Thursday, August 6, 2020

Welcome (Me) to Mobile Legends

I said I would never do it. I said I do not understand the appeal. I said that it was a waste of time. And yet, I had signed up for it and am now playing Mobile Legends.

This is a mobile game that I have been hearing from co-workers and family members for a while now. I remember thinking that I did not understand why people would want to allot that much time to play a game against complete strangers and be so obsessed with collecting heroes, skins, and all sorts of things on a game. I used to tell the people who were trying to convince me to play that I would never do it. 

When my nephew started living with us because of the pandemic, he started to bug me about signing up for the game and trying it. He would keep reminding me every single day to give it a try. I would often say no until I finally decided to humor him and give it a try. I have been playing it often since then.

As someone who has not been into games like this before, I guess you can say that I am not the typical player. While my account has about five heroes, I have only been using one. I cannot bring myself to try something else because I am so used to that one already and when I tried the others, I had not done well with the game. Unlike some of my co-workers who are really into the game, I am not interested in buying skins and other bonuses from the game with real money. Unless it's from what I earned from playing the game itself, I am not going to spend on it. After all, it is just a game.

I am aware that many people make money from playing the game, but I have not been into that so far. I have seen some live streams, but I have not been interested long enough to finish them.

According to my nephew and my co-workers, I am good for a beginner since I have reached a high rank in just a month or so of playing. I have had a good coach though since my nephew talks me through the game when I am playing the rank games.

I still have a lot to learn about the game. For one thing, there are terms that I do not understand yet. And I am not a big fan of the concept that other people can report you for bad behavior whether you have done it or not. I remember that there was a time when I could not play for 48 hours because there were people who reported me. According to my nephew, who usually plays with me, it might be because some of the other players were angry that I was ignoring them during the game. Some people were trash-talking me and I was not responding so they probably got mad at me for that. It was not that I was ignoring them on purpose though: I have bad eyesight and the text for those chats are so small I cannot read them!

The game has several different modes of play: 

The Rank game is the one where you can advance (or lower) your rank depending on how you play during the game and whether your team wins or loses. 

I like the Classic game because you can try different heroes without affecting your rank and it is a good way to practice. 

The Brawl game is a quick one, although there is too much chaos for me. When the players are all in one spot I cannot see where I am with my bad eyesight! 

I have also tried the Custom game where you can invite people to play with you. It was fun playing with my family and friends on that one. 

The Magic Chess game, however, is one that I just do not understand, and I probably will not play it again.

The VS A.I. game I haven't tried yet. Maybe I will one of these days.

Anyone else here who plays Mobile Legends? What do you think of it?


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