Friday, November 27, 2020

Review: Deerma Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

This pandemic has made me obsessed with acquiring items for use around the house. I think that should not be a surprise considering that I have probably spent more time at home this year than I have ever done in my lifetime. After I purchased an air purifier and a dust mite vacuum, I decided to purchase the Deerma VC20 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner via Lazada.

I have seen several celebrities and some of my own friends showing off their purchase of a Dyson cordless vacuum. As interested as I was in purchasing it, the price of the product turned me off. I did not feel it was practical to buy something that expensive for what I needed it for. Besides, I believed I could find something that would do the same job without being that heavy on the pocket.

The Deerma wireless vacuum arrived in a box with its parts separated: the base vacuum/dust storage, the long pipe for use with a floor brush (also included), as well as two other brushes/extensions. There is also a separate charger in the box along with a user manual.

The vacuum was already charged out of the box, so I tried it as soon as I assembled it. There are two suction levels: pressing the button once gives you the low level while a second press will give you the strong suction. Personally, I prefer using the low level since it does the job well without using that much power. That means I get to use it longer before I have to charge it again. I find that using the strong suction takes up a lot of battery and I can only use it for a short period of time that way so I avoid using it on a high level as much as I can.

I have read that it takes a long time to recharge but from my experience, it is not as extreme as some people have said. Some have commented that it takes hours but for me, it has not been that long. 

The dust storage is easy to clean, you just twist the base, and it opens to the filter and storage. I dust off the dirt from the filter onto the storage and then I throw the dust into my trash bin whenever I clean it. The brushes do not get dirty that much (since the vacuum suctions out the dust it catches) so I have not cleaned them just yet.

In terms of noise, the Deerma vacuum is refreshingly low-level compared to those that I have been used to. It is lightweight and I like that it has been easy to handle. I love that it is convenient to use since it is cordless, and I can reach areas that would have been difficult to vacuum if it had a cord. 

My family was wondering why I bought this type of vacuum cleaner considering that my room is not carpeted, but I find it remarkably effective in cleaning the tiled floor of my room. It may be light, and it may not have a loud suction sound, but it does clean my floors very well. The clear dust storage is enough proof that it does its job. Even when my floor looks clean, there is still a layer of dust that gets into the dust storage after I use it. It cleans dust from my room better than when I use a broom and dustpan. 

The Deerma VC20 Handheld Wireless Vacuum is worth a fraction of the price of its Dyson equivalent, but it does the job just as well. So, if you want the Dyson vacuum but do not have the budget for it, the Deerma vacuum may be just the product for you.


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