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Friday, August 7, 2020

Buy a Coffee, Get a Bag!

My family is a coffee-drinking family. We do our tea thing from time to time, but coffee is our morning drink. I remember family friends being surprised when I had looked for coffee for breakfast one morning when we were all together on vacation (I was probably around 10 at the time). They could not believe someone so young would be drinking coffee — black, at that. 

I had started early because it was a family thing: my father’s mother was a serious coffee drinker until the day she died. She was such a coffee person that one of our helpers saw her ghost looking for her Barako coffee in the kitchen a few days after she was buried (no joke).

My doctor has advised me to limit my coffee to one a day. While I do follow his instructions in general (by using a mug or tumbler instead of a cup), I do stray away from that limit from time to time. I just love my coffee and I love it black: the stronger, the better.

In my younger years I think that I was limited to instant coffee and I did not know any better. Then I did a paper in college on the rise of coffee shops in the country (no Starbucks back then kids) and got to interview some of the existing shops, where I was introduced to the different types of coffee. I do not think I had appreciated coffee more than back then.

Living here in the province most of the coffee beans are made of the stronger stuff, so our brewed coffee is just my type. It can be intense for those people who are not used to it but after a while, most people learn to love it.

As much as I love brewed coffee and the smell of it as it is being made on a coffee maker, there are times when I need to rush off and only have time for a quick cup of coffee. For that, I still go for the brand of instant coffee that I have been drinking since I was a young girl: Nescafe. 

My family and I particularly love the Nescafe Gold Intense blend. Just one teaspoon of that and a couple of sugars (or Stevia, as the case may be), and we already get a good cup of coffee. It is perfect for when we need a quick cup or when we have run out of coffee to brew. I love having it while sitting outside to get some sun for the much-needed daily dose of Vitamin D (which helps boost immunity during this pandemic, just a little tip).

I recently had to buy groceries online and discovered that Nescafe Gold came with a bag that had a painting from their endorser, Heart Evangelista. When I received the item, I really liked the bag, you can tell it was of a stronger material and stitched well than most giveaway canvas bags. It was big enough to put work folders in if I wanted to bring it to the office. Even my laptop fits into it. It is strong and wide enough to put a lot of stuff into it.

The fact that Heart Evangelista’s artwork is on the bag is a nice touch. I remember seeing her posts on Instagram when she was still painting this, and it was nice to see it up close. The way it was printed on the bag tells me it is not going to wear off even I wash the bag often, which means I get to keep that work of art for a while. It is now hanging on the door of my room with the artwork facing me when I am in bed. I would frame it if I could, but I like using the bag too much! I just have one question about the bag though: the Nescafe Gold on the artwork was not painted by Heart, right? It looked like it was added on later!

Oh, and one more thing: we love Nescafe Gold so much that we bought it again … and now we have TWO bags with Heart’s work on it!


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Welcome (Me) to Mobile Legends

I said I would never do it. I said I do not understand the appeal. I said that it was a waste of time. And yet, I had signed up for it and am now playing Mobile Legends.

This is a mobile game that I have been hearing from co-workers and family members for a while now. I remember thinking that I did not understand why people would want to allot that much time to play a game against complete strangers and be so obsessed with collecting heroes, skins, and all sorts of things on a game. I used to tell the people who were trying to convince me to play that I would never do it. 

When my nephew started living with us because of the pandemic, he started to bug me about signing up for the game and trying it. He would keep reminding me every single day to give it a try. I would often say no, until I finally decided to humour him and give it a try. I have been playing it often since then.

As someone who has not been into games like this before, I guess you can say that I am not the typical player. While my account has about five heroes, I have only been using one. I cannot bring myself to try something else because I am so used to that one already and when I tried the others, I had not done well with the game. Unlike some of my co-workers who are really into the game, I am not interested in buying skins and other bonuses from the game with real money. Unless it's from what I earned from playing the game itself, I am not going to spend on it. After all, it is just a game.

I am aware that there are many people who make money from playing the game, but I have not been into that so far. I have seen some live streams, but I have not been interested long enough to finish them.

According to my nephew and my co-workers, I am good for a beginner since I have reached a high rank in just a month or so of playing. I have had a good coach though, since my nephew talks me through the game when I am playing the rank games.

I still have a lot to learn about the game. For one thing, there are terms that I do not understand yet. And I am not a big fan of the concept that other people can report you for bad behaviour whether you have done it or not. I remember that there was a time when I could not play for 48 hours because there were people who reported me. According to my nephew, who usually plays with me, it might be because some of the other players were angry that I was ignoring them during the game. Some people were trash talking me and I was not responding so they probably got mad at me for that. It was not that I was ignoring them on purpose though: I have bad eyesight and the text for those chats are so small I cannot read them!

The game has several different modes of playing: 

The Rank game is the one where you can advance (or lower) your rank depending on how you play during the game and whether your team wins or loses. 

I like the Classic game because you can try different heroes without affecting your rank and it is a good way to practice. 

The Brawl game is a quick one, although there is too much chaos for me. When the players are all in one spot I cannot see where I am with my bad eyesight! 

I have also tried the Custom game where you can invite people to play with you. It was fun playing with my family and friends on that one. 

The Magic Chess game, however, is one that I just do not understand, and I probably will not play it again.

The VS A.I. game I haven't tried yet. Maybe I will one of these days.

Anyone else here who plays Mobile Legends? What do you think of it?


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

My Weather Worries

Has anyone else noticed how bad the weather has been lately? It is already late into the year and we have not had that much rain. Most of the time it is just terrible heat that does not seem to go away. It feels like we are in a perpetual summer with the heater turned up. 

Image by Claudia Engel from Pixabay

I know that it is because of climate change and what we as a species have done to our environment but knowing about it is still different from experiencing it. And boy are we experiencing it! Temperatures keep going up year after year and the heat has become unbearable. It is an awful cycle of people using up electricity to keep cool that results in producing even more of things that can damage the environment that makes things hotter every year. If only I could afford it, I would go on solar power right now to lessen that carbon footprint. Then I would buy that earth friendly air conditioner that is being developed right now.

The conversation with my mom about how we can cool down the house better has finally become successful. I used to tell her of my plans about this but she has refused because of aesthetical reasons and personal whims but since she has been having trouble with the heat herself, she has finally come around and has agreed that what I have wanted to do has been reasonable. 

