Monday, October 14, 2019

The Accidental Icon Update

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I am a fan of the blogger Lyn Slater, aka Accidental Icon. I shared my post on Facebook when it came out and tagged her. To my surprise, she posted a comment to reply! I can't believe I never shared this!

Accidental Icon

I know that this is a bit of a late reaction, but I didn’t realize that apart from raving about this development on my other social media accounts, I did not give an update about this here on my blog. Since it all started here, I think that it is something that should be updated here as well.

Lyn’s blog was the inspiration that I needed to continue blogging. When I started years ago (with a different URL…I’ve had several through the years), blogging was so different from what it is today. At one point I questioned if I should continue blogging since so many of the people who blogged during the time that I started were not doing it anymore.

Blogging today is a whole new environment. I don’t think that my blog is up to par with the more popular, “influencer” ones that are out there and I questioned whether I was too old to be doing this. Once I discovered Accidental Icon, I realized that it was never too late and that I was never too old to keep on doing something that I loved. 

I was so happy to discover through the reply from Lyn that she had read my blog. It warmed my heart to find out that she thought my voice was “engaging, self-reflecting, and honest.” I may not be like the other bloggers out there, but I realize that it was better not to be. 

Yes, I am not a successful blogger when it comes to popularity and income but as long as I am being true to myself, that is what matters. After all, I did not start the blog for popularity and money anyway. 

Yes, it would be nice if I could monetize my blog, but it was started as an outlet, something to help me decompress from the stresses of everyday life. If that purpose is being fulfilled, I will keep ongoing. It may not be a daily thing like before, but it would still be something for me to do when I felt like it.

One post that I recently enjoyed from Lyn Slater’s blog is her entry on “What Nowness.” It’s about change and reinvention. I may not be in the same situation as Lyn as her post was about retirement, but for me, I’ve felt the same urge for change in terms of my career and wondering, “What now?”

I can’t help but wonder how my future is now unknown, that I am at a crossroads and that I am currently either waiting for a shift from my environment or an instinctual push from my own subconscious to know what to do next. 

There is an urge for me to focus on my creative side. But, given the number of people that I am responsible for, the risk of up and leaving my current job for something that doesn’t assure me of financial stability is too big to make that move.

For now, I feel like I just need to nourish my creative side whenever I have the time to do so. Take pictures, write, draw, paint. Anything that strikes my fancy. Anything that inspires me. Just put whatever I have out there and see what sticks. Maybe one of those things can be the what now that I’m looking for.

What do you think?


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