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Memorable Celebrity Encounters: My Personal Stories

In an episode of the Fandesals Podcast, Judith and I shared some of the memorable celebrity encounters that we had in the past. When I look back, I think that I have had a reasonably fair share of celebrity encounters compared to most. It’s not that I plan on them, some things just happened naturally. 

As someone who rarely goes out, it’s impressive that I have met any celebrities at all. Someone once told me that I seem to have that magnet for meeting these types of people. I don’t know if that’s the case, but I think that I have been luckier than those who truly make the effort to see celebrities, so much so that when there is a chance to meet them, there have been moments that I pass on the opportunity. It really is not my thing. If I meet them by chance that is amazing, if not, I would not go out of my way to seek them out to meet them.  

I think that there’s something to be said about relating to these celebrities in a non-celebrity setting. After all, they are people like you and me too, with lives that are just more out there compared to the rest of the world. There’s always something different about them when they’re not “on,” specifically when they let their guard down and become a real person and not the celebrity that we see all the time.

Among the memorable celebrity encounters I’ve had were those where I see these personalities as regular people. I’ve done a lot of name-dropping during the podcast (episode embedded at the end of this post) so I will just share memorable experiences I’ve had with celebrities here who I will keep anonymous. Here are some of those encounters:

Model A – I had a crush on this guy, and I had a friend who knew him and got him to greet me on my birthday. We exchanged online accounts and became online friends. He was so different from his online image (which was mostly hot but not so bright). I guess the best thing I can say about the guy is that he has a good heart and is not as vain as I thought he would be. The crush faded as I got to know him, and he has since got married and moved away so we have lost touch, but I will always have fond memories of exchanging messages and stories with the guy. I still remember the time he told me about this girl he was interested in…this was the same girl who later became his wife. I knew the moment he told me about her that she was the one. That was a cute moment.  

Athlete B – My friends and I used to watch him and the rest of his team play and we would say hi and small talk, things like that. The team was very popular back then, but he was always very humble. We got to go out and do karaoke with him and some of his friends at one point and it was a memorable experience for me. I’m still connected to this person on social media and I’m happy to see his life now that he’s retired. 

Model D – I remember working with this model a couple of times when I was still in marketing, and she was always very professional and fun to work with. I tried my best to be professional as well since it was my first job, but it was hard to not get chatty with her. She was very nice and funny and teased me because there was a model that she had also worked with who showed some interest in me at the time and she kept joking about it at a shoot we were in. I still remember that day because she was literally in front of the camera when she found out and she kept talking while she was posing for the camera. It was hilarious!

I can think of several more encounters with celebrities that I have had through the years but not all of them have been pleasant, so I’ll end this post here. 

Have any of you had any experiences meeting celebrities? What was it like for you? Care to share your story? Leave a comment at the end of this post!

Here is the podcast episode where we talk about our celebrity encounters, hope you like it!


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