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BTS Chapter 2 Collaborations: A Recap

In an episode of the Fandesals Podcast, my friend Judith and I go on an update about BTS. We had done an episode on the group during our first season and we felt it would be great to do an update now that we are also on video. 

Our episode discussed a lot of things about BTS during our episode, but I thought it would be great to give an update on something specific about them during what is referred to as Chapter 2. For this post, I want to share the collaborations the members of BTS have done so far. These are songs that they have recorded with other artists that are not included in their albums. In case anyone asks, I did not include Jin’s The Astronaut in this list because even if he had an assist from Coldplay on the track, it wasn’t an official collaboration since Chris Martin only did backing vocals. 

As far as I am aware (feel free to correct me if I’m missing anything), these are the collaborations that they have done so far:

That That – PSY (featuring SUGA)

This is a very fun track, reminiscent of PSY’s older hits Gangnam Style and Gentleman. SUGA co-wrote and co-produced the track for PSY. To know how much of a hit this song was, check out the reaction of people to the song during a live performance!

Bad Decisions – Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg (featuring Jungkook, Jimin, V, and Jin)

This was a cute pop track but felt like a typical American pop tune. The only thing special about it was that it featured the vocal line of BTS. They could have at least featured the guys in the music video to make it interesting!

Sexy Nukim – Balming Tiger (featuring RM)

This is a song that keeps on giving. It’s such a good track and RM sounds so different here compared to his solo songs and on BTS. There is a certain confidence and sexy side to RM that came out because of this track. 

Rush Hour – Crush (featuring J-Hope)

I enjoyed this song so much and loved the dance that came with it. I probably would not have known this song without J-Hope’s involvement, so I’m glad he was on it!

Left and Right – Charlie Puth (featuring Jungkook)

This song was a major earworm for me. Once I heard it, the lyrics were so hard to get out of my head! It was a funny video too, kudos to Charlie Puth for putting humor into the concept of the video. 

Vibe – Taeyang (featuring Jimin)

Seeing Jimin dancing with someone else other than the rest of the members of BTS was strange, but it was a great intro to him dancing solo when he eventually came out with his own album. It’s a cool song, I’m glad he did this with Taeyang.

On the Street – J-Hope with J. Cole

Seeing J-Hope do this song with J. Cole, someone he had admired for a long time, was a bit moving for me. BTS did a version of J.Cole’s song Born Sinner in their early years, with the track Born Singer. Seeing them together in the music video reaffirmed that this is indeed a new chapter for them, going full circle by doing this track with J. Cole.

Smoke Sprite – So Yoon (featuring RM)

I am a big fan of all of RM’s collaborations, but because this one has English lyrics, this is the one that I sing along to the most. They sound so good together on this song, I would love it if they did another one!

Angel Pt. 1 – Muni Long, JVKE, NLE Choppa, Kodak Black (featuring JIMIN)

As someone who has seen all the Fast and the Furious movies, finding out that Jimin was going to be on the soundtrack was very exciting for me. It’s not that big a part since there were many artists on the song, but I’m still happy that Jimin is a part of it. 

Don’t Ever Say Love Me – Colde (featuring RM)

This was such a big song. Big in the sense that I could sense the big feelings that the songs wanted to convey, even when I did not understand the lyrics the first time that I heard them. It’s such a good song, and the music video is equally as good (and as deep).

Lilith – Halsey (featuring SUGA)

Halsey and SUGA work so well together. SUGA’s Interlude is probably the first BTS collab that I became such a huge fan of, and I sing their song a lot on karaoke when I can. I am a fan of this song because SUGA does not only rap but he also sings in this song. Again, since this is in English, I often sing along to this one. 

I have the feeling that they have all prepared so much for their fans because they know they would be gone when they are enlisted in the military. I wouldn’t be surprised if more songs would still be released between now and 2025. I’m here for it. All of it!

I am sharing the episode here for more on the Fandesals catch-up on BTS. Enjoy!


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