Sunday, August 23, 2020

Soap Obsession: Safeguard Charcoal

The thing about being a germophobe is that you become obsessed with items that label themselves as something that can kill or protect you from germs. I remember being a child and wanting to have soaps that make that promise but my mother always preferred other brands. When I became an adult and was buying my own toiletries, I made the choice to use Safeguard soap, and it has been the one that I have been using since then.

I have tried different brands over the years, but at the end of the day, I still go back to Safeguard. Maybe it is a psychological thing, but I have always believed their marketing that the soap eliminates germs and protects you from germs when you use it. If I am not using Safeguard (or any other “anti-bacterial” soap) it feels like I am not completely clean. I am more than likely to use another brand of soap but then use Safeguard after just to be sure. Weird, I know but that is how my mind works.

Another quirk I have with soaps is that it must be white and as much as possible only lightly scented. Again, it’s not because I have not been able to find a colored or scented soap that I liked, but it’s more of me just feeling more comfortable with white soaps that don’t have strong scents that tend to make me feel dizzy.

When I was buying Safeguard Soap online during this pandemic, I made a mistake with my orders: I thought I was ordering 3 soaps, turned out it was 3 PACKS of three soaps each. Not only that, I was buying a different Safeguard variant: Safeguard Natural Detox in Charcoal. The soap, much to my surprise, was black!

I was not sure if I was going to use it at first, but I felt like I had no choice given how much soap I had purchased. I was used to white soap so using something black felt weird. It had a slight scent, but thankfully it was not strong or overpowering. After using it several times, I found myself liking it a lot. The scent on my skin was nice, and the soap for some reason seemed to have an effect on my skin. It felt smoother. 

As it turns out, Safeguard has three variants in their Natural Detox line. It was still all about killing germs and protecting the skin from germs, but there was now an added benefit depending on the type of soap you chose. The Charcoal variant, apparently, is deep cleansing and helps with dry skin. I finally got why it made my skin feel smoother. My skin has been feeling dry lately and I guess the soap did as it promised. 

Another variant that I am interested in trying is the Tea Tree Oil one. I have used tea tree oil before because of its anti-acne properties so I am thinking this soap is also going to have the same benefits. I have been breaking out (from stress?) since the pandemic started so this might be a good thing for me to try.

The one variant that I am hesitant about trying is Pomegranate. For one, the benefit listed is that it is “revitalizing” and has a fruity fragrance. Fruity scents are something that never appealed to me and the benefits of this one are not as clear as the other two. I just might pass on trying this. 

I was a fan of the Safeguard Ivory White soap, but for some reason, I have not been able to find one for a while now. I was wondering if they were phasing it out or maybe people in my area just do not buy it, so stores have stopped stocking up on them. I think that from now on I will be using the Safeguard Natural Detox Charcoal soap in place of that – although I will most likely try the Tea Tree Oil one sooner or later.

Has anyone else tried these soaps? What do you think of them?


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