Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Chasing Life

In an earlier episode of The Fandesals Podcast (currently on Google, Apple and Spotify and also on YouTube), we discussed the topic of TV shows we binge-watched. I decided to recycle an old post from an earlier version of my blog related to this because I forgot to mention this show! The episode on Spotify is embedded at the end of this post. Enjoy!

One of the TV shows that I’ve found myself becoming a fan of is Chasing Life. The story of a young woman and her journey with cancer, it is something that I find myself relating to after my recent thyroid scare.

I love that the TV show inspires people who have the disease to “chase life” even if they have cancer. I love that they give cancer patients a face and help viewers understand what they go through. There are some things in life you cannot relate to or understand unless it happens to you -- this show gives you the opportunity to look at what life could be like if you had cancer.

It’s difficult not to root for April Carver. She is so determined to make the best out of her life even if she had cancer. I love how realistic the show portrays her aspirations, her fears and her frustrations as she lives life with cancer.

I remember crying when I watched her come to terms with her cancer coming back much stronger even after chemotherapy. She had just gotten her life back and there it was taking it all away again. My heart just swelled at the declaration of love from Leo and when he asked her to marry him (as the younger ones say these days. "Oh the feels!"). There are so many moving moments, it is so hard to pick out just one!

Season two of Chasing Life feels so far away. I'm excited but at the same time I'm worried because I know that Scott Michael Foster's new show was picked up so he might not have as much screen time as he did last season. I can't imagine the show without Leo Hendrie, I just can't!

With April's cancer back and stronger than ever, she needs to live each day like it's the last. The stakes are higher and I think it will make viewers like me ask this question:

What is more important in our lives if we knew the days we were living would be our last?

What would be your answer to that?

Photo Source: ABC Family All Access


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