Saturday, June 3, 2023

The Story Behind My Attachment to BTS’ Suga’s Necklace

Do any of you have something that you keep with you that helps to keep you sane? Something that helps you to feel better when things aren’t always going right? Something that gives you comfort that not having it around sometimes makes you feel like you’re naked? I have something like that. It’s my version of Linus’ (from The Peanuts) security blanket. I’ve had it for about a year now. It’s my guitar pick necklace designed by BTS member SUGA, aka Min Yoongi. It’s my good luck charm and comfort space all in one. 

The guitar pick necklace is part of the Artist-Made Collection of BTS that was released in 2022. Each member of BTS was allowed to choose what kind of product they can create that their fans can buy. SUGA decided on a black note and cover set (basically a set of note pads, a pen, and a leather folder to place the notepad in) and the guitar pick necklace. The necklace has a pendant/charm in the shape of a guitar pick that is engraved with the symbols for BTS and ARMY and comes in two colors: silver and black. I liked the sort of worn and aged look of the black version, so I decided I was going to get that one if I had a chance. 

For those who are not into BTS and are unaware of how things go when buying BTS merchandise, saying I wanted one and actually getting one are two very different things. Usually, they announce the products beforehand, have a specific pre-selling/pre-order date, and then the item would be shipped to you on the date of release, which is usually months after the said pre-order. Pre-order periods are serious business if you’re a BTS fan. If they say it starts at 10AM, you’d better be paying for that item within the first minute or you will not be able to buy your product. The items usually sell out in minutes, so if you got one, you are either one lucky person or you paid an exorbitant amount to be able to get them from the resellers who obviously beat you to your purchase so that they can charge fans extra for the item.

During the time that the Artist-Made Collection was announced I was at home and quarantined because a couple of people at our office tested positive for COVID-19. It was a very stressful time for me because I have a couple of chronic health issues and it was making me worry. Being separated from everyone added to that pressure. For some reason, I latched onto that guitar pick necklace because I was watching the video about it in the room where I was kept for seven days. I kept looking forward to getting it just to have something to look forward to.

Unfortunately, I did not get to buy the item during the pre-sale. But, a month later, I did find a local reseller who was also a BTS fan/ARMY who sold the black guitar pick necklace to me at almost the same price that the item was being sold for on their official site. I was so grateful for that one person who had asked the reseller to order it but backed out at the last minute. It made the necklace available to me. It would be months later before I could get the item, but I was so happy that I did. I started wearing it as soon as I got it and I have been wearing it daily since then.

Most people who know me are aware that I am not an accessories person. I do not like wearing them. But once I started wearing that necklace, I have been wearing it all the time. And now I’ve transitioned into wearing earrings more often, as well as bracelets and rings. It’s a weird feeling, but it is kind of nice. 

I have been wearing the necklace during the Fandesals Podcast. I think I’ve worn it for every single episode since the time that I got the necklace. It’s become sort of like a good luck charm to me, and I’ve noticed that I tend to rub on the charm from time to time while I’m speaking during the show. I think I do it as some sort of self-assurance thing and the necklace helps me a little bit with that. I remember one time that we were about to record, and I panicked when I realized I wasn’t wearing it and had to rush to put it on. It has become a security thing for me to keep wearing it, hiding it under my top if it doesn’t go with my outfit. It’s not even about SUGA anymore, it’s just about having something that helps keep me together. Give me a little boost when I’m not feeling myself as I should.

Maybe I’m too old for this, but if it helps me to feel good and do better in life, I’m happy with it. It doesn’t hurt that it was designed by SUGA himself, someone whose work I admire and whose personality I respect. Maybe one day I can tell him all about it. 


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