Monday, September 27, 2021

September 2021 Playlist: Random

Since I promised a few more playlists on this blog for September, I am now sharing some random songs on my Spotify Liked Songs list. These are songs that people probably have not heard about or songs that people do not expect me to be listening to. I have already excluded similar songs that are in other playlists I have shared in this blog so that they can be completely different from my previous posts.

Are there any songs here that you also like? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Whatever Makes You Happy (Jennifer Hudson) - I used to watch Empire when it was just starting. Jennifer Hudson was part of the show at one point and this is probably the one song from the soundtrack of the show that became a favorite for me. It’s a fun, feel-good track that makes you want to sway along to the beat (and sing along).

I’m Ready (AJR) - This is a song I discovered on Spotify. I never heard of AJR before. I was just shuffling through the featured songs on one of the playlists and found this song. I love the feel of this song and it just lifts me up a bit when I hear it. 

Selfish (NSYNC) - NSYNC is one of my favorite boy bands from back in the day. This track which was co-written by Brian McKnight is for me their best love song, even if it was not released as a single (I wish it was).

She Still Loves Me (SOJA featuring Collie Buddz) - I’m not really big on the reggae sound, but I was introduced to SOJA and I really enjoyed their sound. A friend of mine gave me a CD and I have been following them ever since. This is the track from the band that I love to listen to on repeat. 

Not Over You (Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Callait) - I have a few Gavin DeGraw songs on my playlist but this live version of this track with Colbie Callait is my favorite. I love singing along like I’m in the concert with them, hahaha! That chorus just gives me all kinds of feels!

Always Be My Baby (The Filharmonic) - I’ve always enjoyed listening to acapella groups who do their own take of modern songs like this, even before Pitch Perfect made acapella popular. The Filipino American group has a lot of good songs, but this one is my favorite. 

Bad (James Bay) - There’s something about songs that make you want to cry that I love to listen to. Songs about heartbreak just touch your heart in a different way ( at least it does for me) and I couldn’t help but love this song when I first heard it. 

Loving You (Paolo Nutini) - Again, another one of my random discoveries, this time on YouTube. Can’t help but sing along to this one whenever I hear it. The YouTube version, which is actually a bit old already (did not know it was an old song!), is acoustic (and better to be honest).

How Will I Know (Sam Smith) - A Whitney Houston original, I was excited to find out that Sam Smith did a slower cover version. It’s beautiful!

How You Like Me Now (Tony Lucca) - A former Disney star and a contestant on The Voice, he performed a version of this song on the competition and I was happy to find that it was on Spotify. I don’t know who did the original but I thought this was a cool song. Perfect for days when I want to lift my spirits up. 

The Hunger (Eric Benet) - I only have a couple of Eric Benet songs on my Spotify liked songs. The other one is The Last Time, but since I think that is a more popular song so I thought I’d share this one. There’s something about this song that makes me sway along to it when I hear it. The song is pretty sexy, and I like it!

Hello Good Morning (Diddy) - I think that most people don’t picture me as someone who listens to rap/hip-hop because I look, well, conservative. What people do not realize is that I grew up in a house where all my sisters love to listen to rap and hip hop. This is one of those songs that I enjoy listening to, among other things (there’s a lot).

String Quartet No. 17 in B-Flat Major (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Eder Quartet) - I started to have an appreciation for this type of music in high school. I remember an art teacher who encouraged us to listen to music like this while we painted or created anything, to let the music guide your pencil or your brush. Listening to this type of music always reminds me of those days so I keep a few of them on my favorite songs on Spotify. 

I Need to Know (Marc Anthony) - Another really random track. I’m not a fan of the singer/actor, but I really do love this song. Another one of those songs that makes me want to dance along a bit when I hear it. 

Hard to Handle (Black Crowes) - I don’t really know the artist or when this song first came out. I just know I heard this from a friend when I was in college and Immediately liked it. To this day this song reminds me of those carefree college days that I had back then. 


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