Friday, September 3, 2021

My Writing Projects : Should I Keep Going?

A couple of days ago, BTS member Jungkook celebrated his birthday by going on social media to ask his fans for lines that could be turned into song lyrics, and he later turned it into a song during his live stream. 

It was an interesting idea, and it reminded me of the days when I used to write song lyrics and put melodies to them. No music though since I can't write those down even if my life depended on it. There was a phase in my life where I had a bunch of songs and I even recorded them and gave it as a demo to a certain celebrity (who shall remain unnamed) who had released his own album at the time. Nothing ever happened after that. The only feedback I got was that that certain celebrity wanted to know if it was me singing (yes), that was it. The whole situation was disappointing and I think I have stopped writing songs since then.

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At the moment the writing I do is mostly for work. Contracts, corporate information, business letters, proposals...those types of things. On the side, I try to keep my creative side alive by writing this blog and working on the book outlines I have (current book count: 8, a mix of several genres such as romance, action, suspense/thriller & historical drama). It's all still a struggle since I haven't finished a single book, but I do have scenes for them that I just have to stitch together. 

After Jungkook's live stream as I was about to go to sleep, words just came flowing into my head and I could not sleep until I had written them down. It's the first time that I had written something like this in a long time. I guess it could be poetry? Or maybe future song lyrics? I don't know yet. 

At this point this thing is not finished, I feel like I haven't told the entire story just yet.  I posted this on my Instagram and my cousin messaged me, saying that it was such a sad story and was encouraging me to finish this one. I really don't know why it just popped into my head, since it isn't something that happened to me personally. It's not something that I saw on TV or heard about recently. Like I mentioned earlier, the words just came flowing and I wrote them down. I don't even have a title for this. Sharing it here and hoping that getting it out there would help me flesh out this story a bit more:

How many times did we try to save each other

How many times did we try to say goodbye?

Had no idea the years we spent together

Were crushing our souls from the inside

Oh you know I love you

It was never meant to end up like this

If I had known then this would be a nonstarter

I would never have wanted us to be together

I wanted my heart to love you the right way

I thought you would do the same

Instead, we hurt each other constantly

I know this is not what we wanted it to be

Trapped in a prison of our own making

It's time someone turned the key

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My cousin told me she felt the sadness of the story that I had written and I felt encouraged to keep going. Another similar "project" popped into my head recently as I was getting ready for work and I am hoping to finish that one soon too. Maybe when I get into the right mood I can put a melody to these things (I don't really know what to call them -- songs? Poems?), maybe editing as I go in the process. It felt good to come up with something like this after a long time, especially after finding out that I was able to evoke a certain feeling from people reading it. 

What do you think about what I have so far? Should I keep going?

If I do keep going and this turns out to be a good thing I guess I'll have Jeon Jungkook to thank then?


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