Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Book Review: Royally Series by Emma Chase

One of my guilty pleasures when it comes to books is reading love stories that involve royalty. Not necessarily a love story between an ordinary person and royalty. It could be any love story if is it royalty adjacent. I think it comes from my fascination with British royalty and the fact that we do not have any here in the Philippines. I enjoy reading stories involving royals, even if most of the ones I have read involve royals from fictional kingdoms in Europe.

It is because of this interest in royalty related love stories that I have come across the Royally Series from Emma Chase.  There are four main books, but there are also short versions that were added on to stories of the characters in the series.

The first book, Royally Screwed, is the love story of Nicholas and Olivia. The Crown Prince of Wessco meets and falls in love with Olivia, a young American who owns a pie shop in Manhattan. The book is all about how they fall in love and overcome the obstacles of being together since he is royalty and she is a commoner. There is a companion book to their story called Royally Marooned, but I have not been able to read it yet.

Royally Matched, on the other hand, is the story of Nicholas’ younger brother Henry, who as the resident bad boy of their kingdom, decides it is a good idea to do a whole Bachelor-type show to find his future bride. The book has a lot of characters since it is about a competition of many women for his heart, but mostly it is about how he falls in love with the most unlikely girl and how they end up together.

The third book, Royally Endowed, is more of the royalty adjacent themed book. It revolves around the love story of Olivia’s younger sister Ellie, who falls in love with her bodyguard Logan St. James. While they are around royalty, the two main characters are not exactly royal. But since they have been part of the “world” of the series, it made sense to have their story included. Of all the books, however, this was the one where I felt a bit hesitant to root for the characters. I think I just pictured the age gap between the two during the first book to be big, which made it weird for me. I know it was explained that Logan started young as a bodyguard, but it still felt creepy for me. It was still a good story; I was just uncomfortable with the age difference since he met her when she was much younger (more like underage) and he was already around the same age as Nicholas or Henry. 

The last book, Royally Yours, for me, was the most interesting book of all. It goes back to the past to tell the story of Lenora, the grandmother of Nicholas and Henry. She has been presented as such a strong and interesting character in the entire series so having a book that explained why she was the kind of person she was and how she became Queen was a nice addition to the series.

The final book is more of a short story like Royally Marooned but helped to wrap up the story of this world by showing how they are doing 20 years later. It was a nice touch for fans who enjoyed the books.

For anyone interested in reading these books, be prepared for a lot of sexy moments in the series. While there are some books where the intimate moments come off a bit on the pornographic side, I think that the series handles it well. I find them on the steamy side but written well. 

Another thing that I enjoyed about the series is the way that the characters are introduced and are given their moments to shine, which makes having supporting characters with their own books make sense. Henry was a good character from the first book, so it made sense for him to have his own story, the same with Ellie and Logan and of course, Queen Lenora. 

If you are like me and you enjoy reading love stories involving royals, you would probably enjoy this series. If you have read it, please leave a comment, and let me know which one was your favorite!


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