Friday, February 11, 2022

Product Review: IPL Device for Hair Removal

With the pandemic still going on, I still have this fear of going out in public and I would rather avoid the need to do so as much as possible. My family and I shop for everything online and get things delivered to us so we don’t have to go out. We cut our own hair or at least get someone to come over and do it for us so that we don’t have to be around many people in the salon. Same goes with mani-pedis. If possible, most of our health issues we consult with the doctor online first. If we absolutely need to go to the hospital, that is the only time we do so. 

One thing I do miss is getting spa treatments. One treatment that I have always wanted to do but would need a time commitment for is the IPL treatment to remove unwanted hair. These treatments require you to come back for follow ups and at this day and age I am not keen on going to the spa regularly. Last year I discovered that you can buy IPL (intense pulse light) devices that you can use at home for the same purpose. 

Photo from Lazada

I bought my IPL device for around Php 2K (more or less, I don’t really remember anymore) from Lazada. The box came with the device, a power cord, a razor and a pair of sunglasses (you need it to protect your eyes when you use the device).  There was also an instruction manual for how to use it.

According to the manual, there are five levels of the treatment. It advised gradually going up to the fifth level by using the device regularly every week and going up a level each time. I have used it for my face (upper lip area), underarms and for my legs and while there was a slight sting when using it, I felt OK with the treatment. It said that it could be used for the bikini area as well but considering how it stings when I use it I opted not to try it just to be safe.

After some time I found that the hair on my face was not growing back anymore so I stopped using it there. With my legs there is still hair growing back, but it is not on the entire area anymore. There are spots that no longer have hair and in the spots that do, the hair is so light that it is hardly noticeable. After three months of using it regularly (more than once a week), I now use it only once every other week.

I think it is important to note that you need to shave the area that you are going to use the IPL on before use. The light needs to reach the follicle to stop it from growing so you need to shave it, not pluck it. At least that’s what I’ve read online. I also make sure to use it when my skin is clean: right after a shower and before putting on any lotions, creams or deodorants. I also try to give my skin a rest after the IPL use before putting on anything else on my skin because the treatment stings and it might be too sensitive for creams or lotions right after use. 

This device I’m using is probably not as effective or as powerful as the ones used in the spas but during these times, I’d rather take this treatment slowly at home than go out in public just for vanity’s sake. 

Again, as I have often said, devices like this I have tried at my own risk. If it had any adverse effects on my skin, I would have stopped immediately but luckily, it has been working for me. I still emphasize the need to do your own research before you try anything like this. Know the risks and decide for yourself if it is something you want to try at home or leave to the experts!


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