Here are some of the things I suggested:

White walls – I have read this absorbs less heat compared to darker walls, which means less energy to be used to cool down the house during hot days.

White roof – There has been a study in India that it can cool down a house significantly to reduce solar radiation absorbed by the home. It also helps if it is highly reflective paint.

Shade for windows – While we use curtains, using other types of window shade (again in white), can help deflect the heat from the sun and prevent it from entering the house. Curtains tend to limit the light but can absorb that heat, so window shades would be good too.

And yes, I am aware that making everything white seems weird but if it can lessen the heat in our home and make us more comfortable, who cares?

A sad thing about this whole weather thing is realizing how different my life has been compared to my nieces and nephews. I remember being in grade school and high school and often needing to wear jackets and cardigans to school because it can get cold during the rainy season. These days I cannot even imagine these kids wearing those things without thinking of how hot it would be for them. The only time these kids can wear a cardigan (or a jacket) would be indoors…or if they travel to another country that is non-tropical. That is just sad. I enjoyed my cardigan days. Thanks, Taylor Swift, for reminding me of that, now I miss it!

Another sad realization came to me when the family was watching the news and the item being discussed was the weather, particularly how the average heat has become hotter year after year. My pre-teen nephew turned to me and asked me how we were going to survive when the weather gets to the point where we could not function outside anymore. What were we going to do? When was it going to happen? 

I thought about how lately, the heat has been getting worse and worse. Temperatures have been going higher and faster than ever. That point in time my nephew was asking about would likely happen in our lifetime. How do we explain to our children how much we have messed up their future for them? What kind of future are we giving, if there is any future worthy of them living for at all? Yes, it is a sad thing, but it is also embarrassing since we really messed this up completely.

Is there still a way to save this planet? Is there still a way to make it better for our children? I worry a lot about that too. I hope there is still a way to make things right.


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: UV Care Pocket Sterilizer

One of the conversations I have had with my friends about the pandemic was this need to disinfect everything to make sure that we do not carry around the virus from the things we have touched. My friend joked that I have been ready for that since forever since I am the most germaphobic person she knows. While I agree that I do go overboard with the alcohol and disinfectants, I have decided to take it one step further by disinfecting things with UV light, this time with the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer.

I must confess that I had been considering buying the sterilizer even before the pandemic, I just had not gotten around to doing it. Given the way things are turning out these days, I thought that it was now or never. I went to the company website, registered for an account, and made my order. I was told that I would have to expect delayed deliveries but considering that it was a pandemic and I was sure there was a demand for the product, I did not think that would be a problem. Still, the product arrived earlier than I expected (the site indicated two months, got it earlier than that) so I was happy with that.

The sterilizer is small and can fit in your pocket. You must flip it open and turn it on via the button on the side to use it. It should be noted that I thought that since it was a pocket sterilizer, I assumed it was portable. Unfortunately, while it has a port for a USB cord, it is not rechargable. You have to use 4 AAA batteries to use it without being connected to a power source. The cord included can be connected via USB to an outlet or a power bank though if you choose to use it that way. That feature is a little inconvenient, but since I had a small power bank, it was still workable. Not too keen on the 4 batteries, but if I put in rechargable ones that might be OK.

One feature that I like about this item is that it has an automatic power off if you lift the lightbulb side to you. UV light is not safe on the skin or the eyes so having that feature to protect you from accidentally flashing that light on you is a good thing. I think I would have exposed myself with UV light several times already by accident if not for this feature.

Most people are skeptical about products like this. A friend of mine said that while we cannot prove that it works, the peace of mind it gives is still something to consider. I actually chose UV Care because I’ve seen their products being used in several establishments. I would like to think that if these big companies put their trust in them then their products would have to be the real deal.

I have seen an IG story of someone who bought the pocket sterilizer who tested it buy exposing a piece of bread to the UV light then placing it in a sealed plastic bag. When placed side by side with another piece of bread that did not get the UV light but was packed the same way, the exposed bread was obviously still mould-free compared to the other one. 

The UV Care Pocket Sterilizer has had a lot of use from me: I use it on doorknobs, handles of drawers, the desk of my “home office (aka half of my bedroom),” my gadgets, the remote control and all sorts of items that arrive at the house like deliveries and groceries and whatnot. Like I said, the peace of mind it gives me is worth the hassle of having to spend on the sterilizer and going through everything with a UV light.
With my use of this product, I have also decided to purchase another UV light product, this time one that can sterilize an entire room. Will be sharing more on that once I receive the product and have tried it. 

Does anyone else use UV light for disinfecting items? Care to share any tips with me?


Monday, August 3, 2020

Game Review: Alto's Odyssey

This pandemic has been quite the challenge on everyone’s mental health. I think that the events of 2020 have brought on a surge of so many emotions — way too many emotions than what we normally must deal with — and we need to find a way to keep ourselves in check. We need things to help calm us and help us to relax despite the circumstances. Oddly enough, one of those things for me has been playing this mobile game called Alto’s Odyssey.

Alto’s Odyssey is a game where the player is a sand boarder who travels the desert and must accomplish several challenges to move on to each level. Along the way you earn coins that you can use to purchase several items that can help make the challenges easier.  As you go up the levels, you travel to different locations and get to play/use different characters. I have only just started playing this, so I still have a long way to go and lot of other features to discover.

The game is not that hard to play and there is no learning curve. My nephew, who is only 6, has been able to learn how to play this on his own and is good at it. The player basically just keeps sliding down and you only have to help him to: (1) jump away from the obstacles or (2) do flips and other stunts to get to coins and to (3) move on to other places when there are gaps in the sand. Not all stunts are easy to do though, so sometimes you lose a life. The plus side is that even if you lose a life, any achievement you have had to move to the next level still gets saved. There is no need to start from the beginning. And if you are playing on Android, you can watch an ad so that you can continue and not lose that life. On a little side note: if you play on Android it is free, but you pay for it if you use iOS. Weird, I know.

Playing the game has been very relaxing for me. The scenery changes, along with the way it is lit (to show the changes in sunlight during the day to the evening) and the weather (from sunny days, to hurricanes and rain). Even the backing sounds remind me of those meditation apps on my phone to help calm me down. The app also has a “Zen Mode:” which means you don’t have to complete any challenges, your character won’t die, and you just keep sliding along to the relaxing sounds of the app to infinity (or until your battery runs out). I like this feature the most. There is no pressure to do anything. Plus, there is something about watching the character just move along while listening to the calming sounds (with headphones on if you want the complete zen experience). It is a bit soothing and relaxing to play that way.

