Friday, August 14, 2020

Netflix Picks: Bad Boys for Life

During one sleepless pandemic night, I decided to watch one of the newest movies on Netflix, the third in the series of Bad Boys movies from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence titled Bad Boys for Life. 

The movie is, naturally, a continuation of the story of the two characters from the previous two films. There is an almost two-decade gap between the last film and this one so it is not a surprise that a lot has changed since then. Marcus (Lawrence) is a grandfather and is getting ready to retire while Mike is still enjoying being a cop (but also aging, as shown in the scene where they talk about the fact that he colors his beard).

The story of this movie is about the revenge plans of the wife of a Mexican Kingpin, who orders her son to go and murder the people involved in his arrest and death. Mike is one of those people. He is almost killed, but when he survives, he asks to be put on the task force that will go after the people involved. He joins the team of his ex, who leads a young team that features actors Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical), Charles Melton (Riverdale) and Alexander Ludwig (Vikings) in catching the suspects, along with a reluctant Marcus, who had he had to force out of retirement.

I loved the part where Mike tells the team that this is not a “high school musical” – an obvious nod to how young the other members of the cast are and how Vanessa Hudgens is a part of that movie. I thought it was cute that Alexander Ludwig, who was clearly the largest man in the group, was just the tech guy because he refused to use his strength to kill anyone. Then of course there is the character played by Charles Melton, who was always getting on the nerves of Mike’s character. You could tell that this was a good team that could probably be a good spin-off from the original films if the producers wanted to make it happen. 

The twist at the end of the killer, Armando, being Mike’s son not that much of a surprise. There was something about how they stared at each other during that first fight that gave it away. What was annoying was how Armando’s mom was so weird throughout the movie. Weird in a way that just did not make a lot of sense and was not that relevant to how the movie was supposed to go. 

As always, the movie had a lot of action and a lot of comedy. I read that out of all the movies in the series, this last one was the film that earned the most money. It was originally planned to be just a trilogy and that the third film was just delayed, but now that it was a success, they plan to make one more. I am curious about how they will do that since Marcus has (again) retired. I am sure it would have something to do with that last scene where Mike asks his son if he wants to make up for the things he’s done and that he has something to offer.

It would be nice if they could make the next movie and opportunity for the new team to take over for future spin-offs. I thought that they were a surprisingly good bunch of people and they did well in the action sequences of the movie. I would love to see more of them in action. Maybe in the future films, Mike and Rita (his ex, who became Captain at the end of the film) could be leading this team into their future adventures? I would love that!


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