Friday, November 13, 2020

Netflix Review: The Babysitter Movies

Haven’t you ever had those moments where you were working, and you needed to have something -- anything -- playing in the background just to carry you along? That happened to me recently. Sometimes working from home can be good but there are times when things could be too quiet that you needed something other than white noise.  I decided to pick a couple of movies on Netflix: The Babysitter and The Babysitter: Killer Queen (warning: spoilers ahead).

If the titles were not a giveaway, the two movies are connected to each other. One was released in 2017 and the other in 2020. It is the story of a young boy who discovers that his cool babysitter made a pact with the devil and was going to make a ceremonial offering so that she and her friends could have their wishes come true.

In the first movie, Cole is a young boy who is left with his babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving from the movie Ready or Not) overnight because his parents were going on vacation. When she thought he was asleep, Cole snuck downstairs to see Bee’s friends (which include Robbie Amell, Bella Thorne, and Hana Mae Lee of Pitch Perfect) arriving and playing a game of truth or dare. It all seemed harmless in the beginning until one of the friends stabs the other to get his blood for their ritual. 

The group discovers that Cole saw them, and they try to run after him to kill him so that he would not be able to tell anyone what happened. One by one Cole manages to outsmart everyone, and they all end up dead.

In the second movie, Cole is now a teenager who people thought had a psychotic break during the incident that happened with his babysitter. It is explained that Bee and her friends had disappeared without a trace after the first movie and there was no proof that what Cole saw had happened. Before his parents could take him to a psychiatric hospital, Cole decides to escape with his neighbor Melanie and her friends and go to a lake party.

Things take a turn for the worst when it is revealed that Melanie is also a part of Bee’s cult and that it was during that night that the rest of the crew, who were brought back from the dead, were given another chance to finish their ceremony.

As with the first movie, Cole runs and one by one manages to get away from the people who are running after him. He gets help from his classmate Phoebe who he runs into at the lake, but they are trapped in the end and are confronted by Bee’s group of friends, who are there with Melanie. They drink his blood but suddenly disintegrate because Cole’s blood was no longer innocent, as required by the ceremony (because in the middle of all the chasing and death and whatnot, Cole and Phoebe manage to find the time to have sex).

Bee tells Cole that the reason that she is in the cult is that she offered her soul to save Phoebe’s life as a child (because she was also her babysitter). When they were resurrected, she decided to try to get them together so that the ceremony would fail and the cult would end, because she was moved by how Cole said (during the first movie) that he loved her. She then drinks his blood so that she would disintegrate and die herself.

The Babysitter movies were very cheesy and full of violent deaths and blood. I think the only reason that I managed to get through both was that it was playing on TV while I was doing something else. If there was anything that could be a highlight here for me, it was that I finally heard Hana Mae Lee speak clearly, since she had a mostly unheard speaking voice in the Pitch Perfect movies.  

It is something to pass the time, but it is not that entertaining or good if you ask me.


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