The game’s graphics are simple but still well made and clean, which is interesting since some of the other games from this developer seem so amateur compared to it. There is, however, another app made by the same developer that is just as good and it is called Alto’s Adventure. It is like Odyssey but in a different setting. In this version, you are a skier who slides down the slopes. You still have challenges to achieve, obstacles to avoid and coins to collect AND it also has that Zen Mode feature that Alto’s Odyssey has.

If you are looking for a game to play to pass the time, or something to help you relax without going on the meditation route, this might be something for you to try.  


Sunday, August 2, 2020

Movie Review: The Negotiation

My interest in watching TV programs or movies that featured Hyun Bin started when I finished his series Crash Landing on You (CLOY) on Netflix. After watching another series of his, Memories of the Alhambra, I decided to make the switch and watch one of his movies next. This time, I chose the hostage drama The Negotiation.

The film also stars his CLOY leading lady Son Ye Jin. If I am not mistaken this was their first project together and CLOY followed this. The movie features hostage negotiator Ha Chae Youn (Son Ye Jin), who at the start of the movie has a female hostage die in her arms and causing her to want to resign from the job.

However, before she could even resign, she was called over to negotiate via video chat with arms dealer Min Tae Gu (Hyun Bin). She is not given much detail on what is going on but apparently Tae Gu is holding some government personnel hostage in Indonesia and all she has to do is to keep him talking until the military can have enough time to get to where he is holding his hostages.

There is a big twist involved in terms of why Tae Gu was holding people hostage and what his intentions really were, including why he asked specifically for Chae Youn to talk to him. It was a good twist, but I felt like the big surprise was not executed in a way that would shock the viewers. It would have been nice if it did but with the movie revealing the corruption in the government early on, Tae Gu’s personal involvement with the people in power and the reason he did what he did was not as much of a shock as it was an “oh, that made sense” kind of thing.

It was too bad that Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin only had one actual scene together in the end. Considering the chemistry that they had on CLOY, it would have good to see that in this type of movie. Having them interact via a computer monitor did not do much for them. I felt that it was difficult for the actors to react to each other well considering they were only reacting to a screen (which most likely didn’t have the other person on it to react to when they were filming anyway).

Another thing about that one scene that they had together was that it seemed that there was supposed to be this attraction that they had for each other after talking online. As good as they tried to show the regret that they had from being on opposite sides, I felt that this “attraction” was not established enough for it to be believable.

It was nice to see Hyun Bin play a bad guy role for a change. He always seems to play this rich leading man type who is perfect and all that. Seeing him being a tough guy and having a completely different attitude compared to his other roles was refreshing. I like seeing him play the bad guy, he's good at it. My favorite part of the movie was the end where you could see how hurt he was and determined to make things right in his eyes, no matter how much regret he felt for doing it in that way.

I also felt that Son Ye Jin was underused in this one. There really was not much for her character to do, which was sad considering that the start of the movie felt like she was going to be an exciting character. It was mostly just reacting to the screen and it was a bit of a waste of her talent.

Still, The Negotiation was an OK movie. It felt like it had the potential to be more but sadly was not able to do that.

The Negotiation is available to rent Google Movies and from YouTube.


Saturday, August 1, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Missing Makeup

I am a low maintenance gal. I like wearing the oldest, and (as my family often says) rattiest clothes when I am at home. When I am out, I am not the type who would blow-dry my hair and wear anything fancy. I am more of a shirt and jeans kind of girl. I either wear sneakers, flats, or flip flops (if possible). Even with makeup, I do not put on as much (if at all), mostly it is a no makeup look (as pointless as that may sound to many). But with this pandemic, I must admit, I am missing the whole makeup thing, even if I never did much of it in the first place.

When I first went back to work, I realized that my makeup was not mask friendly. At the end of the day a lot of it was on my mask and I began to think of how pointless it was to be putting it on when no one could see it anyway. After that first day with makeup under the mask, I decided not to put on makeup anymore. So, for the next two months that I had been back at the office, I was going makeup-free. And, as weird as it may sound coming from me, I miss it. I miss wearing makeup.

Image by Lubov Lisitsa from Pixabay

I think that it is because I am naturally pale so not wearing makeup makes me look sick most of the time. So, after a long day at work wearing a mask, I look like I had just come from the hospital after being confined when I take it off. I hate it when I see myself in the mirror looking pale. I do not really need much, just some lip color and some blush...just something to give me some color. It is disappointing that I cannot do it anymore.

It is weird but since I have not worn makeup regularly since March, I feel like I do not know how to do it anymore. I have not even bothered with my eyebrows for a while. I guess you can say that self-care when it comes to my face has gone out the window for almost half a year now. Not a pretty picture I know but it just has not been something that felt “essential” (please see my previous post). And frankly, it has not been practical either. What is the point, right?

Still, it would be nice to see the day when I could put on makeup again. I would love to see the day when I can see my face again in reflections: in a mirror, a window, or just anywhere where my face can be reflected when I go out. I would love to be able to see the faces of other people I see outside. To be able to see my friends, family and to see them smile again. 

Makeup may be such a trivial thing to complain about, but I guess it is not entirely about that. It is about not having the life that we have all been used to before and knowing that that life may never be back and that our lives may never be the same again. Even if the day comes when we have a cure and a vaccine, I have this feeling that our lives will never be the same again after this pandemic. 

One day, someday, I hope we can all see each other’s faces up close and personal again. I hope one day we can all take off our masks and smile at each other and know that everything will be ok. Maybe one day I can wear makeup again. Maybe that one day will be soon. 

That one day feels so far away.


Friday, July 31, 2020

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Pets. I have never had pets of my own. I do not think that I am a pet person to be honest. I have always wanted one, but it is too big a commitment for me that I never got around to having one. I have never enjoyed movies that featured animals but when I saw the trailer for the movie The Art of Racing in the Rain, I felt that it was something I would want to see. When my sister mentioned that she had seen the movie the night before and that she had cried so bad I decided to check out the schedules so I could see it too. 

Based on the novel of the same name, the story revolves around a golden retriever named Enzo (voiced by Kevin Costner), who is dying. He starts to tell the story of his life with Denny (Milo Ventimiglia), a race car driver who bought him as a puppy.

