Friday, November 6, 2020

Movie Review: Project Power

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? If you could be given the chance to have a power of your own, would you take it? The movie Project Power shares a world where people can have their own superpowers via a pill that releases your unique powers for a limited period of time -- five minutes, to be exact.

Each person that takes the drug gets power. You do not have a choice on what it is, and you can only keep it for a few minutes. Overdosing on it, as one scene showed, could lead to your death. It would be interesting to find out what your power could be after you take the drug, but it seems pointless considering that it will not last. Plus, a lot of the powers depicted are those seen in other superhero movies, so it was not as exciting as one would think. It would have been cool to see a superpower that was unique to the movie or if they could have done something with the powers to make them unique (other than being a limited-time offer, that is). There were powers in the show that would remind you of Firestorm, Wolverine, and The Incredible Hulk, among others.

In the movie, the pill is an illegal drug called Power. Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a cop named Frank who gets involved in investigating a person who is believed to be the source of the drug: a man named Art (played by Jamie Foxx). 

A young dealer named Robin gets involved after Art forces her to take him to the source of the drugs. It turns out that Art was part of a secret experiment to develop superpowers for the military. After the experiments, Art’s daughter was born with powers herself.  The group involved in the experiments kidnapped his daughter to use her to develop the drug. It was her blood that was being used to create the drug and it was revealed that the spreading of the drug on the streets was a way to test the drug before it was sold to the highest bidder.

The movie is full of action and superpowered scenes, but it was not as exciting as I thought that it would be. The star power from Jamie Foxx and from Joseph Gordon Levitt was not enough to make this movie better. I felt like it was flashy enough to have a good trailer to get viewers but there was just not much going on for it to be interesting. I kept watching the movie even if it was not that good because I was hoping that it would get better, but it doesn’t.

The young girl who played Frank’s dealer, Robin (Dominique Fishback) was the one character that kept me interested in the movie. I thought that she had this charm that was enough to carry the movie for me to the end, no matter how boring it got for me. Rodrigo Santoro, who played one of the creators of Power, was wasted in his short role in the movie. He was mostly even a CGI character for a large part of his scene.

I liked the effects in the movies and the concept was good, but I felt that there was something more that could have been done. I cannot put my finger on it, but there was just something missing that made the movie less powerful (pardon the pun) than it should have been. 

If you are curious about this movie or a fan of the actors, then this is something to watch. Just do not expect too much from it or you will be seriously disappointed.


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