New Song Favorite: Take Your Time

I was watching the latest season of The Voice when I heard one of the guys auditioning singing this song. I looked it up and fell in love with it completely. I've had it playing on Spotify so much these days you'd think that this is all I listen to.

The song, Take Your Time, is by Sam Hunt. I am really starting to develop a thing for country song. I remember going crazy about another country song a year (or so) ago called Play it Again by Luke Bryan. I guess you can say Take Your Time is this year's Play It Again for me (pun intended).

I thought that Sam's voice was very attractive. The spoken lines make it seem like a conversation between a guy and the girl he approaches. I think it's sweet how the lyrics tell of a guy who is not looking to pick up a girl. It's just about wanting to have some time with her and getting to know her. It's refreshing to hear with all the songs about people hooking up (or wanting to).

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Thank You Nick Jonas!

Back when he was still in a band with his brothers, I used to watch Nick Jonas on TV on the Disney Channel. I think it was a sitcom-type show that my niece loved to watch. He seemed geeky compared to his other brother Joe, but I had the feeling that Nick Jonas was the hot brother in the group.

Fast forward to a few years and I heard that Nick has grown up and was dating a much older Delta Goodrem. I remember thinking that if a woman significantly older found him hot enough to date seriously, then he was definitely the hot brother in The Jonas Brothers. The news gave older women like me hope that guys like him could be attracted to older women – something that quickly fizzled when he split up with Goodrem and started dating a much younger Olivia Culpo.

Olivia and Nick looked like the perfect couple together. It was surprising to find out that they split up.

What was even more surprising was finding out that Nick recently started dating (or has it ended already) Kate Hudson.

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The Season So Far

I love TV. I particularly love TV shows that are part of the Fall TV season in the US. I have to admit that in the past I used to watch these shows online as they became available but that is something I don’t necessarily have to do these days with cable channels offering either same day or same week airing of many of these programs. There are some shows that are aired much later, but I don’t mind playing catch up because there are still a lot of things I have to do besides watching TV. I can’t watch everything!

These days if the show is available on cable, I watch it from there. If it’s late, I check it online to see if I will watch it when it airs here. Here are some of the shows I’ve looked into so far, the channels they will be (or are already) on and what I think of them.


Minority Report

This show takes place after what happened in the movie, with the pre-cogs now out and leading (somewhat) normal lives. One of them, Dash, can’t get over his visions of murders and other crimes and tries to but is unsuccessful at preventing them. With the help of detective Lara Vega, Dash manages to help prevent crime from happening. How far they can take this without him being outed as a pre-cog and Vega’s superior (and ex?) finding out is probably what this show will be about. I like it so far and I think if only for the tech that they are showing, this would be worth the watch.

Blindspot (WARNER)

A woman with amnesia is found naked and covered in tattoos in Time Square. The FBI discovers that her tattoos are clues that help them to solve crime. What the end game is of the man who seems to have trained this woman and put the tattoos on her is the mystery that this show will try to find out. I like it so far, but it can get too serious at times that I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be more of an action series or a drama.


The TV version of the movie with the same name, this takes over from where the movie ended. A young man named Brian Finch tries NZT and experiences the same high that Bradley Cooper’s character did in the movie. Like the film, he gets wrongfully accused of murdering the person who gave him NZT, the only difference is he has Senator Edward Morra (Cooper) helping him clear him name and giving him the drug to ease him off the bad side effects of NZT. Finch ends up working for the FBI and helping them solve cases while at the same time trying to figure out what this all means for Morra, who helped him without exactly what it was that he needed from him. I like Limitless, this one of the new shows that I will definitely keep watching.


Hawaii 5-O (AXN)

Kono is officially a Noshimuri. Things would have been perfect from there but the money that they were supposed to use to buy Adam out of the Yakuza was stolen and now they have to get it back. Steve is also going to propose to Catherine there is another wedding in the near future (I hope). Of course, there are also still cases to be solved and criminals to be captured so there is still a lot of that too. Another one of my favorite shows, you can bet I’ll be watching this one for the entire season.


I’ve loved NCIS from the beginning, the characters feel like family to me. I can’t imagine my TV habit without Gibbs and his rules. It was only natural that when the spinoffs came along they became personal favorites as well. As much as I liked NCIS LA, I’m starting to like the New Orleans version even more. To be clear, they are all good shows, but there will always be one better than the other. Will I be watching these shows for the entire season? Of course I am!

Bones (FOX)

Booth has disappeared and Bones is determined to find out what happened to him. The first episode of the season has been interesting so far and with this show being one of my favorites for years, I know I’ll be watching this for the entire season.

Castle (FOX)

Beckett is now Captain and Castle is going to focus on his private investigation agency. The first two episodes have been good so far but I wish they have finally let go of that angle with Senator Bracken now that he is dead. I think they should move on to other things. I like that there seems to be more to do as far as Alexis Castle is concerned. I love the chemistry she had with the new character Hayley – I’m looking forward to seeing more of them this season.

Empire (Star World)

The Lyons family is at it again, with Cookie and Hakeem trying to start their own label and going against the Jamal-lead Empire. I love the music and the drama (I love Cookie!) but being about hip-hop, it naturally has its share of sex and violence that I don’t necessarily enjoy watching. Still, it is a good show and the plot, with all the twists and turns is never boring.

