Monday, March 14, 2022

Netflix Picks: Locke & Key

I’m not really into comic books, I’ve never been a fan. Graphic novels are just not my thing. When I heard that the Netflix show Locke & Key was based on a graphic novel, I was not sure if I would be interested in it. However, during one of my (several) times quarantined during this pandemic, I had enough time to watch things online and I decided to give this a try. I ended up watching the two seasons available on Netflix. 

Locke & Key is the story of the Locke Family. The father Rendell was murdered by a student in the school he worked in. His wife then decided to move her children to Rendell’s family home in Massachusetts, called Key House. While there, her children discover magical keys that each have a specific magical purpose. They also come face to face with a demon who is after the same keys to gain power.

The first season sees the children struggle with what they know about magic and having to deal with the fact that adults cannot see or understand magic. They also have to figure out what exactly happened to their father and his friends that one fateful night when they were teenagers and how it was all related to the magical things happening to them in the present, all this happening while they were also dealing with friendships and relationships on the side.

I thought the first season was good, although with the adults not knowing the magic part I felt that Darby Stanchfield was so underutilized as the mom of the Key children. She had her moments, particularly when she started drinking again when she was feeling confused about the magical things happening in their home that she couldn’t understand.

The final confrontation scene and the various twists in the story were really good and unexpected. It was a good way to get viewers to look forward to a second season. 

The second season started off by showing how the Locke family kids were getting the hang of their magical keys and were using them to their advantage. They were confident that they had finished off the demon/echo from the first season and were enjoying their lives not knowing that the very evil that they fought was right in front of them (with backup!). 

Once the children discovered that their enemy was still out there, they teamed up with their father’s friend and the last of the keepers of the keys, Erin. Another ally was their uncle, Duncan. Again, I felt sad that Darby Stanchfield was again left as the unknowing mom who was confused about everything. Luckily, that scene at the end seems to show that she won’t be confused for much longer in season 3. 

I enjoyed this season because there was so much more going on compared to the first one. There were also more revelations about the history of the Locke family and their relation to magic and to the keys, specifically why they were the keeper of the keys. 

The show also gave viewers a preview of a new big bad for the next season. I can’t believe that they again have an enemy who they have no idea of. The worst part of it is that the eldest child, Tyler, has decided that when he turns 18 and technically an adult, he will not use the key that will ensure that he keeps his memory of magic. One less Key child to protect the family. 

It seems that season 3 will have their most menacing enemy yet. Season 1 and 2’s big bad, Dodge, seems like a puppy compared to this new character. I can’t wait to see what role his descendant will play in all this for next season. I feel like there will be something interesting about that character in season 3. 

I love that both seasons have only 10 episodes each and that makes the show easy to watch. If you are interested in movies involving magic, this is a show that is worth watching.

Season 3 will be out this year. Hopefully, I can find the time to watch that one too!


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