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Monday, November 29, 2021

My Weight Loss Journey

Weight has been an issue for me for some time now. I have struggled with it for years since I started working. I blame it on a combination of bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and my thyroid and other health issues. But that’s the thing: I always blame something, I always had an excuse, but I never really did anything about it. I never took it seriously. I had a very defeatist attitude about it and felt that no matter what I tried, nothing would ever get me to lose the weight…until something did. 

I used to be 5XL. Wearing an XL shirt here.

In my weight loss journey, I have tried and failed with my many attempts at weight loss. I started at a healthy weight until I discovered that I had thyroid issues, which became a convenient excuse for me when I gained weight. I tried working out, dieting, and all sorts of methods: slimming tea, supplements, green tea, spa treatments…I could go on and on. My weight yo-yo’ed for some time before I finally gave up. From that point on the weight just kept piling on until it came to where I resigned myself to the fact that it was probably next to impossible to lose the weight since I was already too heavy.

It did not help that my internist/GP discouraged me from intense workouts and limited me to simple walking as exercise because of my heart. That made me give up on exercising altogether. But then the pandemic happened, and people were saying that people like me who were overweight and had a host of health issues were the most vulnerable to COVID 19. That was a turning point. I knew I had to do something to give me a fighting chance. I wanted to live.


Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Review: Permission to Dance Onstage

Finally experienced my first BTS concert after officially becoming a fan (or to be more accurate ARMY) by watching their live concert called Permission to Dance Onstage, which was streamed last October 24th. I've seen their performances online, but it was my first time to experience a live concert of the sort with BTS. This is going to be a long review, so bear with me! I'll try to be as unbiased as I can be, but that is going to be hard!

I had purchased a ticket for the concert and their soundcheck (again, my first time to watch a soundcheck performance), so my niece and I were already waiting in front of the TV as early as 2PM, passing the time by watching BTS performances from YouTube. We were talking about songs we wanted to hear at the concert when we heard that we could enter the site for soundcheck already -- are were welcomed by nonstop ads that featured BTS. I didn't really mind since it featured the guys anyway, but it was a bit of a long wait before soundcheck happened.

Soundcheck was as expected -- just BTS performing three songs to check the sound for the concert, with all of them dressed casually and chatting in between songs. We had just heard that Taehyung/V would not be dancing due to a leg injury so my niece and I were watching and checking if he was OK. He seemed like he was, but we knew that it still meant he wouldn't be able to dance with everyone else. I know some non-fans would say I should be disappointed and that it meant that the concert wasn't worth it with one of them sidelined but I was more concerned about the guy being OK enough to be onstage with everyone more than anything else. 

A few hours later, the concert finally started. I had purchased a 4K video with a multiview option for the show but our ISP picked that day to have issues so I was so frustrated with the video quality the entire time. I couldn't even switch to multiview without having issues with the connection. 

Anyway, back to the concert: the opening video reminded me of their Mic Drop and Butter music videos, this time with the boys seemingly booked in prison until they managed to escape with that paper clip that drove a lot of fans crazy (you need to see it to get it).

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