Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Netflix Picks: Emily in Paris Season 2

Finally got around to watching Emily in Paris season 2. Took me a while to digest this second season compared to the first one for some reason. No binge-watching for me this time around. Not that it means that the show was bad, it’s just that I wasn’t able to do it this season even if there were (still) only ten episodes that lasted less than an hour.

The show was not bad, but I guess there were just a lot more moments that I found myself wanting to look away. It’s a thing with me: whenever I see someone about to have an embarrassing or emotional moment I can’t bear to look at it. I tend to stop the video I was playing or I look away to the point that I have to replay the scene again because I have no idea what exactly was said and done. I just hate seeing these cringe situations happen to other people, even if they are fictional ones. And with Emily in Paris and all the faux pas that she gets into, there are a lot of these scenes.

It’s hard to not give away anything when sharing a review of the season, but I’ll try my best to keep the “spoilers” to a minimum. The show starts right where it left off with Emily and Gabriel sleeping together. Of course, this starts a whole chain of events that affects Emily’s friendship with Cami (Gabriel’s girlfriend) and her own relationship with Gabriel (which has been a friendship with sexual tension since season 1).  Dealing with this complication while still doing her marketing work for Savoir and all the crazy antics that come with it are naturally another part of the show and are mostly what gives it a French flavor. 

The interesting cast of characters for the show is still there, with the addition of Gregory, a designer who competes with major Savoir client Pierre Cadeau. I’d love to see more of him (and Pierre) in the next season (fingers crossed). 

I love that there are more scenes with Ashley Park, who plays Mindy. I said it in my previous post on the show and I’m glad that the producers felt the same way about her. She is in every episode and she gets to sing in a lot of them. As a BTS fan, I loved that she got to sing Dynamite in episode one (BTS members RM and V seemed to like it too since they posted it on their Instagram accounts). 

To make the show even more interesting in the eye candy department, the show added a new character named Alfie, who Emily ends up seeing. Very hot and charming. But, of course, Emily is still conflicted about being with him because of her feelings for Gabriel, who she shut down in the hopes that he would get back together with Cami so that their friendship could be repaired. 

The finale of the show featured a fashion show at Versailles. I loved that the models featured were men and women of various ages, shapes, and sizes. I would love to see this happen in real life because as much as many have “embraced” that fashion should be for all, the major fashion houses still do not feature diverse people in their shows or make clothes that would be more inclusive, if you know what I mean. 

After all the ups and downs of the season, it ends with Emily needing to make a crucial career and life decision, which they did not reveal in the final scene as a cliffhanger. I do hope that the show has a third season because I would love to see what happens next. I have a feeling that Emily’s decision would involve a move to Sylvie’s new agency, which would further complicate her relationship with Alfie and her feelings for Gabriel. I doubt it would mean a return to Chicago…the show is called Emily in Paris after all.

Again, for the people who say that it is not worth the watch, I just want to say that the show is not out there to save the world or share something profound. It’s just there to entertain, and I think that it did its job this season. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, it was not so bad. 

Would I like to see the third season? Definitely! Can’t wait to find out when that will be! À bientôt Emily!


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