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My Online Shopping Experience

A little trivia about me: I hate shopping. I know, that’s not a very girly thing to say but I just hate it. I’m the type of girl who will only go to the mall if I need to meet someone or if there is anything specific that I need to buy. I usually shop armed with a list. Once I find what I need I’m typically in and out of the place. I’m not the type to wander around and see what else I could buy. I hate that.  

I’m very grateful for online shopping these days because it helps me to avoid the crowds and lines at the mall. Sometimes it can be a hit and miss thing but still, it is more convenient for me because I can shop from the comfort of my own home. I don’t have to dress up, travel to the mall and all that to buy something that I needed. In fact, for the past couple of years, I’ve been doing my holiday shopping online. It helps me get through my list easier and without any issues. I love that these sites now have apps because that makes shopping  

Here are some online sites that I patronize and what I think of them: 


online shopping

I’ve bought beauty products, bags, shoes, yoga items, and other items from Zalora. The products I have purchased from the store are exactly what I had expected 100% of the time. It’s also very easy to shop for clothes and shoes with their app because their filtering by size, color, material, etc. is very efficient and it helps me find things faster than with other sites. 

The ease of tracking my purchases and delivery dates through the app (and the website) is also one of the reasons I enjoy shopping with Zalora. You can really get the items you purchase on the date that you expect them to arrive.   

If there is anything I can suggest to improve their service, it’s for purchases to arrive in just one delivery. I know that their products can come from different sources, but it can be annoying when I purchase a lot of items and they arrive one by one. It often means that I have to make sure that someone is home all the time until all my purchases arrive, which can be a bit of a hassle. As someone who is on the plus side, I would love to have more items to choose from for my size. I feel like the styles are still very limited for people like me in the store. 


online shopping

The thing about Lazada is that if you need something specific, they may have it. The store has a very wide selection of items and with all the suppliers they have, there is always a chance to find a certain item at the lowest possible price. The ratings and reviews for the items also help me to make the best purchase possible. 

Unfortunately, the site (and the app) are not as good with filtering items as Zalora is, but I suppose that is to be expected since they have a wider selection. Still, I hope that they can improve this along with their delivery, which is very similar to Zalora that delivers items per supplier instead of per purchased set of items. 

I’ve heard from friends that with Lazada, you can’t always be sure about the quality of the items. So far I’ve had a problem with only one purchase: a 1TB Seagate Hard Drive. In the same week that I started using it, it stopped working. All of my personal photos, videos, and files were in it and I had no other copy. It was devastating! As much as I would want to send it back to have it replaced since it is under warranty, I can’t because it has personal information that I am worried could be copied. I’ve asked several repair places about it and they said that my data is unrecoverable. People have recommended having it replaced but at this point, it’s not the cost of the item that is an issue, it’s what I lost which I feel is worth more than the price of the item. Don’t get me wrong, Lazada’s customer service has been very friendly but what I lost cannot be replaced. 

I haven’t made any purchases on Lazada since the Seagate thing and honestly, I’m a bit scared to make another purchase since then. I think I will stick to more popular suppliers/stores under Lazada for my future purchases in the meantime.  


online shopping

Now this is a store that if I didn’t use any bit of self-control I could probably go broke on. I could go nuts on BeautyMNL because they have such a wide selection of beauty products to choose from. Like Lazada, purchases are easier with reviews and product ratings to guide me to the best products. They also have articles on selected products that help me to figure out which products are best for me and how I can use them better to suit my needs. 

The advantage BeautyMNL has over Lazada and Zalora is their delivery method. They deliver all the items I order at the same time. There’s no separate delivery per supplier, I get them all in one delivery, which can be as quick as two days (which is great considering that I live in the province), 

I don’t have regrets about any of the purchases I’ve had from this store. It’s one of those online stores that I can see myself doing repeat purchases in, especially since some of the brands that I cannot buy here in the province like St. Joan/Apple & Eve are in BeautyMNL.  

Well, that’s it. Three of the online shops that I often visit and make purchases from. Are there any other sites that I should check out? Please leave me a comment and let me know! 

*Screen captures from Zalora, Lazada and BeautyMNL


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