Friday, June 7, 2019

Netflix Show Review: Tidelands

If mermaids existed in the real world and if they live among us, what would life be like? The Netflix show called Tidelands seemed to answer that question for me.  

The TV show is an Australian 8-part series that tackles the world involving the Tidelanders, who are the offspring of sirens and humans. In the show, ex-convict Cal McTeer is released from prison and goes home to a town called Orphelin Bay, where she finds out about the real reason why the town is still being kept alive despite the poor economy. Clue: it has something to do with the Tidelanders. 

Without giving much away, the series presents a story of how the Tidelanders came to be, how they survived, and what kind of community they have apart from the humans. They are also presented as different from the typical mermaid that we are familiar with. No tails, for one thing. They look like humans with the difference being that they have powers/abilities: they can control water (and blood, since it is part water), they can control a person with their voice (they are part siren, after all) and they have superhuman strength and speed. They can crush you in more ways than one (there is a particular scene featuring Elsa Pataky and the guy who plays Augie McTeer that would explain this for me but you have to watch it to know what I mean). 

Elsa Pataky, aka Mrs. Chris Hemsworth, stars in this show as the lead villain Adrielle, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Tidelanders. She is the Tidelander with the most mystery to her character. If you decide to watch the show, you’d find out that her motives are kept hidden until the very end. I loved her role in this because she plays the power-hungry and obsessed Tidelander well.  

Just like the other Australian series that I recently watched, this show is not afraid of nudity and sex scenes. I mean, this is something that I’m just not used to watching on a TV show. I guess it’s just not that big a deal in Australia. If I see another Australian show with this much nudity, I’d say this is normal fare down under. 

The story is not just about the supernatural but also has some drama and action (and bit of romance) in it. There’s even a crime theme to it. There’s a lot tackled in the show, maybe a little too much because I felt that some characters ended up being under-used...but then again it could be because there were just too few episodes for them to do something about it. 

I’m not sure if this one will have a second season but given that there have been a lot of negative reviews on it, probably not. Too bad, because I was interested in the story and how it could possibly play out for a season 2, especially with the Kim Kardashian-looking characters that showed up at the last episode (you have to watch to see what I mean).  I’d also love to know what happens to Cal and the other characters from the last scene of the season onward. I just feel like there is way too much that still needed to be said and shared, it was too short to end on that note. 

On second thought, with all the good-looking guys seemingly dead or dying in that last episode, maybe it won’t be worth it to have a season 2 unless they all made it out alive? I mean, where else can I watch Aaron JubenkoMattias Inwood, and Marco Pigossi after this? 

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