Hot Guy Alert: Travis Van Winkle

I recently had a sick day and I discovered a new TV movie called Bound and Babysitting. At first I was watching because one of the actors was So You Think You Can Dance Street Team Captain Stephen “Twitch” Boss but later on I found myself staring at the lead actor, Travis Van Winkle, who played one half of a pair of college enemies who are tasked to babysit their friend’s children. Apart from the good looks, I thought the guy looked familiar so I looked him up on Google.

The reason he looked familiar? He was on 2 Broke Girls, on one of the few episodes that I actually watched and enjoyed. He’s also on The Last Ship, which I’ve seen a couple of times. He was also in Transformers (the boyfriend of Megan Fox’ character in the beginning of the film). If you’ve seen Justin Baldoni’s (Rafael from Jane the Virgin) video The Proposal (and the follow-up where he announced that his wife was pregnant), you would also recognize him from that video too. There were some other shows and films that he’s been in but I haven’t seen them. Seems like for the most part his following is due to his role in The Last Ship.

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An Update on the Girl and Her Wig

I know this has taken a while to share, but some I thought I’d share an update on the young girl (let us call her J) I blogged about who needed a wig. I have already posted an update on Instagram but I never did get to post what happened here on my blog so here it is:

After I shared her story on this blog and on Facebook with a few friends, I managed to gather some money from a cousin and a good friend to help fund the wig. Then, after tagging her company on Instagram, I got in touch with Jennifer Sevilla-Go of Lynelle Hair who blew my mind by offering one of her premium quality wigs – for free! We exchanged messages to get details ironed out and in less than a month, I was able to give the wig to J! I felt so grateful that someone like her would take the time and effort to do what she did and I felt extremely touched when I saw this young girl put on the wig with a smile on her face. Again, to Jennifer, thank you for your generous heart and for providing not just any wig, but one of their wigs that was of higher quality than I originally planned to get.

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Single Blessedness

I recently overheard two relatives (let’s call them R1 and R2) talking about my and my single status (the conversation is translated to English):

R1: How is Clare, is she still single?
R2: Yes, but I hope that she can still find someone.
R1: I don’t think she will.
R2: Don’t say that, there’s still hope for her.
R1: I’m not saying that she’s hopeless because she’s single. I’m saying that she’s blessed as a single woman and I think she will stay that way. Single blessedness is not a bad thing you know.

If I had overheard that years ago, I would probably be siding with R2. I think that in the past, I defined moving ahead with my life by having a husband and a family. These days, however, I would have to side with R1. I’m liking this whole “single blessedness” thing.

Why do I think that way? For one, I’ve had relationships in the past and they just did not work out. I’ve gone on dates – blind dates, online dating, etc. and things did not work out that way for me either. I’ve met really good guys, but no one felt right for me to commit to a long-term relationship with. It’s not that they were not good enough. It’s not that I’m looking for a guy to sweep me off my feet in romantic bliss. It’s not that none of them ever tried. It’s just that we didn’t fit…at least, not enough for us to take it to the next level in my opinion.

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Flesh and Bone

Anyone interested in a ballet series?

An 8-episode mini-series, Flesh and Bone will begin airing on November 2015. According to IMDB, it is about an emotionally troubled dancer who joins a ballet company in New York and has to fight to survive the challenges of professional ballet. It sounds a lot like an extended version of Black Swan but at this point with so little to go on, that is just an assumption. The preview, however, looks a lot like a grittier version of the movie Center Stage.

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Disney's Descendants

Melissa De la Cruz is one of my favorite writers. I love her Blue Bloods series and I am also a fan of her Beauchamp Family series. I also love Disney movies and their versions of our favorite fairy tales. The TV movie Descendants puts both favorites together to come up with a new musical that I recently watched with my niece on the Disney Channel.

The movie is about the children of four of the most famous Disney movie villains: Mal (daughter of Maleficent), Carlos (son of Cruella De Vil), Jay (son of Jafar) and Evie (daughter of the Evil Queen in Snow White). These characters are based on Melissa De la Cruz' book The Isle of the Lost, but is apparently what happens after the book.

It starts with the son of Belle and Beast coming up with an idea to bring the children of villains (who have since been banished to the Isle of the Lost) to their kingdom, hoping to convert them to the other side.

At first, the descendants follow their parents' lead but as they discover a new life and their own identity in the new land they moved to, they decide to be good and leave the life of the villains behind.

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What Kind of World Are We Leaving Our Children?

These days when I watch the news I'm not so sure that I like what I see. Female celebrities talk about the achievement of going the "next step" by posing for sexy magazines. We see people becoming popular from making online videos that do not set a good example for younger people (sexy dancing, silly speeches and whatnot).

Then there's the news on crime: people who throw rocks on cars in an attempt to rob them, people who hypnotize to rob you, vans that reportedly grab young women who are then sexually abused and drugged, taxis with the sleeping mist meant to help drivers overpower the passengers so they can be robbed, investment scams, online scams of people asking for help ... I could go on and on but just thinking about all this is making me feel down already.

Of course we can't forget the daily problem of traffic, flooding, the alternating intense heat and rain, pollution, trash issues and bickering politicians (because the elections is only months away). There is so much news and most of it leaves me troubled. I look at my niece and nephews and I can't help but wonder: is this the world we are leaving our children? Don't they deserve better?

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I think I’m going to be a hermit. I am going to stay at home and live the rest of my days in this town where I live in. I will order things online as needed and stay a shut-in.

Sounds weird right? Sometimes I feel paranoid like that. Sometimes I feel afraid about going out and being with the rest of the world with all of the scary things that I’ve read that have been happening everywhere.

There’s news of people who throw rocks at you on the street to get you out of your car so they can rob you. There are people who check if your car doors are locked when you’re on the road and stuck in traffic. If left unlocked, these people will go in and rob you. There are people who will stop while you’re at the side of the road and pretend to ask for directions. If you are a female and you come closer to help, they will grab you and hurt you. Sometimes these people can be well-dressed and can pretend to have car trouble. When you stop to help, you can and will be robbed as well. I’ve also heard of people who “hypnotize” you into giving them all your money. They manage to get you to withdraw money from the bank and get them from you home without you having a clue as to what you’re doing. You even give them your gadgets while it’s happening.

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