Wednesday, January 6, 2021

I Can Cook Scrambled Eggs

I remember back in the day a friend of mine told me that if you can’t cook eggs, then you can’t cook. Naturally, when I decided to go on a cooking frenzy the first thing that I had to try was cooking a breakfast recipe involving my favorite breakfast staple, eggs. I think I do a decent sunny-side-up version so this time I decided to do creamy scrambled eggs.

The recipe I used was something I found on Pinterest. It involved lots of cream cheese and milk, some parsley and tomatoes. The recipe was based on the one from Jeanne Benavidez on Just a Pinch, with a little change from me:


Vegetable oil for frying
1/2 c milk
8 oz cream cheese, softened
8 extra-large eggs
salt and pepper, to taste
2 Tbsp chopped parsley
Tomatoes for garnish

  1. Place a generous amount of cooking oil on a pan for frying.
  2. Beat the eggs and gradually add the milk and softened cream cheese.
  3. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Pour the mixture into the pan and cook until it is softly set. Cook in batches if the pan is too small. 
  5. Place scrambled eggs on a plate with tomato slices and parsley as garnish.

If you checked out the original recipe, it called for the use of a cooking spray, so that the eggs won’t stick onto the pan. In my case, I used a little vegetable oil at the start but realized that my pan was of the non-stick variety so by the second batch I opted to go without the oil.

Because I have a big family, I doubled the amount of milk, eggs, and cheese in the recipe just so I can serve everyone here in our house. I had no idea how much cream cheese box-wise amounted to 8 oz. so I had to search online for help – turns out that one box or 226g is already 8 oz. (now I know!).

Another thing I did differently was with the egg mix. The original recipe called for the eggs to be separate from the milk and cheese, which was supposed to be mixed and softened separately on a pan for the cheese to melt a little. I decided to just mix everything together because I had left the cheese out beforehand and it was already soft and ready to mix with the eggs.

Now for my “note-to-self” moment: do not scramble eggs on high heat! I did it for the first batch and I could smell starting to burn before I took it out. I also must point out that I attempted to make a sort of omelet with the first batch (I wanted to flip it because my niece was watching) but it ended up to be a failure because – duh – it was supposed to be scrambled and with all the cheese and milk, it wasn’t going to set the way I wanted to anyway. Thus, the second batch was cooked more properly than the first, much to my relief, that one turned out well. I ended up mixing up both batches so that it wouldn’t look so bad

scrambled eggs
Breakfast, anyone? 

To complete my holiday breakfast recipe, I decided to make a breakfast set by toasting some white bread and brewing some Cavite coffee to go along with our scrambled eggs. I don’t know if my family just loves me and are simply trying to be supportive or if they really did like what I did but they said it was good. Personally, I felt that I could have done better and that the eggs lacked the softness and creaminess of scrambled eggs that I’ve tried in hotels but it wasn’t that bad – not that I thought it tasted good either.

I think that what really saved breakfast was the presentation. If I didn’t make coffee and toasted bread to match the eggs, it wouldn’t have seemed as good as everyone at home thought it was. I think the coffee helped mask the burnt flavor of some of the eggs, to be honest. 

Of all the recipes I tried this must have been the simplest one of them all and yet this was the one that I think I need to improve on the most the next time I try it. Maybe next time I can get it to have the fancy hotel level flavor that I am looking for.

This is an old entry from my old blog, edited/updated for this one. Hope you liked it!


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