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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Civil Wedding Ceremony

My youngest sister recently got married via a civil wedding ceremony. She’s getting married in a church ceremony in December, but she was advised that it would be good for her to get the legal ceremony out of the way before the church ceremony so she and her now-husband went in front of a judge here in our municipality and said their I Dos.

civil wedding


Monday, October 14, 2019

The Accidental Icon Update

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I am a fan of the blogger Lyn Slater, aka Accidental Icon. I shared my post on Facebook when it came out and tagged her. To my surprise, she posted a comment to reply! I can't believe I never shared this!

Accidental Icon


Friday, October 11, 2019

Keto-Friendly Baked Fish Recipe

My sister is currently getting ready for her December wedding by going on a Keto Diet. She’s been very strict with following this diet and has lost a lot of weight since she started. Since she only eats keto-friendly food, I decided to try preparing a dish that the family can all eat together even if she is on her diet. One recipe that I found via the Yummly app was Baked Fish with Mushrooms by CDKitchen.

As with any recipe that I try, I tend to tweak them a little to fit into what ingredients are readily available. Since I was making it keto-friendly, I checked in with my sister and showed her the ingredients to make sure it was something that she could have. Ingredients and instructions are credited to CDKitchen, with italicized notes being my tweaks on the recipe.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Appreciation Post: Fresh Produce

When I first moved to the province from the city, I felt that my stay would be temporary. Now that I am two decades into it, I feel that there’s no place I’d rather be. Aside from enjoying the fresh air and not living in an overcrowded area, one of my favorite parts about it is getting fresh produce like fruits and vegetables easily – sometimes even at no cost!

My sister and her husband are good with planting/gardening. We’ve been able to harvest the following organic fruits and vegetables from their hard work: Chinese Cabbage (Pechay), Papaya, Malunggay, Calamansi, Lemongrass, Chilis, and Dragonfruit. No fertilizers and no pesticides are used. Our garden may not produce a lot, but it’s a start. Fresh fruits and veggies straight from the garden. Who doesn’t want that?



Monday, October 7, 2019

Embracing the Gray

One thing that reminds me that I am aging is my white hair. I’d say gray but when I stare at them, they aren’t really gray, they’re white. I have been coloring my hair every three to six months or so to cover them up and it takes a lot of work. I don’t know if I was the patience for this gray hair cover-up process anymore since I end up with this look at the top of my head just a few months after coloring:

embracing the gray


Friday, October 4, 2019

Managing Screen Time for Kids

Kids these days have grown up very differently compared to the way I grew up in my day. We didn’t have the internet. We didn’t have gadgets like smartphones back then. Who knew that one of the big problems for parents today would be controlling screen time for children? I don’t think I ever imagined this technologically advanced world we live in now!

I think a meme I saw on Facebook showed it well: back then, parents had to scold their kids for staying out too long playing with other kids but now parents force their kids to go out and play with others. Technology has played such a big role in this because while I grew up playing video games on my TV or on green-screened portable players, kids can now use their mobile phones and tablets to do this. And if you let them, they can do this ALL DAY.


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Thoughts on Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

I’ve been an advocate of the habit of carrying reusable bags for shopping for a while now. I am very happy that many people are now practicing the same habit so that shoppers can avoid the use of plastic bags. But I still have my reservations when it comes to reusable grocery tote biggest issue with it being how “reusable” they are.

I still stand by my earlier post and prefer reusable canvas/tote bags, particularly for groceries. The ones that are usually sold at grocery stores are made of the type of cloth material that tears easily if the contents are too heavy. This will eventually end up in the trash. Are they even compostable? 

The bigger ones, while reusable, are usually made of plastic which, in the long run, will be another thing to add to the growing number of solid waste in the world. Just thinking about it gives me so much anxiety. 

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