Seminar Blues

Last week I attended a two-day seminar for work. Normally I’m the first person to encourage people to take seminars to improve work performance and give employees added knowledge that can help them with their jobs. With the seminar we just attended, however, I had this feeling that we should have passed on it.

Travel to the venue took two hours (or more), the location was the top floor of a hardware shop (I kid you not) and the food they served was as bland as hospital food. The lectures started an hour late and ended two hours early, which made me wonder just what it was we were paying for exactly.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone on that much coffee breaks during a seminar than I have last week. The lecturer had the habit of backtracking, like he didn’t have a lesson plan. He kept going back on topics he just taught and correcting himself, explaining he got it mixed up with something else. He kept making jokes that were not funny even if no one was reacting to them. Someone should have told him he wasn’t there for stand-up comedy. Don’t even get me started on that annoying laugh that seemed straight out of the stereotypical leery and goon/hoodlum-type guy in movies.

Lean Loves

Ang tunay na lalaki walang abs.” [Translation: Real men don’t have abs.] I got that from an article here in the Philippines.

Popular media dictates that guys who are “ripped” and have a six pack are hot and sexy. I have to disagree. I tend to appreciate the guys who may be trim and fit, but are not bulky. Big muscles just aren’t my thing.
When it comes to actors that I crush on and admire, they are usually of the lean body types. Here are some of those guys that I like that fit that description. Check them out and let me know what you think:

Tom Hiddleston – This is a no-brainer since I previously blogged about him. A British actor, Tom became famous playing Loki in the Thor movies. He’s the perfect example of not being huge and ripped but can still play a bad-ass in movies (and make ladies swoon along the way).

Matthew Goode – Another British actor, I first noticed him when he played opposite Mandy Moore in Chasing Liberty. I find him to be a very good actor because of the varying roles he has portrayed since in films like Match Point, Watchmen and Stoker. Again, another guy who can play the bad guy and still give off a sexy vibe while doing it.

Julian Morris – I first noticed this guy as Wren on Pretty Little Liars. I was a little disappointed that he isn’t on the show as often as some of the other characters so I was happy when he got a recurring role on Once Upon a Time as well. He’s slim but well built (just Google his sexy shoots and you’ll get what I mean). No ripped abs but still sexy to me.

Joseph Morgan – For someone who is referred to as the “Big Bad” on The Vampire Diaries/The Originals world, he does not look the part but he does act it. I credit his acting – he can look and feel vicious and scary when he wants to be even with that slightly skinny frame. Another sexy Brit (with an equally sexy accent!).

Honeymoon for One

One thing people often say about me is that I’m a romantic. I guess with that in mind it isn’t that much of a surprise that I enjoy watching Hallmark and Lifetime Channel movies, particularly the romantic ones. I was able to catch the TV movie Honeymoon for One starring Nicolette Sheridan and Greg Wise last week and I’m a bit torn about what I think about it.

OK, maybe it’s good to start with the positive first: its set in Ireland. It’s my go-to place if I could ever afford it in my lifetime. Watching the movie’s setting in the Irish countryside was something that excited me because it’s probably the closest I could ever get to Ireland. I also like that it is a love story (because I am a sucker for those things). A refreshing thing about this that I liked is that the story involves an older couple. In a generation where most sweet love stories involve teenagers and 20-somethings, love stories involving the 35 and up give loveless people like me hope for a romantic future.

(Sad) Covert Affairs

There was a Covert Affairs marathon on DIVA Universal over the weekend and I got to catch up on the show – specifically the part where Annie got involved with Simon Fischer.

For those unfamiliar with the show, it is about Annie Walker, who was in search for the man that she fell in love with while she was on vacation. That guy turned out to be a spy and she ended up one herself. In the marathon episodes that I got to see, she fell in love with a Russian spy that she was tasked to spy on and in the end, he ended up giving up his life to save hers.

There was just something about the Simon and Annie story that got to me. The whole ruthless-turned-soft-for-love thing maybe, or it could be the chemistry that the actors Piper Perabo and Richard Coyle had with each other. You could just feel the love the characters had for each other even with just the small gestures and eye contact. The conflict that they both had with their relationship was very obvious too. I just ate it up. I felt really bad when Simon died by the hand of a double agent that Annie trusted. Such a sad love story.

Moment Cam

One app that has been getting a lot of use on my phone these days has been Moment Cam. It’s a photo app that takes your pictures and superimposes your face on sketch-like photos. There’s a wide selection of settings that you can choose from (they update it daily) and you can even post pictures of two people in one photo.

I find the photos that I’ve made with the app amusing. I’ve been Mona Lisa, had a photo with Brad Pitt, Messi and Hello Kitty (and my celebrity crush, singer Christian Bautista). You can be in various locations and different settings and clothes (some a bit PG even – I’d rather not go there).

Longing for Home

You know how all phones these days have maps to help us get to where we need to go? I was tinkering with it last week and looked at a satellite image of where I live and compared it to one from my hometown (with that word being the place where I grew up, not where I am from obviously). The two places are different in so many ways: one is still full of green places, while the other is packed with homes and buildings and hardly a patch of green in sight. One is in the province (or as some people would call it, country) while the other is in the city. The people, the places and the lifestyle are all so different. Both have their pros and cons but one thing that they have in common for me right now is that I don’t know which one to call home anymore.

The place where I grew up in Las Pinas City was where I spent my childhood up to my early 20s. It’s the place where I have a lot of memories in and friends who I share those memories with. There have been many times since I moved to the province that I have contemplated moving back but whenever I do come over to visit, I never really decide to move. The place still seems the same but is different at the same time. Strange I know but that’s how I feel.

Life in the province is easy. People are laid back, there is very little travel time from home to work (and vice versa) and the cost of living is very low compared to the city. Life is simple – but it can be a little too simple and a bit lonely. My friends, for one, are all in the city. While I do know people here and I am friendly with them, I can’t really say that I have connected with them in the way I have with the friends I’ve left behind. Their interests are on a totally different tangent compared to mine and it’s been difficult (or should I say impossible) to find people here I can hang out with that are on the same wavelength as I am (hence the active internet/social media existence).

My Future Husband (In My Dreams)

One guy who is at the top of my list of “fantasy future husband” it’s Ian Somerhalder. How can he not be when people dub him as “Smolderhalder” and he is just one of the hottest guys on the planet?

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