Monday, July 10, 2023

Sleep Habits: Tips and Tricks for Better Rest

Sleep. I have a love-hate relationship with it. For a time, I had difficulty going to sleep, and it had gotten to the point where I had to ask my doctor for a prescription so that I could get enough sleep. These days though, it has been easy for me to fall asleep. It’s been staying asleep that I have a problem with.

Because of my sleep issues, I have been making every effort to make sure that I can have the best sleep I can at home. For people like me who either find it hard to fall asleep or to stay sleeping, here are some of the things that I do that might be able to help:

Blackout Curtains – I don’t remember when I started using them, but I am grateful for them blocking out light in the mornings so I can sleep a little longer.

Air Purifier – I’m allergic to a lot of things and having one has helped me to avoid waking up in the middle of the night with the sniffles or waking up to sneeze. I’m happy someone recommended it to me during the pandemic.

Comfortable Bed – Goes without saying that a comfortable bed comes with a good mattress, pillows, sheets, and blankets. My pillows are memory foam made with bamboo fabric and they are so comfortable to use. Not too soft that I feel like I’m drowning in it and not too hard that I feel still lying on it. I tend to have a lot of pillows around me since I’m a hugger, so I need to be able to hug something when I reach for it in bed. Blankets depend on your personal preference, but I’ve discovered it’s comforting when the blankets are a bit heavy. Haven’t tried those weighted ones yet and I’m a little scared of them so I settle for heavy fabric ones. 

Air Conditioning – With how the weather has been insanely hot lately, I can’t help but use air conditioning to sleep. I find it so hard to sleep without it these days. 

Ear Plugs – This is a new discovery. I get distracted by noise easily and earplugs help me to get uninterrupted sleep when I need it. I must admit that sometimes I do use white noise from an app or from the TV to fall asleep but when I need to sleep longer, these earplugs help a lot. 

Run BTS – This is a weird one. I put my TV on dim mode and then I play Run BTS on YouTube. I don’t watch it, but for some reason hearing these guys and the chaos on the show helps to lull me to sleep these days. It’s weird, but it works for me, so I do it when I find it hard to fall asleep. I never finish an episode of Run BTS because it makes me fall asleep right away. 

There are also some other things that I do to make sure that I get a good night’s sleep. I know that some people like to drink milk to help them sleep but for me I try to avoid drinking anything before bed. I have this weird tendency of needing to go to the toilet a lot if I had something to drink before bed. I’m not the type of person who needs to tinkle a lot during the day no matter how much I drink but if I drink something in the evening, you can trust that I will be getting up to get it all out of my system in the middle of the night. My bladder seems to work better when I’m lying down, I guess, so I avoid drinking much at night. 

Another important thing to do before bed is to avoid my phone. If I start using it, I will be scrolling through it for so long that I will have a hard time going to sleep later. I try to keep it on silent and I dim the lights on it so that it won’t wake me up in the middle of the night. 

For more sleep ideas, I’m sharing this episode of the Fandesals Podcast, where Judith and I revealed our sleep habits. Enjoy!


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