Monday, April 26, 2021

Can't Stop Watching: Air Force One

Have you ever had that one movie that you just cannot stop re-watching no matter how many times you have seen it? The kind that you were not planning to see but once you flip the channel and see that it is on, you end up watching it? I have a movie that is like that for me. It’s weird since the lead actor is not exactly my favorite and the genre is not really my usual flavor, but I still end up watching it anyway. That movie is Air Force One, starring Harrison Ford. 

There are other movies with similar themes of being trapped in a vehicle and needed to save other people and escape. Speed and Snakes on a Plane come to mind when it comes to that theme. For this movie, Air Force One, the official plane of the President of the United States, is hijacked by a group of terrorists who want to have their leader freed from prison. 

Fortunately for everyone on the plane, the President is a Vietnam War veteran, so he knows his way around risky situations such as this one. He manages to overpower some of the terrorists and get in touch with the Vice President (played by Glenn Close), who helps him with his efforts to take over the plane. 

The President/Harrison Ford then dumps fuel to force a landing, but when that was not successful, the President and VP tandem work together to convince the terrorists to lower the altitude of the plane for refueling in mid-air. By doing so, they manage to help many of the hostages escape via parachute, except for the first family and key officials loyal to the President. 

Main terrorist Sirius Black – sorry, had to say it – Korshunov (played by Gary Oldman), attacks the President and he ends up dead, but not before Harrison Ford says the most memorable line from the movie: “Get off my plane.” Classic!

My favorite part of the movie would have to be when they are all transferred to another plane via zip line, particularly the part where Harrison Ford fights to get the last transfer against his Secret Service Agent/undercover terrorist. When he gets onto the military plane and the pilot announces the change in call signal, that is the scene that gives me goosebumps every single time. “Liberty 2-4 is changing call sign. Liberty 2-4 is now Air Force One!”

I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this movie because it has been too many to count. Just this year I think I have seen it maybe three to five times already because one of the cable channels we have keeps playing it (and I, ever so addicted, end up watching it).

I am aware that the movie is cheesy and very dated (the President and one of the hostages initially attempt to communicate with the White House via fax machine), but I still cannot help but watch it when it is on. I find it entertaining and enjoyable despite the cheesiness. I think I may have even memorized a lot of the lines at this point, which just proves how often I have seen it. 

What about you? What is that one movie that you cannot help but watch over and over again? Leave me a comment and share it with me!


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