Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My Love for Peanuts Characters

One of my favorite McDonalds memories was when they came out with some Peanuts character merchandise as part of their Happy Meal. I remember pre-ordering the entire set to make sure that I could have all the characters. I’m always on the lookout for where to buy Snoopy stuff (hopefully the affordable kind) so this was something I had to grab while I could. I remember that my sister was so amused at how happy I was that I had the entire set when we picked it up. I know it’s weird and maybe slightly immature for someone my age, but I can’t help it!

Peanuts Collection from the McDonald's Happy Meal

Peanuts comic books and cartoons were some of my favorite memories from my childhood. I remember watching the cartoons on Betamax tapes that my father bought for us kids. Although the lead was Charlie Brown, I remember liking Snoopy and Linus more, two characters who hardly said a word every time (weird considering how much I talk, hahaha). To this day, I think those two are my favorites out of all the Peanuts characters.

The McDonalds Happy Meal Peanuts set was released to promote the movie that came out in 2015. There were several figures in the set: Snoopy (included in five of them), two Charlie Browns (one a bobblehead, the other had a pre-recorded voice), Lucy, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, Woodstock (on his own and with Snoopy), Sally and Linus. A couple of these toys are standing on my desk at the office, while some are on display in my room at home. Both sets never fail to make people stop and tinker with them once they are spotted. I don’t mind it if they do.

I’m glad that Peanuts came out with the movie and that they released all these Peanuts character merchandise to expose a whole new generation of kids to these characters that I’ve known and loved from my childhood. Seeing my nephew playing with the toys and knowing who they are gives us something we can bond on and I love that.

Like I mentioned earlier, Linus and Snoopy are my favorites among the whole gang. However, Lucy also holds a special place in my heart because of a significant memory: the young daughter of one of the people I work with handed me a Peanuts tumbler with Lucy on the top cover when she topped by the office. According to her mom, they went out to watch the movie and her daughter insisted on buying the tumbler for me because she remembered seeing my Peanuts characters on my desk. To this day, I have kept the tumbler and Lucy in my room to remind me of that sweet gesture. That tumbler now holds some colored whiteboard markers that my young nephew loves to use, which is why when he wants to write, he always asks me for Lucy because he knows she has the markers.

If there is one thing I regret from my Peanuts-loving phase was giving up the entire set of Snoopy stuffed dolls that I collected from McDonalds Happy Meals back when I was in college in the 90s. I remember Snoopy being all these different characters (I distinctly remember that one was a railway engineer) and that I bought them one by one even if it meant a daily dose of fast food.  I used to pile them all on my bed up way after I graduated from college.

I think I gave those dolls up when I gave everything to my little cousin. This was before my family and I were about to move to another home and I didn’t know if I had space to put it in the new house. Now that I think about it, I wish I could have kept those dolls as a souvenir from my college days. I don’t think my cousin even has them anymore since he’s all grown up now too. Oh well.

I wish there was a place where I can buy similar Snoopy dolls. They were just the right size and were stuffed just right (not too stuffed but not too soft either). It would be nice if the other characters were available too, not just Snoopy.

If anyone knows where I can buy affordable Peanuts characters merchandise (like dolls and such), please leave me a message and let me know. I would really appreciate it!


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