Saturday, November 14, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Cherry Home Dust Mite Vacuum

The pandemic has made me so paranoid about so many things. When I had rashes during the Enhanced Community Quarantine, I had investigated every reason I was having them. One of my main suspects was my childhood allergies for which I later bought an air purifier. Before that, however, I decided to buy a vacuum cleaner for my bed because I had also suspected dust mites.

I remember buying this vacuum cleaner after my search for one that I can use exclusively for mattresses and pillows, the living room couch, and related items.  The size of the vacuum was small enough that I could hold it with one hand as I went over everything. It was also at an affordable cost that I knew I could try it and not regret the purchase in case it did not work.

Photo Credit: Cherry Home

At first, I thought that this was a local brand since it is sold by and labeled Cherry Home but when it arrived, I realized that it was the same vacuum sold by Deerma. In fact, the Cherry brand was only pasted onto the original Deerma box when it arrived at my home. I later discovered that sometimes it is in fact (as the photo in this post proves) called Cherry Home X Deerma.

There was a manual included in the box along with a cleaning brush. I did not use the manual at all since the use of this is pretty straightforward: plug it in, press the button, then you are good to go. It was easy to use since it had a long power cord and it was just the right weight: it was not too light that it felt like a toy, but it was not too heavy that it was difficult to handle.

I did not know for sure when I first used it if it was working or not because it was just so easy to use. The surfaces that I was vacuuming were warm to the touch after using it, which I assumed is due to the warm air that it uses to disinfect along with a UVC light. I thought that the suction power was not as strong as most vacuums I have used so I had my doubts about whether it was working or not.

The one thing that I did not understand from the vacuum is that the blue light would turn on and off at random moments while I was using it. I have no idea what it was for and if it was supposed to be consistently on or not. The vacuum did not stop working while that happened, so I did not pay it that much attention. It was weird to see but I did not see a problem with it.

I got a little excited with this vacuum that I used it on everything. I vacuumed my mattress, my pillows, the mattress and pillows in my sister’s room, the ones in my mother’s room, the living room couch and chairs, the stuffed toys of the kids in the house...I could go on and on. I was on a roll and I did not stop until everything I could vacuum that had some form of mattress or stuffing on it was worked on. 

As I mentioned before, I did not know for sure if the vacuum was working, even if it was making the typical sounds and the surfaces became warm to the touch during use. It was so easy to use that I was wondering if it was not the real deal. I would look into the cartridge that would carry all the dust after every use and thought that there was nothing in it. Finally, out of curiosity, I decided to open it up and realized what the cleaning brush was for: there was a thick lining of dust all over the filter cartridge! It was definitely working! I thought the suction function was not as good as expected but apparently, when it comes to dust it does live up to my expectations!

If you are allergic to dust like I am this is a good item to have at home to use on your bed before you go to sleep at night. The purchase is worth it!


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