The viewer then sees Denny’s life through Enzo’s eyes: his racing, meeting his wife Eve (Amanda Seyfried), the experience of having a daughter, the death of his wife, and the custody battle that he had with Eve’s parents when she died.

The film shows how involved Enzo was in Denny’s life and how loyal and beloved he was in his family. There were many moments that show this throughout the film, the most noteworthy being when he ran away with the settlement agreement that Denny almost signed to give his in-laws custody of his daughter just so that he would change his mind and fight. 

By the end of the movie you would be a cold-hearted person not to feel bad when Denny gives Enzo one last ride in his car on the racetrack where he teaches. It truly is a heart-tugging moment because even Enzo knew that he was about to die and was looking forward to what he believed would be his next life as a human being.

At first I thought that the movie might be a little corny since you had a talking dog as the lead character in the movie but Kevin Costner’s voice and the way he delivered as Enzo throughout the film was actually very soothing and endearing that I ended up loving Enzo a lot. It was not corny at all.

Despite the tragedies that happened to Denny, I felt that this was a feel-good movie that ultimately had a happy ending. After everything that he had gone through, Denny became a race car driver in Italy for Ferrari and was with his daughter. And, as revealed in the end, in a way Enzo was still with him. 

It was that last moment that really made me cry. I did not expect to cry watching this movie. I had watched the wife die, saw the struggle with the custody battle and the death of Enzo, but it was that ending reveal of a young Italian boy with golden hair who was also named Enzo whose age was about the same as the number of years since the dog died, that was what did me in. I was crying so much than it was possible if I were a pet person. Imagine if I were someone with a pet dog, I would probably have been bawling like crazy!

Of course, I cannot fail to mention that the one of the reasons that I watched this movie was because of Milo Ventimiglia. I have been a fan for a long time, and I am happy that I have been seeing him in movies and on TV often these days. I hope to see him in more in the future. This is Us has been good for him. 

It was a good movie. A little depressing midway but it was sweet and a tearjerker. If you love a good drama with a feel-good ending, you will enjoy this one.


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Planning Ahead

So much of this pandemic has me feeling uncertain of the future. I feel like we do not know what tomorrow might bring. I often say that I try to live my life the best I can because tomorrow is never promised, but I think that this is something that has never been more real until this pandemic started.

We do not know where we can get the disease. We do not know who will bring this into our homes. We do not know who will get sick in our families. We may wish that no one will, but at the rate things are going, it is not that far off that we will know someone who has been infected or at least became a PUI (person under investigation).

I know people are thinking that if we are careful, we are going to be fine. Yes, it helps. But it only takes one person who is not careful to infect us in some way. Just one. And we do not know who that is or how that can happen. I have read of a couple who have not gone out since the lockdowns started and have just had everything delivered and they still got infected. These days we really cannot be complacent. We must be on guard and ready for anything.

I have often thought about this but now I am seriously thinking of making plans just in case anything happens to me during this pandemic. It is not about being morbid and thinking that I could die, but more of being able to make sure that my family can be ready in case anything happens to me, that includes being sick and possibly isolated. God-willing of course I would not want that to happen, but I feel like it is something that I need to prepare for, just in case. My family depends on me for a lot of things so being ready for anything feels like the responsible thing to do.

Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

The plan for me is this: to have a notebook where I will write down all the necessary details in case of an emergency. If I need to go to the hospital, it is a list of allergies, medication I take, my blood type and my medical conditions/history. Then of course there are other things: contact details related to people who can help with my Philhealth and my social security. PIN numbers for ATMs they can use, account details and passwords for accounts that they may need to access in case I am unable to do so myself. People to contact in case they need help for something related to me. It seems a scary thing to think about but during these times, it seems practical.

As much as I am preaching about this, I must admit that I have not gotten around to doing it yet. It is a plan, but the reality of it naturally makes me think of more morbid things so the superstitious in me fears doing it even if I want to. I still plan to; I am just trying to gather enough courage to get that pen and paper and write things down.

Has anyone else thought of making plans during this pandemic? I am not even talking last will or anything, just something just in case something happens to you during the pandemic? Have you thought that far ahead or is it just me? I wonder if I am being too paranoid and afraid and it is that fear and paranoia that has made me think this way.

It would be nice to have this pandemic end soon. I know that’s wishful thinking, but I still wish it could. If I could ask for any miracle right now, that would be it.


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Titan Games

People who know me from the time when I was a young girl would know that I am not the healthiest person out there. I would love to be the girl who does sports and is physically fit and active, but my body is just not built for it. I’ve tried many times to ignore and overcome this “weakness”, but my body has told me many times over that it is the boss and I cannot make it do things beyond what it can accomplish. Despite that, I still dream that one day I can. One of those dreams? Getting on a truly physical competition like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s The Titan Games.

Just to be clear, I am a person with many health issues. It will take a village (so to speak) to get me in shape for anything as gruelling as this but in my head, if I can and if my health permits, I would love to try The Titan Games. I just love watching this show and seeing people from all walks of life try it out. Seeing them overcome these insane obstacles makes me wish that I can do them too. When DJ says “Titan Strong” — wow, I want to be that. I do not know how but I want that.

I have just finished watching the first season of the show on Netflix and it was inspiring to see the female winner of the show, Charity Witt, just smash through all the challenges from start to finish. Knowing that before all this, she was (like me) a person with heart disease who was told that she needed to take medication to survive. She got a second opinion from another doctor who encouraged her to take control of her life and she got into sports and became a power lifter. Watching her win and knowing where she started was inspiring for me. As afraid as I am to challenge what my doctor says, I would love to be as strong as she is (maybe not as big with the muscles though).

The second season of the show is currently on TV and they have taken it up a notch by having the contestants compete with people who are called “the best of the best” and hand picked by The Rock himself as Titans. That means that not only do these contestants have to overcome the challenges, they must overcome these amazing athletes who clearly have an advantage over them.

Surprisingly, several of these handpicked Titans, based on some of the episodes I’ve seen so far, have lost to the contestants who, while they are in no way ordinary themselves, do not have the kind of training most of these elite athletes do. So far, it seems that the underdogs are the ones who will end up on top.

The challenges on the show are all overwhelming to see as they are being done, with the final round being the even more intimidating Mount Olympus, which takes you on several challenges at once. It should be noted that men and women take on the same challenges, nothing is changed when the women do it — which makes the show even more impressive. It does make me wonder though if they will ever try to make the women compete with the men at some point since it seems some of the women finish faster than the men in certain challenges.

