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February '22 Playlist: Love is in the Air

It’s February, which means it’s Love Month! I thought I’d try to get into the spirit of things by sharing a playlist of some of my favorite love songs to listen to. While I do have a lot of songs that I like a lot, I’ve selected these songs because these are the ones that remind me of what love is like…or maybe what I hope love should be like, ideally. Take that any way you want.

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Here are the songs and what I love about them. I hope you like this playlist!

Follow Through - Gavin DeGraw

I only discovered this artist when I let my Spotify play random songs as recommendations based on the songs I like. I heard this one and fell in love with it. I don’t like the original version though because this live one just feels more sincere/heartfelt to me.

Can’t Help Falling in Love - Kina Grannis 

This song is a classic, but when this was played during the wedding scene in the movie Crazy Rich Asians, this version became my favorite. It’s one of those slow-dance songs with the one you love type for me. 

Araw Gabi - Troy Laureta, Loren Allred

This is a cover version that I did not see coming. Loren Allred of the Never Enough fame singing one of my favorite Tagalog love songs. I love this even better than the original (sorry!). I feel like falling in love whenever I hear it!

Sabihin Mo Lang - Regine Velasquez

While I did not particularly like the movie this was featured in, I did love this song. I love how Regine Velasquez interpreted the emotions of this song. Wanting to give up everything for the man she loved if he said so, conveying that love in the way she sang the song…it was just so beautiful for me. 

Wait Forever - Gary Valenciano

Another song that makes me want to fall in love whenever I hear it is this song from Gary Valenciano. It’s about falling head-first into love and not wanting to wait forever to tell this girl that he loves her. It’s such a sweet song. 

If I’m Not in Love with You - Janno Gibbs, Jennylyn Mercado

This is a cover of that song that was featured in the movie Chasing Liberty starring Mandy Moore and Matthew Goode. I was so in love with the scene that this song was featured in and when I discovered this cover (which is SO GOOD), it just became a favorite of mine instantly.

I Need You Here - Color it Red

This is one song that I love singing along to whenever I hear it. I love the message of the song, about wanting to be with the person you love and longing for that person to be with you. The way Cookie Chua sings it is just amazing. 

You Give Me Something - James Morrison

James Morrison is another artist I discovered as a recommendation from Spotify. I heard this song and I liked it instantly. I saw that he re-recorded this recently but for me, the original version is still better.

Underneath It All - No Doubt feat. Lady Saw

This might be weird for some but at one point I dreamt of using this song when I get married. I wanted this to be the first song that my husband and I danced to. I think it’s a fun song but still very sweet and cute.

Dream a Little Dream - Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong

There are so many versions of this song it was hard to pick one. But since this is Love Month, I had to go with another song that you can slow dance to. I just find this so romantic for some reason. I wonder if I will ever get to dance this with the man I will love one day.

So Help Me Girl - Gary Barlow

I remember hearing this song and being so interested in it because of the way it was written. Most love songs don’t take this point of view of how the guy was falling in love with the girl…usually, it’s about serenading the other person but this sort of tells the story of how he was falling for her. I thought that was really sweet. 

I Hope I Don’t Fall In Love With You - Tom Waits

I think I heard this song in a movie way back when. It’s another slow-dance song (yes, yes, I have a thing about the romantic slow dance) and the gravelly voice of Tom Waits just sounds perfect for the style of this song. 

XO - John Mayer

A Beyonce original, John Mayer’s acoustic version of this song is my preferred version. It sounds sexier as an acoustic song in my opinion. 

Fallin’ - Janno Gibbs

It would seem that having another Janno Gibbs song on my playlist means that I am a fan right? Well, I was mostly a fan of the album that his songs here were featured in. This one, which was used as the soundtrack for the Filipino dubbed KDrama Full House, made the drama feel even more romantic. 

The Last Time - Eric Benet

There are several Eric Benet songs on my Spotify playlist, but this would have to be my favorite of the bunch. Again, another slow-dance song. I find it incredibly romantic.

Speed Limit (Acoustic) - Boyce Avenue

This is another song that was recommended to me by Spotify. I did not like the original version, this acoustic take was just perfect for the song. 

If This Isn’t Love - Jennifer Hudson

Whenever I hear this song I just get this warm feeling in my chest, like I was deeply in love with someone. That’s the feeling that Jennifer Hudson’s voice gives me whenever I hear this!

Pinakamagandang Lalaki - Janno Gibbs

As a little bonus, I added another Janno Gibbs song. This isn’t a romantic song, but I thought it was a fun take on how a guy feels when he finds out that the woman he loves feels the same way, making him feel like he’s the most handsome man in the world because of it.


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