Thursday, April 11, 2019

Book Review: The Accidental Beauty Queen

I’ve always been a sucker for rom-com chick lit books. I’m also a sucker for a good cover. When I spotted The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson, I knew that I had to read it. And after I read it, I knew I had to do a book review and share what I thought of it!

I remember reading this and picturing this as one of those romantic Hallmark Movies (of which I am a big fan). It wasn’t that much of a surprise later on when I found out that Teri Wilson actually wrote some of those movies that I have enjoyed watching.

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The book is about Charlotte, a librarian, who travels to Florida to join her twin sister, who happens to be a contestant in a beauty pageant called Miss American Treasure. When her twin (and Insta-Influencer) Ginny is suddenly unable to compete, Charlotte is forced to pretend to be her sister during the preliminary levels of the competition. 

While it starts out as a task that Charlotte would rather not do, competing helps her to see the pageant world, the world that her sisters have been in since they were young girls, in a different light. It also helps her to see herself in a way that she never had before. 

The Accidental Beauty Queen is not just a story about pageant life. It’s also a story about sisters, self-discovery, and relationships. It’s got the right amount of drama, comedy, and romance in it to entertain the lovers of books from this genre.

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The book is a light and quick read. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more because I enjoyed reading it. I loved how the twins were shown as stereotypes of the pageant girl and the nerd but in reality, there was more to both of them than that. I liked how they showed how even the closest of siblings could drift apart but could also find their way back to each other again if given the opportunity.

I also cannot do a review of this book without mentioning the love interest in this story. I found myself swooning over Gray Beckham! I know that I like a book when the characters come to life in my head and I start picturing actual people as the characters in the book. With this guy, I was seeing Matt Czuchry the entire time!

I’ve seen reviews that commented on how this was too light or was too much fluff for them. I disagree. It was just right for me. I’m thinking that the people who didn’t like it just weren’t the right market for it. 

For me, books like this, like those romantic Hallmark Movies, are feel-good material. If you want to just bask in the happily ever after, the comfort of a story that makes you feel lighter and happier, this is it. Don’t dwell on the details, just enjoy the ride!

If you want to see Parent Trap, Miss Congeniality, and Pride and Prejudice combined into a contemporary rom-com, this is the book for you. Leave me a message when/if you’ve read it!


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