Wednesday, August 26, 2020

My Go-To Cafe: Brainstorms and Brews

One thing that I miss about the pre-pandemic life is visiting coffee shops and just enjoying the coffee and ambiance with my family and friends. As much as I love coffee, it is not just about the coffee, but about the social experience too. 

There is a local café that my family and I often went to pre-pandemic that recently made an adjustment to the pandemic life, and for that, I am incredibly grateful. They have created a website where you can order coffee and non-coffee drinks as well as other food that we used to enjoy when we used to visit their physical store. I love that you can order and pay online, which means that when the items are delivered there is no exchange of cash. I have heard that cash is one of those things that can spread the COVID 19 virus so not needing to pay via cash is a good thing for me. 

Brainstorms and Brews has recently become my go-to café since it is very convenient to order and pay for their products. They are also very easy to talk to: I remember a moment when we were wondering why there was no option for pearls on their website and when I messaged them, it only took them five minutes to put it on the site so that we could make our order. How amazing is that?

Being new with the online orders and delivery process, I think that they are still on a learning curve. There was one time that the delivery guy forgot our straws (I know, I know, straws are bad for the environment, but we don’t have reusable ones at home at the moment), when we messaged the café, the delivery guy came back to give us the straws. There was also a time when the drinks with and without pearls got mixed up. We messaged them about it and the next time we ordered everything was right and we got a free cookie from them too. I can’t really blame them for mixing things up at this point since they’re new to this kind of thing, but I am looking forward to the shop learning from this and improving their service further.

About that cookie…it is such a good cookie! Their Gooey Cookie is a bit on the large side and can be shared if you are not too much into desserts. The chocolate melts in your mouth and it is not too sweet despite all the chocolate.

My family and I have ordered several times from Brainstorms and we have all developed our favorites after trying different flavors every time we order. My brother in law loves their Butterball Frappe. My nephew is a fan of their Cookies and Cream frappe. My sister enjoys their espresso-based drinks on ice. My other nephew and niece love switching up between their coffee and non-coffee frappes. Personally, I love their signature coffee, but I am a little disappointed that it only comes in one size. I would love to order them in large, but they only serve in medium! The same goes for their lemonade!

The café offers food items (mostly sandwiches and waffles) and desserts (cookies, brownies, and cheesecakes), but I really think that in terms of this category they need to improve on their selection. I wish there were more they could offer. We are also missing the Berry Drink that they used to have with yogurt, it used to be one of our favorites, but they have removed it from their menu. Please bring it back! 

Once this pandemic is over, I would love to visit this café again to have coffee there like we used to. It would be nice to be back once this is all over!


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