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Bridgerton Soundtrack Covers: A Review

The Bridgerton series is one of the shows that I have followed through the years since it came on Netflix. It’s not a favorite, but there are certain elements about the concept that I have enjoyed watching so far. One of those favorite elements for me has been the soundtrack, where they make use of pop music that is given a classic twist using instrumental music that fits the period of the show.

The first time I heard the songs in the show I was amused not only by how the songs were transformed to fit the era that the show is set in but also by how the themes of these songs fit into the scenes that they were placed into. I think it helps that the songs that were chosen have lyrics that are familiar to a lot of people that you don’t need to hear them to recognize the message they were giving a scene when the song is played.

From what I’ve been able to search on streaming sites so far, it seems there are three albums for Bridgerton soundtracks. The first one is called Bridgerton (Covers From the Netflix Original Series) – EP by the Vitamin String Quartet, Kris Bowers and Duomo.

The first album contains versions of Thank You Next (Ariana Grande), Girls Like You (Maroon 5), In My Blood (Shawn Mendez), Bad Guy (Billie Eilish), Strange (Celeste), and Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift). While all these songs were good, my favorites would have to be the version of Wildest Dreams. It sounded so different at the beginning that I did not recognize the song until it got to the chorus and by then I was hooked. It sounded so good on strings like that! I’m sure Taylor Swift never imagined her song would end up sounding like that. I loved it!

The next album of covers is called Bridgerton Season Two (Covers from the Netflix Series). It features more songs this time, again featuring Vitamin String Quartet, Kris Bowers, and Duomo. Other artists included are Hannah V and Joe Rodwell, Tomas Piere-Serrate, Steve Horner, Kris Houston, and the Midnight String Quartet. There are ten songs included in the album, namely: Stay Away (Nirvana), Material Girl (Madonna), Diamonds (Rihanna), Dancing on My Own (Robyn), You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette), Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Sign of the Times (Harry Styles), What About Us (Pink), How Deep is Your Love (Calvin Harris & Disciples), and Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus). While I love all the covers in this album and there are a lot of songs on the list whose originals I loved back when they first came out, my favorites on this album would have to be Material Girl, Stay Away, and Wrecking Ball. I thought that Material Girl’s sound fit right into the scene it was in, and that the classic sound made it sound even more fun to listen to. The Stay Away cover was unexpected, but it also sounded perfect in a classical sound. It goes to show that good music will always be good no matter how you transform it. As for Wrecking Ball, it was something that sounded so good on strings. I enjoyed listening to that one. 

The latest Bridgerton covers album has been for the spin-off series Queen Charlotte. The album features Alicia Keys, Kris Bowers, and the Vitamin String Quartet and is called Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Covers from the Netflix Series). It has eight songs: A Feeling I’ve Never Been (an original, NOT a cover), Halo (Beyonce), If I Ain’t Got You (Alicia Keys), Déjà Vu (Beyonce), Run the World (Beyonce), Nobody Gets Me (SZA), I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston), If I Ain’t Got You (featuring Queen Charlotte’s Global Orchestra). I loved the series so much and I think the covers all fit perfectly in the scenes they were in. In terms of how perfect they were for the show and the scenes they played in, my favorites for this one were If I Ain’t Got You, Deja Vu, and Nobody Gets Me. 

If I Ain’t Got You seems to be the carrier single of this album, with two versions: one that was purely instrumental and another that featured the vocals of the original artist, Alicia Keys. The song has always been good but giving it a classical sound made it sound even more beautiful. Déjà Vu sounded surprisingly good as a classical song and listening to it now takes me back to the scene in the series where it was featured. What really surprised me was loving the song Nobody Gets Me. I have never heard the original, but this cover made me look it up and listen to it because I enjoyed it so much.

If you enjoyed the Bridgerton series and loved the music on it, these three albums are highly recommended. If you love pop music, the covers here might be a pleasant surprise for you to listen to. 

Has anyone else listened to these albums? What did you think of them? Love me a comment and let me know!


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