Thursday, March 5, 2020

My Not Quite the Bucket List

The thing about being an adult is that I tend to look back on the past decades of my life and wonder why I haven’t done enough with it. There’s so much I wanted to do that I’ve never done. No regrets though, since now that I am older some things do not seem as important as I had pictured them to be.  

This year, however, I want to try and do something about the things that I’ve always wanted to try that I always seem to put aside for work and other responsibilities. I guess with how bucket lists are a thing lately, I’d like to share some of the personal projects that I want to work on that are on my not-quite-the-bucket-list:

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As I mentioned in a previous post, writing a book (or to be more ambitious: books) is something that I want to do. It’s the dream...I’m going to be working on that one this year. The big dream is to have those stories come to life in movies or on TV but that is something I will work on once I finish an actual book.  

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Another thing that I want to work on is art. I used to dabble. I took classes when I was younger. I can’t say that I have the talent for it, but it’s something that I enjoyed doing. I used to do this during my spare time when I was in the early days of my current job, but I stopped. I’d love to be doing this again.

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On a related note, I’ve also dabbled in photography in the past. I’ve never taken lessons, but I’d love to work in it this year. I’d love to improve on this not just because it’s something that I’m interested in but also because it’s something that my late father was passionate about as well when he was younger.

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One of the things that I have wanted to do that I am currently working on is cooking. I’ve always considered my two younger sisters as the better cooks, so I’ve been insecure about my abilities in the kitchen. I’ve been dabbling with this from time to time, but I’d love to prepare a full-course meal for my family one of these days.

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Gardening/farming is a frustration of mine. Everything that I’ve tried to plant has, unfortunately, died. It would be an understatement to say that I suck at it because I do. I would love to try to do this again. I’d love to plant fruits and vegetables and produce something out of my garden. I have no idea where to start (since my previous attempts have been a colossal fail) but I’d love to take another shot at it.

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Back in the day I also wanted to learn another language. I had been torn between French and Mandarin. The former being something I have always loved the sound of, and the latter just felt like a practical decision. At the moment I am more familiar with the former and I’m considering learning more this year if I can, even if it’s just with a mobile app since there aren’t any places I can go to learn where I’m based. 

The most ambitious thing I’d like to do is something that would depend on my doctor. Health-wise, I don’t know if he would be OK with it, but I’d love to take self-defense classes. I’d love to learn about Filipino martial arts like kali, arnis, eskrima, and things like that. These days, it’s not just a practical thing to learn but also a good form of exercise (if you are healthy enough for it).  

So much to do, so little time...what do YOU want to do that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to? Anything you want to do now? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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