Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Cancelled Too Soon

It is December and it has been more than 9 months since the pandemic started. One of the industries that have been affected by the pandemic has been the entertainment industry. Just this year alone so many TV shows have been canceled not just for rating reasons but also for the fact that many productions are struggling to keep shows on while following the safety guidelines/protocols that are needed to stay safe during the pandemic. TV shows cost a lot to produce, and spending more on safety precautions makes it more difficult for struggling shows to continue, which is too bad since some of the shows that have been canceled have been my favorites this year.

Two of the shows that were canceled this year only lasted one season. I think that if circumstances were different, these shows would have been given another chance but given how things are, they are now over. It is too bad since I was looking forward to seeing more of these shows but now, I will be left wondering what would have happened next.

One of those shows is the Kim Catrall-led Filthy Rich. It is the US version of a TV series from New Zealand and is about a popular rich family who owns a Christian TV network in Louisiana. The death of the patriarch from a plane crash reveals three children out of wedlock and the struggles that the head of the family Margaret Monreux (played by Catrall) now has to go through to make sure that everything still goes on smoothly with their business and reputation.

I really loved this show. I enjoyed seeing Kim Catrall doing her Southern lady role. It was funny how despite her being shrewd and manipulative she still seemed clueless about so many things happening in their network. I especially loved seeing her in scenes with Melia Kreiling, who plays Ginger Sweet, one of her husband’s children and owner of a cam-girl website. Ginger is actually my favorite character in the show since she just pushes everyone’s buttons and is not afraid to speak her mind. It would have been good to see a second season just to see where her character goes next.

A reason that I think it is too bad that this show ended the way it did was that there was such a huge twist at the end that would have led to a more interesting storyline if it had a second season. It was still a good end to the show, with Margaret and the rest of the children watching the family home burn, but it also would have been a startup point to how everyone will be starting over in the next season which, of course, will not happen. 

Another show that I would have loved to see a second season of is Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector. It is based on the characters from the novel The Bone Collector, which is also where the movie of the same name was based. 

Starring Russel Hornsby and Arielle Kebbel in roles that were played by Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie in the movie version, the series is about a disabled forensic expert named Lincoln Rhyme who works with an NYPD officer named Amelia Sachs to go after the serial killer called The Bone Collector.

For the entire first season of the show, Rhyme and Sachs go after the Bone Collector and viewers are also given a look at the criminal as a person – showing how he became who he was and how he was living and keeping under the radar in spite of the things that he has done. I have always been a fan of crime-related dramas, so this was a show that I was happy to be able to follow on TV. I was surprised that it was canceled after one season because I thought it was a good show. It is really too bad it ended too soon.

How about you? Are there any shows that you enjoyed this year that have been canceled? Share them with me in the comment section!


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