With the challenges being harder in the second season, I cannot help but wonder what they will come up with in season 3. I was a fan of American Ninja Warrior a few years ago but after a while, it becomes repetitive and just not as exciting when it is basically the same thing all over again. I like that they switched it up with Titans being challenged in the competition but what more can they do with it for season 3?

DJ, surprise me!


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Netflix Picks: Warrior Nun

You are dead. Then you are alive again, waking to some sort of monster murdering the only other person in the room with you. You make a run for it and are surprised that you can because you were previously paralyzed. Not only that, you begin seeing things that you normally would not see and are able to do things that are impossible to do. What happens next? That is what the Netflix series Warrior Nun is about.

I decided to try watching this show because they said that it reminded them of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I did not see that similarity, but I thought it was worth giving it a shot. A little tip though: if you intend to watch because of the trailer, I am telling you now that the pacing of the show is not the same. It is much slower, to my disappointment.

The previously dead and now newly living Ava is the lead in this series. A young girl who used to live in an orphanage and was bed-ridden prior to her death, she decides to explore the world with her new life, not knowing that her newfound power had responsibilities that came with it. 

The story involves the legend of the warrior nuns, led by one who wears the halo of an angel that gives her powers to help slay demons. The nuns are part of the Order of the Cruciform Sword, which still exists in the present. It is these nuns who are on the search for her to decide if she is worthy of the halo and be part of their order or if the halo should be taken away (and along with it, her life).

There are a couple of subplots here and there about a scientist who wants to cure her son and open a portal to another dimension (which the nuns believe to be hell), the romance of Ava and JC, a con artist she meets while she’s roaming around the city, and the power struggle within the order for control of the one who has the halo.

The series only has 10 episodes in its first season, and I am glad it was only that short because I felt that they were dragging it too long even if they didn’t have that much to work with. The subplots for me felt unnecessary. They could have done away with the love interest (do powerful women always need to have a guy, really?) and the whole story with their gang of con artists who “borrow” the homes of unsuspecting owners who are out of town. Even the plot with the scientist felt pointless to me, especially after the part where she is going after Ava and later it did not seem like such a big deal when they finally met.

I think that the show would have been better off focusing on the Order of the Cruciform Sword and the nuns who are in the core group of characters in the series. There were bits and pieces of how they came to be a part of the order but it would have been nice to see their back stories and understand why their characters were the way that they were throughout the series.

The ending, which was a cliffhanger, was a little disappointing. Even the twist at the end didn’t feel like it was executed in a way that would shock the viewers because I felt that the back stories were not established enough to make the viewers that affected by it. I am aware that this is from a comic book series and adapted for the screen, but they should have at least tweaked the story to make it more interesting…and as I said earlier, they could (or should) have made the pacing of this a little faster.

According to some of the websites I have gone through, Warrior Nun will have a second season, although it is probably not going to happen until well after this pandemic is over. I hope that gives the writers enough time to make the second instalment a better/more improved version of the first. Hopefully, it becomes more exciting in the second season.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


Monday, July 27, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Going Local

This pandemic has been such a trial for many people financially, me included. There have been extra expenses to make sure we are all living in a safe and healthy environment. The cost of so many things have gone up and some items that we usually need have been harder to come by than usual. 

It has been an adjustment for all of us, especially for those whose jobs and businesses were lost during all of this. For those of us who still have jobs and are blessed to have a stable source of income, it has been encouraged that we support local business so that our economy can survive this pandemic.

Even if things are a little tight for me right now, I make it a point to buy local as much as I can. It means buying from the meat vendor around the corner or the neighbor or friend trying to make ends meet by selling different types of food and groceries. Or it could be as simple as supporting someone who is trying to make a living as a rider who delivers food, buys groceries or other items so you do not have to go out to do it yourself. Times are tough, if we can help by supporting each other's efforts to get by, we really ought to do what we can. As that song says, we are all in this together.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to use washable masks instead of disposable ones. To buy local, I got my masks from a Filipino seller, Syala Collections. I also bought sleep wear from them recently and they are nice and easy to buy from. I highly recommend them.

When buying things online (which is what I have been doing a lot lately since I am afraid to go to the mall for the things I need), I often check if it is a local seller. I have made it a point to buy local right now so if the seller is not local, I tend to pass on the item.

Even when it comes to food, I try to support the local places when I can. The coffee shop that we used to go to often pre-pandemic is one of them. The cafe a former co-worker currently owns is another. The pizza place we used to visit back when it was safe to also gets orders from us from time to time. The Japanese place we loved buying ramen and sushi from, even if deliveries can be a little difficult, has gotten our support as well. There are more that we would like to buy from but some of them do not deliver and since we would rather not go out as much as possible, we have not been able to buy from them.

I think that during this pandemic we are taught to adapt to the current environment. Local business needs to reach out to its customers more than ever by being available online and accepting that they would need to make deliveries possible. If there is a will, there is a way, if I am to base it on the local food places we have here.

One Chinese restaurant that we ordered from normally does not accept online payments, but they decided to finally make it possible. They do not usually deliver to our area, but they partnered with local delivery services (like Lalamove) to be able to reach the customers they normally would not be able to deliver to.

The coffee shop we order from has partnered with a local tricycle driver who normally would not have a regular income (since their allowed days out are limited) so that he would be the one to make deliveries for them. They also made it easier for people to order by making a website with online payments, making it convenient for those who would rather not pay with cash during this pandemic.

Local business in our area have slowly been allowing for other options for their service to be available these days. I commend them for keeping up the fight in these financially challenging times. I hope that they all will be able to survive this pandemic. I will do what I can to support them whenever possible.

What about you? Are you supporting local business as well?


Sunday, July 26, 2020

Series Review: What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

I have been going through some of the Korean TV series available via streaming as per my cousin’s recommendations. With her prodding and because I had finished and enjoyed another one of the other shows of the female lead, I decided to hunker down and watch the show What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim on Viu.

Starring Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young (who was in one of my favorites, Her Private Life), the story of this show is about a CEO who is suddenly faced with the resignation of his Executive Secretary. 

