Tuesday, May 5, 2020

On YouTube: Marion's Kitchen

One of my biggest frustrations is not being naturally good in the kitchen. The thing with me and food is that I appreciate it better than I can cook it. Do not get me wrong, I can cook. It is just that I am not as good at it as my sisters, who can make a meal from scratch and do not rely on recipe books to do anything.  I, on the other hand, prefer to do my cooking via an online search on YouTube, Facebook, or even Instagram for any easy recipe with ingredients that are not hard to find. I pick a dish, follow instructions from a printed recipe or watch a video and then I come up with a finished product. I think I take longer than most to finish since I tend to be a bit on the obsessive-compulsive side, but most of the time things turn out well. 

One of the people who I love to watch and turn to for tips and recipes that I would love to try out is Marion Grasby. She is a chef, blogger, and former contestant of MasterChef Australia, a TV competition that searches for the best home cooks in Australia. She was one of the frontrunners in her season but did not go all the way. Despite that, she was able to use her time at the show to diversify into other fields: she became a TV presenter, a cookbook author, and is the owner of her own food company called Marion’s Kitchen. Apart from all that, she is also active on social media. Apart from her website, she has her own Facebook PageYouTube channel, and Instagram where she shares recipes for people to try out.

Being part Thai because of her mom, most of the food that is presented on her social media is Asian Food. While she does post other types of recipes from time to time you will still be able to notice that there are some influences from Asia with the way she prepares them or uses some ingredients. 

I enjoy watching Marion Grasby’s videos because she has this calm presence when she prepares food. I tend to be the stressed-out one when I cook so seeing how she does it makes me wish I could be the same. It all seems so easy when she does it! It seems like you can do it yourself because it is not that big a deal to do so (how I wish that were true for me).

A recipe that I have made a version of (because I love steamed fish) is this one. I was not this Zen when I was preparing steamed fish. How does she do it? 

Another thing I enjoy about her videos is when she has her mother, known as Mama Noi, joining her when she cooks. She seems so sweet and adorable and you cannot help but feel like you are listening to your mom as she patiently teaches you to cook. I know that is not the case for all mothers (in my case, my father is the cook in the family), so watching her is an enjoyable experience for me. There are always some cute or funny moments between her and Marion too so that is cute to see. It reminds me of Chrissy Teigen and her mom (who is, coincidentally, also Thai). 

Here is a video featuring Mama Noi herself from Marion Grasby’s YouTube Channel:

Once the whole pandemic situation is over (will it ever be over?), I would love to try cooking again. It is not easy to do these days because it’s so hard to find the right ingredients these days with us having to make do with whatever is available in stores but when things get back to normal (?) I’d want to get into the kitchen again and, preferably, try one of Marion Grasby’s recipes. 

Until then, I will keep watching her videos and craving for that future that seems so far away.


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