Monday, November 2, 2020

Review: Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 2

It seems just like yesterday that Rihanna was singing during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  Now she has her own lingerie line and is having fashion shows of her own via Amazon for her Savage X Fenty line. This year she just released her second show with Amazon, and I decided to take the time to watch it.

When I saw Rihanna’s first fashion show on Amazon, I admired the fact that they showed how much input Rihanna had with the designs and the fabric and every single detail of her show. This is something that was hers creatively and not just something that she put her name on to sell. 

As with her first show, the second Savage X Fenty fashion show combined music and dancing with the presentation of her lingerie line. While her first show had an audience, the second one did not due to the restrictions brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic. 

I admire the fact that as with the first show, this second show again featured women (and this time, men) of various shapes and sizes wearing her lingerie line. This is one thing that she has over Victoria’s Secret: she does not create limitations on who can buy her products. I love that this line is something that anyone can wear, it is inclusivity that she has also shown with her makeup line that has shades for just about any and every skin color.

While it may have been odd to have a show that did not have an audience, it did allow them to be more creative with the presentation of the models, singers, and dancers who participated in the show. Sets could be easily changed; more angles could be taken, and transitions were easier. 

There were several celebrities in the first show and there just as many in this second one. The highlights for me however would have to be the appearance of Demi Moore (who is ageless and still gloriously beautiful) and Paris Hilton (another celebrity who has become more beautiful now that she is older).

As I have mentioned earlier, items catering to men are also featured in the show. These items were men’s underwear/loungewear that was designed by Sean (P. Diddy) Combs’ son, Christian. Having men and women of all sizes, plus the inclusion of drag queens made this show a totally unique viewing experience.

I would love to be able to wear something from this line of lingerie, but they are too expensive for me to purchase and are not practical for me to own (unless I get really rich or Rihanna decides to give me some herself). Some of the items on her line are ultra-sexy and I am not very comfortable with that personally, but there are several items that I’ve seen that made me think, “Yes, I could wear that.”

The different themes and concepts for every part of the show were presented well with interviews from the models and Rihanna herself explaining the inspiration for the different sets of lingerie presented in the show. My favorite would have to be the diary concept, where the lingerie had Rihanna’s handwriting on it. Apparently, she liked writing by hand, and this was something that represented that.

I think that Rihanna did a good job of staging the show despite the limitations of COVID 19. I read somewhere that the whole line was ready, and they had to adjust the show because of the pandemic. It all worked out well. If she can come up with a good show with those limitations, I look forward to what more she can come up with in the future.


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