Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Single Review: First Love (BTS)

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I consider myself part of the BTS ARMY these days. I’ve been a fan of their work before but I never really paid attention to them as much as I have been doing so this year. While I did listen to their songs and watched their performances since 2018, I never really took the time to check out their discography or watch their other media content until recently. 

One of the songs that stood out to me the first time I heard it was the song First Love. It is a solo song from Suga from the Wings album, and was written and produced by him as well (along with a certain Miss Kay). 

As someone who does not speak the Korean language, the first time I heard it I relied on the music and Suga’s performance to appreciate the song and the story it told. Based on the title and the fact that he kept mentioning the word piano, I more or less understood that it was about his love for the piano (and most likely, about music in general). Sure enough, when I read the translation of the lyrics, that was exactly what the song was about. That, and from what I can gather, his love for music as well.

I was moved listening to the music and the way that the song was performed, there was so much emotion in it. The song felt like there was a lot of nostalgia and love but a lot of pain too. I fell in love with the song without understanding the lyrics. It’s a song that just pull you in with how he begins his story until he reaches the end. I loved it even more after I read the English translation of it.

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