Thursday, July 13, 2023

Kill Boksoon: A Thrilling Korean Movie on Netflix

I must be honest: the reason I decided to watch Kill Boksoon on Netflix was because I saw the Netflix ad on this starring Ruffa Mae Quinto. I was laughing so hard watching it and I was so amused by her take on the lead character that I became curious about the show. One weekend I was trying to lull myself to sleep with some videos on TV and thought I’d try this movie. I ended up NOT falling asleep but getting hooked to this one from start to finish.

Kill Boksoon is the nickname that was given to a female contract killer who is named Gil Boksoon (the G and K sound is the same letter in Korean). Boksoon is one of the most successful contract killers for her company. Yes, I said company. This is because these killers for hire have organized themselves into companies and have further created an association within their community to keep their industry and all the players in it in line. 

Boksoon was discovered and trained by Minkyu, the owner of the company she works for. She also has a strained relationship with Minhee, the younger sister of her boss, who seems to resent her talent and how close she is to her brother. Minhee is always trying to challenge Boksoon by criticizing how she does her job and giving her jobs that she does not want. It is her actions that lead to the pivotal moment in the movie for Boksoon and how her story ends.

The movie is set at a point in Boksoon’s career where her contract with the company is almost up and she is being asked to renew it. As a single parent with a seemingly troubled daughter, it seems that she is torn between continuing her job and focusing on her only child. Unfortunately for her, Minhee’s jealousy of her leads her to decide on a path that she cannot back down from, killing people she knew and cared about in the end. 

Jeo Doyeon is believable as Boksoon. She embodied the role of a highly trained assassin. She even seemed slightly bored while doing her job, like she was too good and too used to it that everything seems so easy, and it became too boring for her to do. You could also see the struggle on her face to be a good mom to her daughter, who had her own problems to deal with. The movie did not have that big of a plot, but it was still very entertaining. There are a lot of other action films that I found boring because they either did not have enough action or enough of a plot to go with – sometimes they did not even have enough of both. But with Kill Boksoon, there may not have been too much of a plot, but it was big on the action and that’s what made it entertaining. 

I loved how they started off showing what Boksoon was about from the start with her on the job. That first fight scene showed how good she was because she was quick about assessing the scene. She would play off various scenarios in her head before making a move to get a sure kill. This aspect of her was taken to a higher level at the end where all the scenarios in her head were played out one by one and then all at the same time in one shot…that was such a good scene! I can’t imagine how difficult that was to put together!

The ending of the movie left what happens to Boksoon and her daughter on a bit of a cliffhanger. It made me wonder if Boksoon has retired or if she is now in charge of the company she used to work for after what happened to Minkyu. The part that showed that her daughter was a bit of a mini-Boksoon gave me a creepy feeling that she could end up being just like her mom. I can’t help but wonder that she was like that because maybe, just maybe, her unnamed father is Minkyu? If that was the case, I wish they could have revealed that.

If there are more action films like this, I would love to see them. The acting, the action, the production, and the cinematography of this were all so good and that made it a great viewing experience for me. 


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