I have never heard of Park Seo Joon before this show (I know, he has been here in the country before, it was a big deal to the fans, etc. I am sorry, I might have been sleeping when this all happened!) so I did not have any preconceived opinions of the guy when I saw this. Yes, I heard people have raved about his acting in Itaewon Class, but I have not seen that one either. Sad to say, I did not like him in this one. I found his character annoying, even in scenes when it was supposed to be a nice moment for him. It was like he only had one or two expressions in this. I know that might be because of the character he played, but that was just the way he seemed to me.

Park Min Young, as always, was adorable. Her role (and the plot, to be honest), seems slightly like that of Her Personal Life, but I felt like the other show executed the story better than this one. Even the mix of dramatic, romantic, and comic moments felt better in Her Private Life compared to this. 

The show had some dramatic moments and twists that dealt with the younger years of the two characters. I was expecting a romantic comedy, and I felt there was too much drama that was not that necessary. Did they really have to make the events of their youth that grave? Again, Her Private Life was lighter on this part...and more believable in my opinion. Plus, given that ending twist of him knowing who she was from the start did not make sense given the way he was treating her in the beginning. It was just weird for me.

Still, I must give it to the two leads for having good chemistry together. Everything they did just felt like they really fit well together — which is probably why so many people thought that they were together in real life.

As with most Korean dramas, there were supporting characters who also have their own plots/love stories. Usually I enjoy a good supporting cast but this time around I did not like them as much. Apart from Kim Mi So’s sisters, I would have been happier without too much time on the other supporting characters (i.e. the officemates). I thought they were a bit over the top at times and not in a good/entertaining way. I would have prefered more scenes from the lead characters than scenes from the supporting characters. They were not as necessary to the plot anyway.

Park Seo Joon’s fans would probably enjoy the many shirtless scenes of the guy in the show. I must admit, he has a nice body. Those abs are unreal! His skin is flawless!

The ending of the show was a bit cliche by having the leads get married, but it did fit well with the plot of two childhood sweethearts ending up together in the end. It was a happily ever after thing, and I think that viewers would be satisfied with that ending in general.

Although I did not enjoy Park Seo Joon in this series, I am thinking of watching another show of his that my cousin recommended called She Was Pretty. Let us see if it can change my opinion of him when I see it. 

Wish me (or him?) luck.


Saturday, July 25, 2020

Movie Review: Code 8

Stephen Amell is one of the male TV celebrities that I admire and follow online. He and his cousin Robbie Amell (husband of another TV favorite, Italia Ricci) recently made a movie that was released online called Code 8. It is an action/sci-fi movie set in a world where there are people born with powers, but this does not necessarily mean that life is better for them with it. 

Based on a short film of the same title, the movie is about Connor, a man with powers who is looking after his sick mother while he tries to make ends meet. People with powers are regulated in this world that they live in and they are monitored by drones that attempt to control power-related crime. 
It is odd how people with so much power in this movie allow normal people to treat them badly when they could just as easily fight back since they have superhuman abilities. I was a little confused by that, but I suppose the powerful drones that were shown to try to control/police them were probably stronger than most of those with powers. 
But I digress. Connor is trying to make ends meet and his mother is sick (actually, she was dying). He decides to take a job that turns out to be with a gang and its illegal activities. The leader of that gang (Stephen Amell) notices Connor’s potential and decides to take him under his wing.  
Throughout the movie there is the power struggle between the gang and the syndicate that is peddling drugs made from the spinal fluid of people with powers. Things take a turn for the worse when the police get closer to catching them and Connor’s mother dies.  
In the end, Connor goes to jail and the gang leader (played by Stephen Amell) becomes the new head of the drug syndicate while the cop that was after them (played by Sung Kang of the Fast and the Furious movies) gets an award for taking down the syndicate head (who was replaced, but who cares?). 
I think that it was impressive that this movie became a full-length one after it was shown as a short film. I am interested to see that short film to find out the basis for this whole movie because I felt that there was more that could/should be told or explained in the movie but just was not included. 
According to some sites I have gone through online, the movie will be converted further to a TV show, albeit a short-form series on Quibi. Interesting. No word on whether this series will be a prequel or a sequel to the events in this movie, but it could be promising.
As far as the effects and the action sequences go, I thought they were surprisingly good. Considering this is not one of those big-budget Hollywood superhero movies, they did well in that department.  
If there is one thing that I will complain about with this movie is that the women were underused. There were very few women in the movie. It was very testosterone heavy. The main females, while they all had powers, did not get to do much in this action film except to die or be rescued/allowed to escape by the leading man. Hopefully, this can change when they make the TV series. 
Some critics have given bad reviews about this movie, but I did not think it was that bad. Sure, it was not “amazing,” but it still entertained me in the time that it had to share its story. Considering that I am probably not the target market for this film and I still enjoyed it, I think that it is not as bad as some people peg it to be. 
Code 8 is available on Apple TV (and Netflix in the US if I am not mistaken). 


Friday, July 24, 2020

App Review: Quibi

The pandemic has made many of us even more dependent on the internet and on our mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Personally, I do not think I have ever seen as much streaming movies and TV shows before compared to during this pandemic. All the sleepless nights for me have resulted in streaming so many shows these past few months (might as well do something while I'm up and my mind is racing). It also introduced me to the new streaming service, Quibi. 
Just what makes Quibi different from the other streaming sites out there? For one, it seems that Quibi’s shows are all produced specifically for the streaming app. One of the selling points of the streaming service is that everything you watch on it can be viewed horizontally or vertically on your mobile device. The video adapts to whatever way you decide to view it. Shows are also streamed smoothly online but you can also opt to download the episodes if you prefer.
One thing that I have to add about Quibi is that unlike other streaming services that you can watch online, Quibi can only be viewed on mobile devices (i.e. your phone or tablet). I suppose it is because it is meant to be something you can watch on the go so it was made specifically with mobile device use or access in mind. I don't know if that will change in the future but when I tried to cast it to my TV, it wouldn't work on it.
All the shows are made for the people who want to stream but may not necessarily have the time to watch for more than an hour. The name Quibi comes from the words quick and bites, precisely because their shows are short-form programs that can go for about a maximum of 10 minutes only. 
I was lucky enough to download the app just as it was released so I got a trial that lasted more than the now 14-day period. I got to enjoy several shows on the app that I did not think I would be entertained with given the short length of each episode. 
There is a good variety of shows on Quibi. There are TV shows that range from drama to comedy, reality shows to docuseries. There are also news and other lifestyle shows, but I was not able to explore those shows while I was on the trial period (some shows were daily, so there were way too many episodes to catch up on). 
Here are some of the shows on Quibi that have caught my attention: 
Most Dangerous Game - an action drama starring Liam Hemsworth. More on this in a future post. 
Nikki Fresh - a comedy starring Nicole Richie, the show is a satire about celebrity culture and trends as presented by her rapper alter ego. Did not quite enjoy it, but it was interesting. 

