Friday, September 4, 2020

My Favorite T. Swift Leading Men

If my previous post on her latest album Folklore has not made it obvious yet, I am a Taylor Swift fan. I have been a fan of her music since her early years. I have always considered her to be incredibly talented and very smart with the way she makes decisions regarding her craft.

One of those types of decisions that I am thankful for is the type of guys that she chooses to be leading men in her music videos. She has had several of them through the years – a mix of celebrities, athletes, models, and fellow singers. I’ve noticed that when I trim them down to my favorites I really do have a certain type of guy that I am often attracted to: dark hair, strong jaw, intense eyes, and of course, a very handsome face.

Here are my favorite leading men from Taylor Swift’s music videos, in no particular order:

Reeve Carney

Actor, singer, and currently the star of Broadway’s Hadestown, Reeve Carney has that signature bad boy look that was simply perfect for the music video I Knew You Were Trouble. 

Carney is currently dating his Hadestown co-star Eva Noblezada.

Vladimir Perrin

Vladimir is a French actor who co-starred with Taylor Swift in the music video for Begin Again. He looked so handsome in that video, so clean and proper and all that. It is hard to reconcile the music video look with his current facial hair covered face. He is still handsome, but I like him better with his clean-cut look in the music video.

Sean O’Pry

Considered one of the top male models of his time, Sean O’Pry is Taylor’s leading man in the video for Blank Space. He became so popular because of this video that he even came here to the Philippines to become an endorser for a local clothing brand.

Justin Gaston

In his younger years, Justin Gaston became Taylor Swift’s on-screen love interest for her video for the song Love Story. This handsome man is apparently also a singer-songwriter and has songs on Spotify.

Today, he is a very handsome husband and father of two ridiculously cute little girls.

Noah Mills

Actor and model Noah Mills was the ex-boyfriend that Taylor swore that she will never get back together with in the video We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

He recently starred in a couple of TV shows: The Brave and The Enemy Within.

Brandon Routh

Surprise! Former Superman Brandon Routh played Taylor’s lover, the cheating husband who was having an affair with her secretary character for the music video of Sugarland’s Babe. 

I cannot resist adding him to this list, even if they were paired up in a music video that was not hers. It is still a song she wrote and sang backing vocals for, so I am using that as my excuse!

Scott Eastwood

Out of all the music videos that Taylor has made with onscreen boyfriends, Wildest Dreams would have to be my favorite. While I cannot say that Scott Eastwood is the most handsome of them all (because they are all equally good looking), it is the storyline that this video had that was my favorite. Would be nice if they made it into an actual movie. If Taylor Swift is reading this, I am just going to put that out there in case you want to make that happen.

So far with Folklore, only one video has come out and there is no onscreen love interest for that one. Maybe one day if she decides to have a love interest again in her videos (her latest video didn't have one), I can add another guy to this list!


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