Thursday, November 5, 2020

Movie Review: Over the Moon in Love

Watching feel-good, wholesome movies has always been a guilty pleasure. There is something about watching people have their happily ever after without any violence or heavy drama that will always appeal to me. During this pandemic, movies like this have been a source of comfort for me. Stressful times call for non-stressful entertainment, especially feel-good romantic ones. When I found what seemed like a Hallmark movie called Over the Moon in Love on Amazon, I decided that it was something that I wanted to watch.

The movie stars former 90210 stars Jessica Lowndes and Wes Brown as Brooklyn and Devin, high school best friends who are reconnecting after years apart. Brooklyn is a successful matchmaker; Devin is an aspiring musician. It is obvious from the start that Devin has always had feelings for Brooklyn, and he came back to try to see if he can have a relationship with her. Unfortunately, Brooklyn has just agreed to play matchmaker to Stephanie, who had immediately taken an interest in Devin. 

Things get complicated for Brooklyn when she agrees to match Stephanie up with Devin. Not only does she start to realize that she has feelings for him, but she also knows that she cannot ruin her business by not having Stephanie end up with Devin. Stephanie had promised that her publisher father would be giving Brooklyn’s business a feature in his magazine and she did not want to miss that opportunity because she had taken a loan to help expand her company.

Not only does Brooklyn have to set up Stephanie and Devin, but on a couple of occasions, she is also coaching her on what to say to him just so that they would click. She was literally dictating what to say via phone at one point, even when she heard what Devin said about his feelings for her. 

The connection that he thought he had with Stephanie (not knowing that he was, more or less, talking to Brooklyn all along)  leads to Devin giving up on his feelings for Brooklyn and thinking that he should give what he had with Stephanie a shot, not knowing that everything she said was from his best friend.

As with most feel-good love stories, Brooklyn and Devin eventually end back together and Stephanie ends up having instant chemistry with Devin’s brother (their first meeting was so cute). The movie ends with Brooklyn and Devin singing a song together at the party for her matchmaking business -- a song that I enjoyed so much I looked for it on Spotify (the song is titled Paradise and is actually sung by the actors themselves).

Over the Moon in Love is one of those movies that would not work if the lead actors did not have chemistry together. I thought that they looked good together (and sang together well too), I found their scenes as their high school selves very cute. I usually cringe when older actors also play their younger versions, but I thought that this time around, it was not cringe-worthy. 

Wes Brown’s portrayal of Devin was very endearing. Most leading men for movies like this are confident, sometimes a bit arrogant or flashy. Picture someone more extroverted than introvert and that is your typical Hallmark-movie leading man. Devin, on the other hand, is the opposite of that. It was refreshing to watch the guy being the more shy, sensitive one in a love story. I liked that about him. It does not hurt that Wes Brown is very handsome too.

As far as love stories go, I found Over the Moon in Love (also written by Jessica Lowndes) to be worth the watch since I am a sucker for films like this. These days, I would rather watch more of these than heavy dramas or big action/suspense movies anytime.


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