Sunday, January 20, 2019

In Hindsight...

What if you could go back in time and do things differently?

The question posed by the show Hindsight is similar to my previous blog entry where I answered a similar question from my friend. As I said in my previous entry, my answer to that question would be YES. Based on her actions in the show, the lead character of the show also has the same reply.

Hindsight is the story of Becca, a 40-something about to embark on her second marriage when she is taken back in time to the 90s. Not knowing how she got there or how she will get back to her own time, Becca decides that she can make her life better by changing the wrong decisions she made in the past (now her present), starting with not going through with her first marriage.

This is where it starts getting weird for Becca. Once she broke up with her fiancee Sean and called off their wedding, she starts having feelings for childhood friend Andy -- who actually ends up as her second husband in the future that she came from. This confuses Becca who goes from seeing Sean again and trying to see Andy behind his own girlfriend's back to giving up on both and staying single.

Just before the viewers can decide if they were #TeamSean or #TeamAndy, the show then reveals another guy: Kevin. He is her best friend Lolly's crush, someone she has been pining for but never really got together with. In the future, Becca had an affair with Kevin while married to Sean and this broke up her friendship with Lolly. Back in the 90s and regretting the loss of her friendship with Lolly, Becca tries to avoid Kevin as much as possible but they end up kissing in the end and revealing their feelings for each other anyway, much to the disappointment of Lolly, who saw everything.

The show talks about life decisions and how some decisions can take you off on a completely different course. Becca leaving her job is one example. It made her happier when she changed that part of her life. 

On the other hand, some changes Becca made in the past may have taken things off course, but it still ended up with the same result: her relationship with Kevin and the loss of her friendship with Lolly being the best example.  I think the show is trying to say that while some of our decisions do change the course of our lives, some things are just meant to happen no matter what we do.

It's too bad that the show did not last. Personally, I am #TeamAndy because I think he's just a really good guy for Becca. Sean was exciting and I think all girls fall for guys like that at some point in their lives but they usually end up with an Andy. Yes, Kevin seems to be the one that Becca connected to the most but he was just wrong for her. I wouldn't sacrifice a lifelong friendship for a guy, that is too big a risk to take. Besides, she didn't end up with Kevin in the future anyway so obviously, he is not the one for her. 

I really loved this show. The whole throwback to the 90s and the story about trying to change your life for the better was something that I connected to. There have been times when I've wondered how life would have been different if I had made different choices at certain points of my life. In hindsight (sorry, couldn't resist), if we do get to go back and change things, how well do we think we know what will happen in the future when we change things up? Will we like it better or would it just make things worse?


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