Monday, August 24, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Lasco UV Light

As I have mentioned in a previous post, the pandemic has resulted in me purchasing a portable UV light sterilizer. I was happy with my purchase and had intended to buy a larger sterilizer for our home but the one from the brand I previously purchased from sold ones that were beyond my budget so I decided to look elsewhere.

I have been interested in a bigger UV light sterilizer for some time now and there were too many brands and types of sterilizers that I was overwhelmed with the selection and ended up not choosing anything at all. It was only when a friend of mine posted her purchase of the Lasco UV light that I decided that I was finally going to make my purchase.

After a few questions and online research, I decided that I was going to purchase Lasco’s Multipurpose UV Light Sterilizer. According to their website and their Lazada page (which has one of the most responsive and helpful Customer Service people, by the way), the item I chose was 38W and was good for a 40 sqm area. At only P2,250.00, it is a very affordable purchase.

Photo Credit: Lasco Official Store on Lazada

I specifically chose the non-ozone type of sterilizer because it was something that the seller recommended as better for those with respiratory issues since the scent that results from the sterilization can be strong and it is not safe for people to breathe in after use. You must wait an hour or so just to be safe. According to my research, ozone light can sterilize things in an area even if it is not hit by the light while the non-ozone one means it would depend on what the light hits during the process. However, the scent from the sterilization process is safe for people even right after the product is used. 

There are other lights of higher wattage because they cover more area, but I felt that 40 sqm was our soft spot since we do not have rooms bigger than that area to sterilize anyway. It was within our budget and it was exactly right for us. Non-ozone was also safer since we have kids at home. In any case, the seller did inform me that if I ever decided to try the ozone version, I could just purchase the ozone light bulbs from them in the future. 

One thing that I liked about Lasco is that it has a remote control that you can use to turn the lamp on. Given that direct exposure to UV light is not safe, being able to put it in a room and turn it on from a safe place away from the lamp is a good option. If you do not like using a remote, you can also turn it on directly because it gives you a ten-second (or more?) time delay before it turns on so that you can safely leave the room.   

There is an extra precaution of motion detection where the lamp turns off if it detects movement so that if someone accidentally enters the room it will turn off. I have not tried it and honestly, we would rather err on the side of caution and not even try to see if it works. There is also a switch to turn on the lamp apart from the power button. I guess that helps to avoid accidentally turning it on while you plug it in to have that extra feature.

The UV lamp has three options for time: 15, 30, and 60 minutes, but we mostly use it for 15 minutes at a time since we have small rooms. Once it is turned on, it does its job and then automatically turns off after the designated time. It leaves a strong scent after, but I was assured by the seller that it is safe since it is non-ozone. Either way, we leave the door and the windows open for a few minutes before we re-enter or use the room. 

For anyone interested, Lasco UV Light Sterilizer Lamps can be purchased via Shopee or Lazada. If you’ve purchased one, please let me know your experiences with it. 

Stay safe everyone!


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