Sunday, July 15, 2018

Accidental Icon

Blogging is something that has been a part of my life for a long time. As I got older, I began to wonder what role blogging would have in my life (if it were to have any at all). Almost all the bloggers out there seemed to be younger and most of the bloggers I’ve known in the past have not blogged in years. Blogging since to be about being an influencer these days and I don’t know if I fit into that category. 

I started searching for older female bloggers to see if this is something that I can and would still want to do. That was when I found the blog of Lyn Slater, more popularly known as the Accidental Icon

Accidental Icon

Lyn Slater is a 60-something grandmother who started her blog in 2014. I took one look at her blog and had instantly become in awe of the woman that she is. I love how her blog shows you that people like me can still blog and that age is not an issue. I admire her confidence and her style, and I love how well-written her entries are. Another thing that I noticed and admire is how her site, despite her popularity, does not have any ads. It’s so refreshing after all the influencer blogs that I’ve seen that are packed with ads or have entries that are more about promoting products than expressing themselves.

I can only hope to be as comfortable in my own skin at her age. I am a couple of decades younger and I must be honest, gone are the days when I would share regular photos of myself or selfies. As I have gotten older I have surprised myself by not feeling comfortable and being self-conscious on camera. Seeing Lyn and her photos on her blog have made me wish that I could be as happy with myself as she is. 

Accidental Icon

As a fashion blog, there are naturally many photos of Lyn in varying styles/outfits. I love that she’s showing that just because you’re older it doesn’t mean that you must look old. It doesn’t mean that you have to be frumpy or boring. You can have your own style and you can look good even if you are older. You just have to get out there and do you. To me, that’s what her blog is all about. 

The Accidental Icon’s About Page is an inspiring one. It’s about being “A Woman Who” or the type of woman who would enjoy reading and learning from her blog. I think apart from identifying the kind of people who would want to read her blog it also gives readers a chance to discover the kind of woman she is and what people can expect from her blog. If only I could be as great at making an About Page for my blog!

There aren’t that many bloggers who are in my age bracket and older, so it is a good thing that there are people like Lyn Slater who have taken on that challenge. Maybe one day I could be as good and as iconic as she is. For now, I will keep typing away and see where this can take me. Hopefully, it’s somewhere good.

*Screen captures from Accidental Icon's website/blog


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