Monday, July 16, 2018

Pure Genius: A Review

I have an iFlix account that I hardly use, so I thought that I needed to make it worth my money by watching a movie or two on it when I can. That was when I discovered this (now defunct) series called Pure Genius.

This show is about a billionaire who started his own hospital to cure rare medical conditions, using his money and resources to invent new ways to cure various types of disease. It is later revealed that his motivation for this is the fact that he himself has an incurable disease that he would like to find a solution for. 

There are so many TV dramas set in hospitals that you’d think that this would just be one of the many with the same plotlines and issues. I found it to be different in the sense that it also tackles a lot of the technology that is involved with making solutions to their medical problems. It made me wish that there were hospitals like this that take that extra step and spend that extra cash to find new ways to cure people. I don’t know what the reality is with the solutions they present on the show, but it did make me wish that these cures did exist. It’s sad when there are families with members who have a rare disease that can’t be cured because people in the medical industry cannot afford to find a cure for something that only a few people have (meaning there are also very few who can pay for it).  One of the best things they had shown was the kidney donor chain they organized to make sure that their patient got his much-needed transplant. That was an amazing episode. I wonder if that has been done in real life?

I found the side drama about the feelings that James (the billionaire) has for Zoe (a doctor) to be moving too. I feel like they have a connection even if it is a complicated relationship, considering that she also has something going on with another doctor (who I think she has zero chemistry with) and the fact that he is their (dying) employer.

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I think it's too bad that TV networks cancel these shows without warning to the producers. It's tough when viewers like me become emotionally invested in the characters and the show itself when these networks pull the plug and we're left wondering what happened to the people we've been watching and following for several months. 

I still wanted to know if James did find the cure for his disease. I wanted to know more about the priest/doctor and his story. I wanted to know if Dr. Wallace was going to have an affair with Dr. Channarayapatra. There’s so much more story that could have been told. I hate it when things end up like this. It’s way too open-ended!

Exactly how I felt knowing the show ended just like that. (Photo from Pixabay)

Oh well, it was a good show while it lasted.

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