Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Have Dinner With Me?

One of the recent episodes that we had on the Fandesals Podcast was about our list of celebrities we would like to have dinner with. We each chose five people to put on our list and we shared why we wanted to have dinner with these people (episode embedded at the end of this post). To be honest, I don’t know why we chose dinner…I think it’s a common question during interviews that we picked up? It’s weird that we talked about dinner when I have not had dinner in a long time. I guess it doesn’t necessarily have to be dinner, but some sit-down meal together somewhere. You get what we mean right?

It was interesting how when we came up with our lists, we realized that while we were fans of a lot of people, we found ourselves not wanting to have dinner with some of them. I must admit that one of those reasons was that as a fan, I also know that some of the great actors or musicians I have admired for their talent have also been known to be not-so-nice people in real life, so it was a hard pass for those people. Then there are those people whom I like so much but for me, it would be ruining the fantasy of how I see them versus how they would be if I met them in real life.

As I mentioned in the podcast, the five people on the list are Chrissy Teigen, Lin Manuel Miranda, Graham Norton, Yoon Eun Hye, and Min Yoongi (SUGA of BTS). I talked about the reason why I wanted them all to join me for dinner in the podcast but to make the long story short, I realized that the people whom I want to get to know better over a meal are passionate about their creative pursuits and are unapologetically themselves. I guess the attraction for me is that I would love to learn from them about their work and how they achieved what they did in their lives in the hope that the passion will rub off on me. This applies more to four of them because with Graham Norton, the draw for me is that he is a very smart and witty host, and I would love to have someone around who could make sure that the gathering is not boring. I would love to get some pointers in public speaking too because as you may have seen from our podcast, I still have a lot of room for improvement, particularly when I do my solo episodes. That wit, confidence, and sense of humor are traits that I aspire to have.

If I could pick more, I would probably pick more people, but would I really get the chance to get to know all of them better if they were a big group? Probably not. Maybe from five, I could add five more to make it ten but that might be the maximum if it’s to make a group of people you could get to know without it being something too big (yes, I am taking this way too seriously at this point). I don’t know who else I would pick to join me though. Maybe people who share my birthday or the same birth month would be an interesting choice, to see if we have similar personalities based on that thing in common.  Can you imagine me hanging out with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Heart Evangelista, Anne Curtis, Paris Hilton, and Brandon Boyd? That would be an interesting bunch to add to my previous five on the list. I don’t know if I have anything in common with these people but I am curious about it. 

What about you? If you could have dinner (or a meal at any given time of the day) with a celebrity, which one would you choose and why? Let me know in the comments section!

If you want to see the podcast episode that inspired this post, I am sharing it here. Enjoy!


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