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4th Power

Four girls. Sisters. Powerhouse singers and performers. They are 4th Power.

I’m sure that by now everyone has heard that Filipina girl group 4th Power auditioned for the UK version of X Factor and got in with their performance of Bang Bang.

There was a lot of controversy with these girls getting in because some people claimed they were professionals, even if they have not made a record with any major label. I remember them being interviewed on GMA 7 and they said that they have been joining singing competitions since they were little girls. I don’t think that qualifies as a professional since they haven’t really had their big break. X Factor just might be that opportunity that they need to make it as a pop group.

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The Chasing Life Finale

It felt like they were saying goodbye.

The Chasing Life finale felt like it was the last episode…like the show would never come back. Considering that there is still no news about it being renewed for a third season there is a chance that could happen. I hope I’m wrong about that. I felt like the stories of the characters were somewhat resolved in this episode.

Brenna and Finn broke up because he was getting sicker. Greer came for a visit and revealed that they would be moving back, making the pain from the breakup seem a little easier to bear for Brenna.

The issue between Natalie and her mother and the Carver family were resolved, but not without any issues between the two families. The book that April and her family were worried about will no longer be published, and Natalie has decided to stop the fighting between their families. I did not like Natalie in the beginning but I love that she has obviously grown and matured enough to be the person to take a stand and end the feud.

Speaking of the book – which apparently revealed more about what happened when April’s father died – Uncle George was called in for questioning about his death, which probably means he will be held accountable for his actions. Considering that the book was shopped around, someone could have figured out what happened and called the police (or Natalie’s mom could have something to do with it).

It was confirmed that the father of Beth’s baby was Josh, the pharmaceutical rep. Beth tells him and he agrees to support her whatever she decides. By the end of the finale she says that she has made her decision, but she doesn’t say what it is.

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Yet Another Mistress Movie

I have to agree with most of the people on my Facebook timeline: this whole mistress thing is getting out of hand.

How many movies have come out in recent years that have been about other women and cheating husbands? I think I’ve lost count. I’m not saying that there should never be movies about this but I think there is just too many of it coming out that I (and most of the people I know) are getting sick of it.

Another movie with the same topic, Etiquette for Mistresses, is coming out on September 30. I have nothing to say about the caliber of the actresses in the film and the quality of it because that is not my point: I think that viewers (or just me, at least) want more from local cinema. If it isn’t teeny-bopper movies, it’s about adults in extramarital affairs. I’d love to see something else please. Can't adults have romantic movies without it being about an illicit affair?

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Political Ads

Election isn’t until next year but the candidates are already making themselves felt this early. I’m actually annoyed about it. I feel that it is too early for them to be shoving all these campaign ads in our faces. There’s enough time for them to do this during the campaign period.

Technically, candidates shouldn’t even be allowed to have these ads prior to the campaign period but since none of them have officially filed their certificates of candidacy yet I heard that these ads are allowed. I guess it doesn’t matter that they had already announced their candidacy as long as they haven’t filed yet.

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Malunggay Pasta

My brother-in-law has a green thumb. He is so good with plants that he has a calamansi plant that is so huge now and produces so much calamansi that we have given a lot of it away. He recently harvested about three bunches of pechay (Chinese Cabbage) which was originally planted to comply with my niece’s school project.

Another garden/farming project he has is a moringa (malunggay) tree. The leaves are normally used in soups but I’ve heard of people who make shakes with it and most recently, my sisters made pesto sauce from it.

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Pop Culture and Signs of Aging

Pop culture is the best way to find out if you’re getting old. When you don’t get it anymore, you are definitely part of the older generation. I felt that way when I watched the MTV Movie Awards and again when I saw the MTV Music Awards this year.

I can’t say that I didn’t completely get pop culture as presented on those shows but I certainly did not appreciate it as much as I did when I was younger. I guess it’s true that most people mellow out when they get older. Now that I’m nearing my 40s I find so many of the things I’ve seen on these shows as “going too far” or pushing the envelope way too much for my taste.

Miley Cyrus, for example. I don’t get her. I know she is trying to show the world who she "really"is but I feel that she just wants to keep shocking people with her antics. I think Miley is a talented girl but seeing her these days I feel she’s been more about the shock factor than about the talent, which is sad because she has more to offer than what she puts herself out there to be. A lot of celebrities put too much investment on the sexual aspect that they forget that to focus on the talent that could keep them there when they get too old to be doing the antics that they do these days.

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The Age of Adaline

Gossip Girl was not my thing. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants wasn’t either. I guess that was why I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch the movie The Age of Adaline starring Blake Lively.

The movie is about a woman who got into a car accident that caused her to stop aging. This meant living a life where she was constantly moving and changing identities to avoid public suspicion and government apprehension because of her unique gift.

During one of her many identities, Adaline fell in love with a young man named William. But because she will never age, she had to leave him and disappear just as he was about to propose to her, which broke his (and her) heart.

In the present, Adaline again meets and falls in love with a handsome young man (Ellis) who – surprise! – turns out to be William’s son. Shocked as he was to see Adaline, William accepted her excuse that she was the daughter of the woman he fell in love with. That excuse did not last long and William eventually found out who she was and what ended their relationship.

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