Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Oryang's Goodbye

I recently visited the Bonifacio Trial House in Maragondon, Cavite with some friends when I discovered this song by Aiza Seguerra titled Sa Huli ang Sikat.

The lyrics are based on a poem by Gregoria “Oryang” De Jesus to her husband Andres Bonifacio, who was sentenced to death in Maragondon. When I first heard about an old poem made into a song, I thought it would be boring and unrelatable but I was surprised to hear that it was a beautiful song.

Aiza Seguerra did a good job performing this song. I don’t know if she composed the music herself, but it had such a haunting and sad feeling that I could not help but feel the sadness that Oryang must have felt when she was writing it to say goodbye to the man she loved. I was taken back in time while I listened to the song and I could not help but visualize the events as they may have happened before, during, and after this was written by Oryang.

Here are some of the lyrics that stood out for me:

Paalam sa 'yo masarap magmahal
May ari ng puso ko't kabiyak na katawan...

Sa pagkahimbing, panaginip ka sinta
Sabay ang balon na di mapigil na luha...

Sama ng loob ko'y sa akin mag isa
Di maipahayag sa mga kasama
Puso ko ay lubos na pinagdurusa...

I can’t help but wonder why this song didn’t get to become mainstream considering how beautiful it is. I wish more people would hear and appreciate it. As corny as it may sound, I was fighting off a tear when I was listening to the song in the same house where Bonifacio was tried before he died, where Oryang listened as her husband's life was in the balance during his trial.

It's a really lovely song. A bit heartbreaking but beautiful nonetheless. I hope you can all listen to it.


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