Friday, February 14, 2020

My Stay at Seda Hotel Nuvali

My family and I have gotten into the habit of going on staycations these past few years. We started with Tagaytay’s Taal Vista Hotel then moved on to Summit Ridge Hotel and Twin Lakes Hotel. It’s not easy planning a vacation for a huge family. Everyone is looking for something specific in the hotel we want to stay in. We want to be in a suite together or at least be in adjacent rooms. The hotel needs a pool, a gym, spa, and a good restaurant to satisfy the needs of everyone on the trip. The rooms need to have a bidet in their bathroom, along with a tub. We prefer a hotel near restaurants or tourist spots we can visit. Most importantly, we prefer hotels with good service and clean rooms. 

For our recent stay over the holidays, we decided to stay at Seda Nuvali in Laguna. We made a reservation for an overnight stay for 9, booking three deluxe rooms for our family. When we got to the hotel to check-in, we weren’t able to get all the rooms right away. Check-in was at 2PM but we got all the rooms a little after 4PM. The hotel compensated by allowing a late checkout and upgrading one of our rooms.  

As soon as we were settled, we roamed around until we found the game room, where there were TV sets, computers for gaming, and a Playstation with some games. It was a large space and we were the only people there. I think this was because it was mostly in a hidden area that you wouldn’t notice unless you went roaming around after the pool area. There was also a playroom for children, but we weren’t able to look inside.  

Our rooms had a lakeside view, as we had requested. We were hoping to see the light show next door from our windows but it turned out you needed to be facing the show itself to appreciate it. We opted not to go downstairs to watch it since there were too many people (and I am not too good with crowds). 

What I enjoyed about our stay at this particular hotel was that their shuttle service was very convenient for going around the Nuvali area, where there was a wide selection of stores and restaurants. We all went out for dinner and all we had to do was get on the van to take us wherever we wanted. All the guests can use it but for some reason, no one was using it that night. Once we were dropped off, all we had to do was make a call to the hotel for the van to come back to pick us up when we were ready. 

During the time of our stay, renovations were going on in the hotel. I think they were constructing an extension of their existing building to accommodate more rooms so their gym was smaller than usual and their spa was temporarily closed. They did, however, have in-room massages available for interested guests, something that my mother and I took advantage of.  

The breakfast buffet at the restaurant was good. I liked that it was not too big a selection – sometimes some hotels have such a range of food that you don’t know what you want to eat anymore and I personally don’t want to be stressed out about what I want to have for breakfast. Their selection was just right and the food was good.  

My family had a pleasant time at the Seda Hotel Nuvali. When we were checking out, I actually wished that we could have stayed longer than we had planned. Maybe next time we will! 


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