone for a change and show the world who they are apart from the unit is also a thrill to watch.

One year later, Yoongi has now released his first official solo debut album. Time flies so fast! There are so many new songs to enjoy! Despite that, I will always remember with fondness that this is the track that started off his new chapter that led us to where he is today. Thank you That That!


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