Kirby Jenner - a comedy that features online performance artist Kirby Jenner, who often superimposes himself in photos with the Kardashians. He takes it a step further with this show by presenting a reality show ala Keeping up with the Kardashians that features him interacting with the rest of the family (using previously aired KUWTK footage that now includes him). If you enjoy watching KUWTK (a guilty pleasure for me), you will enjoy this show. 
Chrissy’s Court - an arbitration court show featuring Chrissy Teigen as the Judge. According to Chrissy herself, the cases are real, and the decisions are legally binding (although I do not know how that is possible). Chrissy has been always be hilarious online on her social media, so it was no surprise that she held her own with this one! 

Thanks a Million - A show where celebrities get the chance to thank the people who have made a difference in their lives and asking them to pay it forward, starting a chain of giving that makes me cry every time!
Gone Mental with Lior - a mentalism show where Lior Suchard messes with the minds of the celebrities he is featured with in every episode. 
Cup of Joe - a reality show starring Joe Jonas with some celebrity guests (including his wife, Sophie Turner) as he travels the world. 

As much as I enjoyed watching the shows on Quibi, at P409.00 per month it is a bit expensive. I currently have a Netflix account which is around the same price and has a wider selection of shows and movies to choose from so I had to make the decision to choose NOT to subscribe once my trial ended. 
Although I must admit, when I heard that Most Dangerous Game would have a second season, I have become seriously tempted to change my mind. We will have to see when that second season comes out. 


Thursday, July 23, 2020

Movie Review: Endings Beginnings

During the lockdown, I heard about this movie called Endings Beginnings that featured a love triangle composed of Shailene Woodley, Jamie Dornan and Sebastian Stan. On the merit of having those two handsome male leads alone, I decided to purchase it online and watch it. 

The story revolves around Daphne (Woodley), who just broke up with her boyfriend (played by, to my delight, Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds). She just moved into her sister’s guesthouse and meets two handsome guys at a party who happen to show interest in her. These two guys, coincidentally, are friends and opposites of each other:  Frank (Stan) is your typical bad boy, while Jack is the kind of guy you settle down with and bring over to meet your family because he just checks all the right boxes (so to speak). 

As a recently single woman with two hot guys pursuing her, Daphne decides to see them both at the same time, which is a bad idea since, obviously, she was two timing and was doing it with guys who were friends. It does not take a genius to figure out how this story will end.  In one sentence, I can sum it up as, “You can’t have it all.”

According to the press about this movie, the actors were given free reign over their lines and were encouraged to improvise during their scenes. It was like the script was a suggestion rather than the direction the story was supposed to go. No surprise here that the movie ended up being a bit on the dragging side and honestly, as much as it pains me to say this of a movie that involves actors I admire, the story was boring. It was like it was trying to be more profound and thought-provoking than what it was, and it was trying to hit points in the story that just were not getting there. It does not matter how talented the actors are. If the story is not good enough, it is just not going to work. It was a wasted opportunity since these actors are all so talented.

A little side note: the intimate scenes between Daphne and Jack compared to Daphne and Frank showed just how different these two guys were. It was amusing to see the former Mr. Christian Grey (Dornan) having an intimate scene completely covered by a blanket after watching him in the 50 Shades of Grey movies. Since his character was the conservative one, this was a not surprising.  Sebastian Stan’s scenes with Shailene Woodley, on the other hand, were a bit on the raunchy side and supported the bad boy image of his character.

I was looking forward to enjoying this movie, but I was disappointed by it. Maybe it was my fault since I was expecting too much, but I felt that the movie could have been better. I would have loved more scenes with Matthey Gray Gubler that explored the history of their relationship. I thought Jamie Dornan could have had more scenes not just with Shailene Woodley but also with Sebastian Stan – something to further establish their friendship and how different they are from each other.

If you are a fan of the three actors, you might want to watch this movie. At the same time though, you might also NOT want to watch it because you will probably be disappointed. I guess the right way to put it is to say that you should manage your expectations about this movie. My opinions are my own, and I am in no way a professional film critic so other people might think differently about this. But as an ordinary fan who loves a good romantic drama, I did not like it. 

Sebastian Stan was hot in it though. 


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Netflix Picks: Memories of the Alhambra

Korean actor/heartthrob Hyun Bin is all over social media these days because of his product endorsements for a local phone network and a local clothing line. This is all thanks to a renewed fascination with the guy because of the popularity of his recent TV series Crash Landing on You, which was on the top 10 list of Netflix Philippines for quite some time.

I say renewed fascination because Hyun Bin already had another series that became popular in the country in the past: My Lovely Sam Soon (where he was the male lead and had Daniel Henney as a co-star). I must admit, my attention was not on Hyun Bin back then, but Crash Landing on You made me pay attention to him now. Because of that, I decided to check out another one of his TV shows on Netflix, Memories of the Alhambra.

The series is about Hyun Bin’s character Jin Woo, the CEO of a tech company that is developing an optical device that he aims to use for augmented reality applications. He receives a phone call from a young man who sends him a copy of the game that he has developed that makes use of his optical device. This starts an adventure from Spain to South Korea as he tries to figure out the mystery behind the game and what happened to the young man who created it.

I loved the concept of the series, of this man who was obsessed with this game and finding out how it works. The effects for the parts where he is interacting with the game were amazing, I actually wondered how it would be like if something like this existed in real life (without the dying for real if you died in the game, that is).

A romantic element was added with the story about the ex who married his former friend (and fiercest competitor) and the sister of the young game developer (played by Park Shin Hye), but I felt that those were secondary to the main story and were not that necessary the story. You could easily skip those elements and still have a good show. 

Hyun Bin is very handsome and charming in this series, just as much as he was in Crash Landing on You. I love that there are a lot of action elements to this that lets him show off as an action hero. The whole troubled genius role also meant seeing a side of him that I have not seen him play with the other roles that I have seen him in before.

