Thursday, November 19, 2020

Netflix Picks: Timeless

One of the things that I find comfort in these days is looking back on tried and tested favorites. I have been re-reading books I enjoyed in the past and I have been re-watching TV shows and movies that I had previously enjoyed. 

One of the shows that I found myself re-watching recently was the 2-season TV show called Timeless, which is currently on Netflix (Philippines).

The plot of the story is that a team of people was tasked with following a terrorist who had stolen a time machine, someone who hoped that by changing the past he can come back to a better future for himself. A soldier, a historian, and a pilot are teamed up to ride a prototype version of the time machine to go on a series of adventures through time. The team is tasked with making sure that the important events in history remain intact as they find a way to stop the real reason for the stolen time machine: a secret society called Rittenhouse. 

I still remember when this show was on TV in 2016. I thought it was an interesting concept with a cast of characters that I felt invested in as I continued to watch it. I felt bad when I heard that it was canceled after one season but was so happy when fans petitioned for a second one (and got it). It is just too bad that it only got two seasons, but I was glad that they at least gave it a good ending with a two-part finale. With the way it ended, I do not think there is a chance to ever resurrect the show in the future since they gave a satisfying conclusion for everyone, which is rare for a lot of TV shows that I have enjoyed that ended early.

The show tackled so many important events in American history and it was fascinating for a history nerd like me to see how they portrayed so many historical figures — I ended up searching more about these people online just to see how accurate the show was portraying them. 

Like with most other shows and movies that tackle time travel, there are some things here and there that when you think about it, do not really make sense. But if you enjoy the show and do not nitpick on every single detail, I think that those things do not really matter or affect how you would enjoy the series.

It would have been nice if Timeless lasted longer than two seasons. I enjoyed how well the (diverse) cast worked together and how each cast member was given moments to highlight their importance in the show. I felt that there was so much that could still be explored if they had gone on longer. After watching it again recently I felt that it was the type of show that you could watch over and over and it would still feel fresh and, pun intended, timeless. 

If there was one thing that I wish the show had time for it would have been the relationship between Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Flynn (Goran Visnjic). It was clear from the start that the actors had this intense chemistry with each other and that would have been exciting to see considering that the story in Lucy’s diary revealed that for a time they not only worked together but were romantically involved -- all while knowing that Lucy and Wyatt (Matt Lanter) were clearly ending up in the end.

After I finished re-watching the show on Netflix, I have now found myself playing the song Time After Time by Joseph William Morgan on repeat. This was played during the finale and I cannot help but reminisce my favorite moments of the show when I listen to it. 

I know that I can no longer hope for a reboot, but would an online reunion be too much to ask? Timeless fans raise your hand if you want one!

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