This series is equal parts action, adventure, romance, and mystery with gaming as the centrepiece. All of it set to magnificent views of Spain and South Korea. If you like any (or all) or these elements, you would probably like Memories of the Alhambra. At the typical Korean drama format of 16 episodes, it is a quick watch and good enough to binge on. Honestly though, I wish there were more episodes or, if possible, a second season.

The last episode and the way it ended left some room for there to be a second season -- but with the way most Korean shows are, there probably will not be any. Still, the ending left a tease that makes me wish that there were more. With all the swiping at high tech graphics that Hyun Bin is doing in his commercials for Smart, I cannot help but be reminded of his role in this TV series and wishing he could do another season.

With technology the way it is today, I do not think that the game/concept they presented in the show is that far off. Except for actual death in game happening in real life, I would love to see that game exist in our reality. If it can have a virtual Hyun Bin in it, even better.


Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Reconnecting

For so many of us, the COVID 19 pandemic has been a difficult challenge to face. There are people suffering, dying, losing loved ones, losing their jobs. It seems there is just one bad news after another every day because of this pandemic. It has been hard to find the good in the bad, but more than ever, that is what we need to do. We need to find the positives in all this. We need to find ways to lift our spirits to survive these trying times.

One thing that I can say has been positive about all of this is that I have been reconnecting with so many people. Maybe it is the fact that during the lockdowns people did not have that much to do. Or maybe it is because during these uncertain times people tend to grasp at things that are familiar and comforting. If it means reaching out to someone from a time in our lives when things were good and happy, that is what we do. 

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

During the Enhanced Community Quarantine, I got the chance to talk to a friend who I have not seen or talked to in more than 20 years. It was good to hear from her and finding out how she has been through the years. I genuinely appreciated the fact that she took time to check on me and my welfare during the ECQ even if we have not been in touch for so long. I think it shows a lot about a person’s character what one does during tough times. The fact that she reached out to me during this pandemic shows that I am lucky to have her on my side and that she is someone I can call a friend.

Just before the ECQ was announced, I had posted on social media that I was running out on some of my maintenance medicines and was having a hard time finding them in the pharmacies in my area. I was touched that two of my cousins made the effort to find some for me and sent them over during the quarantine. Because of their efforts, my heart health during the lockdown was secured. Considering that my cousins and I only get in touch these days during family get togethers during the holidays, it was a big deal to me that they helped me out during this pandemic. 

I do not think I have messaged with my cousins more in a year than we have been doing now that we are all experiencing this COVID 19 pandemic. Like I said, we tend to reach out to the things that remind us of life when it was good, and my cousins fit into that category. There have been some health scares here and there, but I am thankful that right now we are all healthy and powering through this whole experience.

More than ever, I have appreciated the people that I have been keeping in touch with during these crazy days. It is good to be able to reach out and share our experiences and knowing we are not alone. It is good to realize that the feelings we have are not unusual and that many of us are going through similar emotional highs and lows.

For all those who are feeling the need to improve on their mental health during this pandemic, I would advise reconnecting with people you value and are close to your heart. It does wonders to feel connected to those who are important to you during these trying times. Just reaching out for a short chat makes a difference — that helped a lot for me and I’m sure that everyone else would benefit from something similar as well.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to someone now and ask (in Joey Tribiani fashion): “How you doin?”

Stay safe everyone.


Monday, July 20, 2020

Netflix Picks: Oh My Venus

My cousin and I were exchanging Korean TV show recommendations during the Enhanced Community Quarantine and there were several of them that I had placed on my “To Watch” list. One of those shows was the 2015 series called Oh My Venus starring So Ji Sub and Shin Min-a, a show that is currently available on Netflix Philippines. 

Oh My Venus is the first time that I am watching a series with these two actors. I am aware that both have an extensive list of successful dramas but for some reason I have not seen their other projects other than this one. I have been reading through some of their other shows, but they do not seem to interest me compared to other Korean dramas. I probably would not have noticed this show based on the leads because of it. Luckily for me, my cousin recommended this romantic comedy — otherwise, I would have missed out on a good one. 
The show is about Kang Joo Eun, otherwise known as the “Venus of Daegu.” She was the hometown beauty that all the guys fell for. Unfortunately, 15 years later, she has become overweight and her boyfriend dumps her for another woman. She meets a man who helps her to lose weight and gain back the confidence she used to have when she was younger. As with many Korean rom-coms, Joo Eun and her “coach” end up falling for each other in the end. 
I loved a lot of things about this show. It was about health, friendships, family relationships and romantic love and the many ways that all these types of relationships can be both simple and complicated at the same time. 
Korean dramas have this knack for having a good ensemble cast, with supporting characters that have their separate storylines that strengthen the show instead of just being support that do not have depth to their characters. This show reminded me of Crash Landing on You in the sense that the viewer will end up loving and rooting for the supporting characters and their happiness as much as for the leads. 
While mostly a rom com, the show did have its share of drama, particularly when it came to the family life of the male lead, Kim Young Ho. I liked that it provided the right drama to show that his life with Joo Eun was the "sweetness" or the happiness in his life. 
Joo Eun’s character was someone I could relate to. The eldest daughter, someone who let her job take over her life at one point and has hypothyroidism. I do not have a coach like “John Kim” though -- would be nice if I did! 
To me, Joo Eun is a good character/person. Despite her problems, she showed that she stands by her principles and that even if people did not treat her well, she still responds with kindness. I loved when she repeatedly said that she believes that she could do anything she sets her mind to. If she did not reach her limit yet, she was not going to give up. 
As with any romantic drama, there were several sweet and “kilig” moments in this show. My favorite moment(s) would have to be whenever Young Ho opens his arms to welcome a hug from Joo Eun. I found that cute. The way he proposed by knitting a scarf that had the ring inside was a nice touch too. 
The show ends with Joo Eun regaining her starting weight because she was pregnant. To me, it was the show’s way of saying that you do not need to be a certain weight to find happiness. She thought it was her weight that was the problem when she lost her boyfriend but when Young Ho fell for her even when she was overweight, she knew it did not matter. The only reason he wanted her to be a healthy weight was because he wanted her to live a long life so they can be together as long as they can, not because of the way she looks. I thought that was a good message to send. It is not about the looks; it is about our health. It is not about the outer appearance but about our inner happiness. 
I still have a long list of shows to watch, many of them Korean dramas. Will post more reviews as soon as I finish them! If you're interested in something light, cute and romantic, you would probably want to watch this!

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